Thursday, March 6, 2008


I didn't care how cold it was or how frozen the ground still is, I HAD to be outside yesterday. The sun was shining. It was 34 degrees, and with no wind I didn't even need to zip my down jacket. It felt good.

There are lots of heucheras holding onto their leaves, although all look worse for the wear of winter. Brushing leaves away from the crown of one of my favorites, I accidentally broke off a small side shoot. With so many blank spots yet to be filled in my young garden, I brought it to the basement where my tropicals are overwintering, made a fresh cut, dipped it in some rooting hormone, plunked it in a pot, and watered it. I hope it roots. I only have one of this variety, called Guardian Angel, and it's a pretty one.

The lawn, patio, and garden were looking sad. There were blizzard-blown maple sticks and branches all over the place - not a pretty sight from the kitchen window. I swept the patio, and picked up most of the sticks lying on the garden and lawn.

Getting outside in the sunshine and fresh air was just the therapy I needed. And even though today the sun's hiding behind a thick cloud cover, when I look out our kitchen window, everything looks fresher, neater, and just a little less forlorn.

LOOK! The sun came out! Isn't that so much better?


  1. I'm glad you were able to get out of the house and get some garden therapy in. I've been craving to go out for a walk on the trails. What a beautiful heuchera. I love the way they look and really would love to have some on my balcony. I saw a creme brulee variety at the garden center but had no money to purchase it. Hopefully your little cutting will root and make a great new plant.

  2. A walk sounds nice, especially since I'm sure it's much warmer where you are than it is here!

    I love the caladium in your picture. I have some white ones similar to that but without the red. Right now they are hibernating in the basement. This is the first time I'm trying to overwinter them. I hope it works! Linda

  3. Wow .. I would be out there too if I could ... the snow and ice are a bit tricky ..
    My Silver Scrolls heuchera is usually the best looking plant in my garden when the iceburg does melt though ! Loved seeing your heuchera !

  4. I can't believe it, all your snow is gone! Up here in the Fox Valley, we have pretty much full snow cover still. I'd have been out there too if all my snow was gone.

  5. Hi Lintys
    thanks for stopping by my blog and yur great comments !
    I agree .. it is nice to get to know the other sides of gardeners.
    Sophie would love hearing her compliments : ) .. marie, pointed out how similar her cat is to Sophie and I was shocked ! Sophie is a Siamese/Main Coon mix and yet I have seen almost a dozen other cats so much like her .. if I didn't know better I would think a whole new breed has been created ! LOL ..
    Thanks !

  6. Today is sunny and warm here. Gotta get out there and get some rays and some vitamin D!

  7. Joy, even the names they gave all these new heucheras are pretty. Silver Scrolls sounds lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope your snow and ice melt soon! Sophie looks like a sweetie. I've had cats all my life, but new husband isn't a cat person. I miss a kitty cuddling on my lap, but I don't miss the hair on the kitchen chairs!

    Mr. McGregor's daughter, we had 50 degrees both days last weekend, and all the snow melted except where it was plowed around the drive and parkways. It's nice to see the ground after a couple months solid of snow cover! I hope it lasts and I hope it soon melts up in your neck of the woods!

    Connie, excellent! I hope you enjoy. Soak up some rays for me, ok? My vitamin D is still coming out of a bottle!

  8. Your yard looks enormous in the photo - just picking up the sticks must have meant at least a little walking, Lintys~

    You had a lot of snow this winter, but if the heucheras look like that maybe the snow cover kept the cold from going too deep? I'd lose half the heucheras in a bad Chicago winter and am glad yours pulled through.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Hi Annie! I think it's 1/3 acre. 2 houses ago my lot was 1/2 acre, and this lot is just slightly smaller.

    There were a lot of sticks. Our house is 40 years old and I think the silver maples are about the same age. They aren't the best trees, to say the least. They're messy in every season! But they do give us some wonderful shade, and I don't like to think about losing them.

    The snow cover helped alot I'm sure, especially since most of the heucheras were pretty new, planted only last spring. We'll see what made it through the winter!

  10. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Linda, your garden looks so nice and neat. I'm jealous! Let's hope my comment makes it through...

  11. Yeah, it worked! Thanks for your perseverance in getting the comments to work Melanie. And thanks for visiting my blog.

    I still have plenty of ground to cover in the pick-up-sticks game. I just didn't take a picture of the the messy part. That's the beauty of photos. It's kind of like closing the doors when you have company to hide the messy room!

  12. Linda, I read down through your scare posts and don't blame you one bit. Your play by play was scary and well written. I am home alone sometimes and keep all the doors and windows locked. But if I thought someone was coming in, I would find a way out! That's easy to say without having gone through it. Anyway, I know how it feels to have to go outside, no matter the temp or weather. For sanity's sake, just bundle up and go. Your back garden looks lovely, can't wait to see it in bloom.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  13. We all need a bit of garden therapy, don't we. Especially at this time of year. A bit of sunshine makes a big difference! Heuchera's are great plants!

    That was a nasty scare you got a few days ago. People can sometimes be very inconsiderate! Can't blame you for being scared and you were right to call 911.

    Thanks for sharing that movie about Toto. It was encouraging to see that sometimes we humans get it right in the end. Long may Toto live and enjoy his life in Africa.

  14. Frances, thank you for visiting! I look forward to sharing pictures when things are not so. . . brown! I thought about getting out a little late, after I was already in the basement. Since there's a door to the garage in the basement and I was close to it, I knew if someone did come inside I could get out quickly that way. I think you may be right that getting out immediately is the safest thing to do.

    Yolanda, thank you for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed that video. I agree, it's nice to see people get it right sometimes. I just love that story.

  15. Anonymous1:41 AM

    I thought I responded to this post, I must be losing my mind. I wanted to say that I love heucheras. The one you have pictured is my favorite. I love the heucherella.

  16. Anna, I love the heucherellas too. . . and the tiarellas. I haven't met an 'ella I don't like yet!


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