Friday, July 3, 2009

Road Trip

Tomorrow morning my oldest and youngest daughters, my grandson, and I will be off to visit Mom and her Garden Buddy in SW Wisconsin.

buttercups blooming in the 'wilderness' between our yard and the neighbor behind us.

I'm looking forward to seeing them, and seeing what's new in their garden.

orange daylilies are blooming back there too.

This spring they were very busy overhauling their large vegetable garden,

Johnny jumped up and volunteered in the shade garden.

including adding some raised beds and a new fence.

Astilbes are blooming.

While I'm gone George will keep the Lawn Man company, and I'll be trusting him to keep the containers watered for me. (Lawn Man, not George - I don't want George 'watering' anything.)

The red mini-rose's last bloom of the season.

The rescued cyclamen just started blooming.

Centaurea montana, a pass-along last fall, not quite as striking in mostly shade, but it's blooming.
Oh, and in the meantime, can anyone help me identify this hungry little bug? Less than 1/4" long, they're everywhere in the garden right now, chewing little holes in just about everything.

I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July!


  1. Love those buttercups.

    Sorry can't help with the bug ID, I've never seen a bug like it.

    Have a happy 4th.

  2. Hi linda,
    Oh, I bet you are going to see some really great things in your mom's garden. She has it going on in her veggie garden. Take photos! Have a safe trip with your girls... that will be fun... and your grandson... even more fun.

    Your blooms are looking lively today! Hmmm... those buttercups look just like the ones native to Florida. Is that possible?

    Your bug IS a hungry one ... don't know what it is to help you though. Hope someone can assist.
    oh... Happy 4th to you!

  3. I looked around on the web for an id with no luck. Maybe the extension agent can help? I'd love to know what it is. Have a safe trip to your mother's house. I remember her garden from last year and it was great.

  4. Hi MBT, I love them too - had them in a garden a couple of houses ago. I'm tempted to dig a few of the wild ones. Some varieties are invasive foreigners, and some are natives - not sure which these are.

    I've seen these bugs before, but never so many of them - they're everywhere, eating everything. Oh, and they fly - it's hard to see their wings in the photo - they're neatly folded on their backs when they land.

    Hi Meems, I've been trying to get Mom to do a guest post about all the stuff they did in their garden this spring, but she's been busy. So I guess I'll just have to go up there and see for myself - poor me! I'll definitely be bringing the camera!

    From what I understand there are dozens of species of buttercups, some are native, some aren't. I'd like to identify this one.

    Happy 4th!

  5. Thanks Tina! I tried searching via the internet without any luck too.

    I'll be answering phones at the Extension office next Thursday, so if it's not identified by then I'll definitely be bringing bugs to the office with me!

    I know Mom's very excited about the changes they made - can't wait to see! I'm sure I'll be posting about it after I get back.

  6. Pretty flowers blooming for you. Thanks for showing them. I too have no idea what bug that is. good luck figuring it out.

  7. I love those orange daylilies. Everyone has them around here and I was thinking I could use them in front if I add some soil and find a less shaded spot.

  8. Linda - What a pretty white astilble. I chuckled when I read your comment about George "watering"! Hope you have a nice holiday ...

  9. Hi Linda, have a good trip visiting your mom (wow, there are four generations involved!). I was going to make a smartass comment about George (not) watering things, but I see you beat me to it, LOL! I'm busy trying to plant/weed/trim things in my garden before leaving for CO for a week! Have fun in WI!

  10. Well it is the fourth of July, Garden girl and what you've got are soldiers marching across your garden. That's Trypherus latipennis commonly called the soldier beetle, munching on your plants.

    Have a wonderful visit with your family.

  11. Thanks Teresa!

    Elizabeth, I'm tempted to transplant a clump to the other side of our Cornelian cherry back hedge.

    Thanks Beth, I couldn't resist!

    Hi Monica, isn't that cool? The little guy is so excited about visiting his great-grandparents and exploring the mountain, forest, meadow, and maybe even a cave or two. He's been visiting there since he was a baby.

    Have fun in CO!

    Hey Carolyn, Wow - thanks for the ID. I did a quick google search, and maybe they're munching on whatever's munching on the plants - seems like they eat a lot of bugs, and are even pollinators. Best of all they eat slugs and their larvae - hooray!

    Happy 4th!

  12. That's quite a pretty "wilderness" you have between you and your neighbor, Linda. Sorry I'm no help with your mystery bug, but I see Carolyn Gail already i.d.ed it--hope it does help get rid of whatever is munching on your plants. Enjoy your trip; looking forward to seeing some photos of all your mother's new projects.

  13. Nice assortment of blooms! Love the Centaurea montana - not familiar with that one. Cheers!

  14. That's a nice array of plants -- and of course, I go ga-ga over the gnome.


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