Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Visit to Mom's


  1. Really nice.

    Don't know why but my favorite part was the electrical fence. And that first frog pic was really awesome.

    Congrats on getting on YouTube. Isn't it so much easier to make a video with the pics than uploading every single pic to the blog entry?

  2. Linda, your mother's vegetable garden is amazing! This must keep her and Garden Buddy very busy this summer, not to mention well-fed:) Your trip reminds me of visiting my parents recently, when I saw their vegetable garden for the first time this year. It certainly put mine to shame! So many different varieties of veggies, and not a weed in sight.

    You also got some great wildlife photos, especially the hummingbird pics--fantastic!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it MBT! The electric fence is a favorite of mine too - I'm tempted to surround my shade garden with one! Squirrels and rabbits haven't bothered my veggie garden at all, but they run amok in the shade garden all the time, digging stuff and eating blooms.

    I just love those little frogs with their suction cup toes. They're all over the windows and sliding doors at night. They're tiny and very, very cute.

    I've done a couple of slide shows with family photos, but this is the first time I've uploaded one to YouTube. With so many photos, a slide show seemed like the way to go, and it was fun making it.

    Hi Rose, I think amazing is a good way to describe their veggie gardens, and the delicious meals they prepare using them. How wonderful that your parents are still gardening too.

    Glad you enjoyed all the critters! There is such a wonderful variety of wildlife there.

  4. Hi Linda, that was so enjoyable, thanks! No work, no clicking, give the old wrist a rest. HA That was one serious veggie garden, how fun for your mom to have friends to share the work and rewards too. The area seems to be teeming with nature in all forms. How fun for you to visit the countryside. I love anything that could be called a *lane*. :-)

  5. Linda, Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! The music is fantastic and what a garden! Birds, and critters and a froggie on the door! I've never seen a grossbeak in a tree. Wow! Thank you for sharing your visit to your mom and her Garden Buddy's place! gail

  6. Ok,

    Had to come back and tell you that I've not been able to get this song out of my head since viewing the video. For some reason the song that plays in my head after this song is Luck Be a Lady. Which I hope now gets stuck in your head.

  7. That's a serious garden tour, Linda. Thanks for sharing your mother's garden with us.

  8. That vegetable garden is SO awesome! it should be in a magazine. Loved the video. Good job!

  9. Hi Frances, glad you enjoyed the video! It was fun making it. It's definitely a serious veggie garden - Mom and garden buddy are serious gardeners. They preserve their harvest through freezing, drying, and canning, and preserve enough to last until the next harvest even after sharing with family and friends.

    Hi Gail, glad you enjoyed the visit! Wish I'd been able to capture the orioles on film. They're very shy and took off every time I tried. There are a lot of grossbeaks up there - it was fun watching the parents feeding the babies.

    MBT, good songs to have in your head!

    Thanks Carolyn - a serious garden tour for a serious garden!

    Hi Tina, glad you liked it! I think their garden is pretty awesome too. It's always been wonderful, and with the changes they made this spring it's even more impressive than ever.

  10. Hi Linda, that was fun. Your mother has such a huge garden and I love her vegetable garden! Loved the field trip too, what huge rocks they have over there.

    Cute little froggy!

  11. Linda, wonderful tour of the garden-they have way more energy than I. :) And your wildlife was such fun to see. Isn't country life grand?

  12. Anonymous9:04 PM

    That is a very amazing garden.

  13. Glad you enjoyed it Yolanda! It was fun being there, and delicious eating the wonderful produce from their garden. I just love those little frogs. They are very cute.

    Hi Beckie, they do have a lot of energy, and they work hard taking care of everything. I think their active lifestyle (not to mention all that organic food) helps to keep them healthy. Country life is grand - I envy their lifestyle.

    Ain't it the truth Anna!

  14. Wow, that is a serious garden! I'm digging the slide show idea--it would suit my blogging mood well--lots of photos, few words! :)

  15. I enjoyed the visit. Thanks!

  16. Their garden is pretty amazing (well, gardens actually.) I just love their lifestyle. They are so lucky!

    I like the slideshows too when there are lots of photos - keeps me from getting too verbose as well!

    Thanks Sue - glad you enjoyed it!


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