Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's. . . GEORGE!


George is our 7-year-old, 80-pound lab mix puppy. He's been visiting relatives for the past four months. Youngest Child has been 'borrowing' him. George grew up with her, and they miss each other. So he went for a long visit. I've missed him!

The last time I saw him, I cried when it was time to go.

It's ok Mom! Don't cry. I'm back now.

Let's play stick!


  1. Welcome back, George. What a sweet face with his head turned, heart meltingly handsome. So glad you have your pal back, but sorry for your daughter who must now live without him. He needs to be cloned! ;-> Just kidding.
    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. He's a sweetheart Frances. I'm a little surprised how much I missed him. I didn't miss his shedding though!

    I loved your fairy post this morning! What a sweet way to start the day!

  3. The second George's photo popped up, Calie woofed and poked my arm. We went out to play stick and then I came back in to read your post.

    She and George would have lots of fun together!

  4. George has such nice smile - I can see how you missed him.

  5. Don't let Sophie know I am saying hello to George ! .. he does look like a sweetheart !

  6. Melanie, that's funny! George is a little compulsive when it comes to playing stick. I have to be careful not to let him overdo it, as he has arthritis in his back left leg and it gets very sore if he runs too much.

    I'm sure he and Calie would have fun together - George LOVES other dogs!

    Nancy, I think so too. His facial expressions sometimes seem so human - like he really understands everything I tell him.

    MMD, he's such a sweetheart. I'm so glad he's back. I didn't even realize how much I missed him until the last couple weeks, and especially now that he's back. I'm might not even complain about the hair everywhere for a while!

    Don't worry Joy, your secret's safe with me!

    I hope Sophie got to see those doves this morning too.

  7. What a sweet face George. No wonder your mommy missed you. I would miss that sweet face too if he lived with me. Luna would love to get to know George. She likes handsome doggies.

  8. Mr. George, you are a very handsome fellow. No wonder your Mom missed you while you were visiting your sibling!

    My Mom says that you remind her of me, because I am part lab and have white on my chin too. But my white isn't as distinguished as yours--mine is because I'm part Alaskan Malamute, too. (Mom calls it, "That Darn Sled Dog!" when we walk in the snow. She thinks I pull her. I just think she needs to learn how to hit the brakes the right way--she tries, but she's no musher!)

    Anyway, I hope that you got your Mom to play lots of stick with you today. We usually get to do all of our favorite things after they or we take visits, to make sure you take advantage of that!

    All the best,

  9. Now, that's a sweet looking dog! No wonder you missed him so!

  10. Awwwww, he is so cute and handsome too. No wonder you've missed George so very much. It's great that he's back now, isn't it?

    Some pets shed more hair than others. Have you tried brushing him every day outside in the garden? I brush my moggies (HHP) every day as they shed much more hair than my other cats do.

  11. Nancy, I'm so happy he's home. It just wasn't the same around here without him!

    Yolanda, I think he's handsome too, but of course I'm not exactly objective!

    I'm not as consistent about brushing him as I should be, and you're right, it does help. I give him omega-3 capsules, and another vitamin that's good for his coat. They help with his shedding. No matter what I do, he's still mostly lab, and they just shed a lot. I never had a dog that shed as much as George does!

    But that's ok. I love him anyway.

  12. Welcome back, George! George is a very nice dog!

  13. George certainly reminds me of my PottRott, who, at 15 months, doesn't seem to have changed from being a puppy, so maybe he will end up a permanent puppy like this!

  14. Thank you Marie!

    Nicole, George has calmed down quite a bit since he was that age, but he's still got that puppy spirit. He's always ready to play, and he's got a very sweet exuberance about himself. I hope your PottRott keeps all his best puppy qualities.

  15. I hadn't seen this post before... I love how his whole body fits int he photo from which you use his head shot! Also, yep, he sure likes sticks! He's a good boy! :)

  16. Hi Monica, and he likes grass too. He ate so much of it yesterday he made himself sick. (He's much better today.)


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