Friday, March 28, 2008

F U N E Gloves? S, V F Gloves!

Crafty Gardener
issued a challenge to dig out our gardening gloves and take a picture of them. She wants to know if we wear them. And she wants to know how many gloves a gardener really needs. Will these do Crafty? And yes, I do wear them. I would have added the impact-resistant gloves I use for the electric hedge trimmers, but I couldn't find them. And I could have missed another odd pair or two. And I didn't check the trunk of my car, where there are still some vestiges of gardening garb, tools, and probably a pair of gloves or two from last summer.

How many gloves does a gardener need? I can't have enough. Some are warmer, some are cooler, some are waterproof, some are leather and great for prickly things. The impact-resistant gloves really help. When I use the electric hedge trimmers, my hands don't hurt, and aren't still vibrating when I'm finished trimming. We have a lot of hedges here, and DH likes them nicely pruned, so I help him with that. I sure hope I can find those gloves. . .

I never used to wear gloves at all until I met DH. And then there was that little incident when the electric hedge trimmers tried to eat one of my middle fingers. . . but we won't talk about that.


  1. Hey Garden Girl, you do have quite a collection of gloves there. Thanks for taking up the challenge.

  2. Wow! I think I have about 4 pairs of gloves so you beat me hands down.

    I can relate with the finger issue except mine involved a knife. I still have a scar from that incident. I guess I wasn't nominated class klutz for nothing!

  3. Wow, I'm more impressed that your gloves are clean enough to put on your nice table cloth!

    Hmm, now I have to dig around and find my gloves too...

  4. You do have quite a collection garden girl!! I can't talk though..:D it must be a gardening thing~the really funny thing is, I hardly ever where them, usually only when Im pruning my roses!
    Great idea for a post!
    Happy Spring!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Crafty, I thought you might be impressed! I might have a few more pairs than the average gardener, but I work with plants 5 days a week not counting my own garden so that might explain it!

    Cinj, yep, I still have a nice little scar and am lucky I still have my finger tip. My husband would be happy, I'm sure, to tell you about some of my klutzier moments.

    Melanie, Most of them are actually pretty clean, but there were three or four pairs I had to take outside and to shake off the dried mud or brush off the potting mix. And a couple of them have holes in the fingers where I accidentally cut them with pruners (which makes me glad I had gloves on!) The table cloth was going in the wash anyway.

    Catherine, I used to have only a couple of pairs, and I never wore them. Now that I work with plants for a living, my hands just get too torn up without gloves, and I even wear them when I garden at home. Happy Spring to you, and to everyone! Now if the weather would just cooperate. . .

  6. Hmm . . . There don't seem to be any odd ones.


  7. Now we're talkin'. You cannot have too many gloves. How else to find a clean pair but to buy more? I like your selection, job specific!
    Frances at Faire Garden

  8. Esther, no odd gloves, but that's ok. There are plenty of other 'odd' things around here!

    Frances, I agree one can never have too many gloves. I like the Atlas gloves the best for most garden chores. They all have water (and mud) resistant nitrile palms and fingers. They fit well and they're nice and stretchy. They don't hamper dexterity so I'm less likely to have to take them off for more delicate tasks.

  9. What impresses me is not the number of gloves, but the number of actual pairs! I probably have more gloves in total, but presently I think I have about 3 matched pairs. I think the sock fairy has been joined by a glove & mitten fairy around here.

  10. MMD, that's because when I lose them, I just lose the pair! We definitely have a sock fairy here who likes to steal one sock at a time. I'd love to find her stash!

  11. I thought I had a lot of pairs of gloves... you have me beat I think. Interesting you have a pair of impact resistant garden gloves to help with vibration. Never knew there was such a thing but the hedge trimmers do some powerful vibrating.

    The most frustrating thing is the right glove always wears out in a finger or two before the left.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  12. You know how to have fun, GG. Since I'm still too snowed in to sow maybe I'll put aside my seed / plant catalogs and gather gloves!

    I've started a new blog & don't know much. So far my blog looks like long-list read of pages and not the pop opens & great bells & whistles that you have. I'm jealous, GG.

  13. Meems, I sure hope I can find those anti-vibration gloves! I've been looking for them ever since I did this post! They're great - lots of wrist support, and padding to absorb vibration.

    I'm left-handed, so I usually wear out the left glove first. Between your left gloves and my rights, we could make good pairs!

    O'Hara, I hope your weather gets better soon. Thanks for the link on your blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the gloves post. I can't take too much credit for it though, since it was Crafty Gardener's idea. I thought she had a fun idea, and I ran with it!


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