Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Uncommon Rooftop

Last Saturday Mr.Brown Thumb, Gina, and I were privileged to be invited to the dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first certified organic rooftop farm in the country, located right here in Chicago at Uncommon Ground Restaurant in the Edgewater neighborhood.

It was an exciting and historic event, complete with speeches, local politicians, a security detail, and lots of press. Mayor Daley (in the blue shirt and baseball cap) cutting the ribbon.

In addition to all the veggies being grown, this section of the rooftop includes four beehives (the four rectangular boxes.) Besides pollinating the veggies, the bees produce honey used by the restaurant.

Natalie Pfister, the rooftop farm manager speaking during the ceremony.
The peas are just about finished producing.

In addition to the raised beds, Earth Boxes abound, planted with all manner of veggies including these tomatoes,

and peppers.

Back down at street level, flowers, veggies, fruits, and ornamentals are planted in every border and bed.

Here, Mayor Daley is talking to Michael and Helen Cameron, owners of Uncommon Ground.

Nasturtiums, herbs, sunflowers, and currants are planted in this bed.

Alfresco dining - sectioned off from the parking lot with more veggies planted in Earth Boxes.

For more detailed coverage of this historic event including videos, visit Mr.Brown Thumb @ Chicago Garden, Gina @ My Skinny Garden, and Beth Botts at Growing in Chicago.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 2009 Bloom Day

Had so much fun with the last slide show, I decided to do it again for Bloom Day.

As always, thank you Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this once-a-month delight!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Road Trip

Tomorrow morning my oldest and youngest daughters, my grandson, and I will be off to visit Mom and her Garden Buddy in SW Wisconsin.

buttercups blooming in the 'wilderness' between our yard and the neighbor behind us.

I'm looking forward to seeing them, and seeing what's new in their garden.

orange daylilies are blooming back there too.

This spring they were very busy overhauling their large vegetable garden,

Johnny jumped up and volunteered in the shade garden.

including adding some raised beds and a new fence.

Astilbes are blooming.

While I'm gone George will keep the Lawn Man company, and I'll be trusting him to keep the containers watered for me. (Lawn Man, not George - I don't want George 'watering' anything.)

The red mini-rose's last bloom of the season.

The rescued cyclamen just started blooming.

Centaurea montana, a pass-along last fall, not quite as striking in mostly shade, but it's blooming.
Oh, and in the meantime, can anyone help me identify this hungry little bug? Less than 1/4" long, they're everywhere in the garden right now, chewing little holes in just about everything.

I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July!