Monday, April 15, 2013

April Bloom Day

Life's been more than a little hectic in recent months, and I've been taking a break from blogging.  All's well here though.  Life has been going on as usual, and spring is upon us once again in the Chicago area.  Snowdrops are fading,

Hellebores are blooming,

scillas too.


This hellebore may be reverting to single blooms.  There are more singles than doubles. These blooms are on the same plant as the doubles up above.  Last year this plant didn't bloom at all.  Maybe it didn't like the early-spring heat.

This hellebore is still doing what it's always done.

Warmer weekend weather coaxed a few daffodil buds open.

I love these split-cup daffodils. 

We're way behind in blooms compared to last year when March brought temperatures in the 70's and even 80's.  This has been a more normal spring, actually a bit cooler than usual, and a lot rainier than last year.  I'm grateful.  Last spring's hot, dry weather continued through summer.  A cooler, rainier summer would be nice this year.  Can we order that?  Trees and shrubs, everything flora and fauna could use a break. 

Hope you all here in the northern hemisphere are enjoying normal spring weather, and enough rain. To see more April blooms, please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.