Saturday, March 15, 2008

My First Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

How exciting! My first GBBD! This is the only thing blooming at Garden Girl's place on this March 15th. The cyclamen was saved from a yard waste bag this fall during clean-up at a gardening client's house. Something headed for a municipal compost pile is the only thing blooming here today!

See the buds?

Adding this sheaf of wheat probably doesn't count for GBBD. Wheat hasn't really been on my radar much. But the table the wheat is sitting on, well that's made of willow. And willow has been very much on my mind since January. On Monday I'll explain why.

Kudos to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for dreaming up GBBD!


  1. I feel super by saying that this is realy one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet!

    Congrats, lintys! Take it like a blossom blessing as I'm bloging around!


  2. lintys: Good for you rescuing the cyclamen AND it's blooming for you indoors. I'm impressed. Look forward to hearing about the willow table... it looks like something I would be attracted to. (I am supposed to be working on my GBBD post but getting distracted by everyone else's blooms. :-) Check with me later - I should have mine up shortly.
    Meems @HoeandShovel

  3. Lintys, Thanks for joining in for bloom day, even with your one bloom. One is way better than "none"!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. Good job in rescuing that Cyclamen, & even more in getting it to bloom. They are such lovely plants, it's too bad I keep killing them.

  5. How nice to see you have joined GBBD. You will enjoy hopping around to all the blogs and seeing what is in bloom ... or in my case what I wish was in bloom.

  6. Joshua, thank you for your kind compliment. I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog, and I hope you'll visit again.

    Meems, I'm like the cat lady of the plant world around here. I take in stray plants every chance I get.

    I took a stroll through your tropical paradise a few minutes ago and enjoyed every moment!

    Carol, thank YOU for dreaming up the idea and keeping it going!

    Mr. McGregor's daughter, I usually have a very green thumb, just not so much since moving to this house. I still have good fortune with anything inside or in containers, just not in the ground. :(

    Maybe keeping the cyclamen alive and even getting it to bloom is a sign this will be the year my green thumb returns in the garden.

    Crafty, I did a little shopping with my sister, then came back to stroll through everyone's gardens. I hope to be by yours shortly too! So many places to visit, so little time!

  7. Hey lintys,

    Thanks for joining us on GBBD.

    It doesn't matter how many blooms you have but that you have one.

  8. It's such a good feeling when one has saved a plant from near death! Good for you that you salvaged the Cyclamen.

    I love chewing on wheat stalks ... and love the look of them here!

  9. lintys, glad to see you participating in GBBD. I'm pretty new at this too. Way to go with that Cyclamen save, I think they are so pretty.

  10. We are proud of your heroic saving of the cyclamen, and wheat does definitely count! We look forward to more from you in the coming months.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  11. So glad you visited my blog...hope you stop by again..
    I love cyclamen...the way the bloom curls open. I will be back to read about the willow table!


  12. Thank you everyone! The rescued cyclamen is pretty leggy, but I don't care. It's the only thing blooming here right now. It's got tons of buds, more every day. The leaves are pretty even if they are hanging over the sides of the pot. :)

  13. Welcome to Garden Blogger Bloom Day, Come April, hopefully we'll have more blooms to share.


  14. Anyone who rescues plants is a good egg :) I love Cyclamens, especially because they remind me of my mom, but strangely enough this is the first year I've had one. I'm loving it!
    Your wheat sheaf is lovely and I'm looking forward to reading about why willow has been on your mind. Great table!

  15. Hi Lyntis. Thanks for vising my blog. It's nice to meet a fellow novice bloom day post-er!

    I'm intrigued by your wheat and willow....I'll have to come back and see what you have to say about that!

    Sherry at the Zoo

  16. Thank you Robin! I'll be looking forward to April!

    Kerry, the wheat was a table decoration from my oldest daughter's wedding last fall, so it always makes me smile! Thanks for visiting!

    Hi Sherry, it's nice to meet another newbie! Thank you for stopping by!

  17. Hi Lintys,

    Making a first blooming day post with one plant that is both a lovely flower and a plant rescue is a pretty strong indication of what we can expect in future, I'll bet!

    The willow post was up when I came - my condolences. Do you now have an area in sun that used to be in shade?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  18. Hi Annie, Aw, thank you!

    It's a little hard to tell what it will be like where the tree was when everything leafs out. I think we're going from deep shade to part sun. I'll be watching to see how the light changes back there.

  19. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Greetings from a fellow first timer. This early in the year, we lavish attention on the first few brave souls of the floral world. What will it be like when the garden is bursting with blooms come late spring and summer? I think the dahlias will get shorthand descriptions, rather than the couple of paragraphs these pioneers garner.
    Enjoyed discovering your site. Thanks for commenting on mine.

  20. Ricki, I hear you! I'm the same way with every tiny little shoot I find poking out of the cold, wet soil in early spring. I could wax poetic over every unfurling leaf of every little shoot I find, evidence of perennials surviving another harsh winter getting ready to grace the garden for another season. Thanks for visiting!

  21. If you can't find spring outside, best to bring it in. Indoor gardens are a must in Maine too.


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