Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 2009 Bloom Day

Had so much fun with the last slide show, I decided to do it again for Bloom Day.

As always, thank you Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this once-a-month delight!


  1. I have done slide shows the last two months as well - so much more fun

  2. Mmm, jalapenos!
    Your patio is so shady and picturesque. It must be lovely to sit out there in the evenings!

  3. Hi PG, I agree - more fun! And saves memory too. At the rate I'm going I'll run out of photo memory on blogger before I run out of photos!

    Hi Diane, this is the first time I've grown jalapenos, and I'm amazed at how prolific they are - much more productive than the sweet peppers I'm growing. Can't wait for them to ripen!

    We love the patio, and spend as much time out there as we can - so cool and shady, and fun to watch the squirrels and birds.

  4. Anonymous7:20 AM

    The slide show is a great way to present your GBBD.

  5. Thank you Donna - glad you enjoyed the slide show.

  6. You just can't beat that Diamond Frost euphorbia can you? It seems to look wonderful all the time. I see your veggie garden is doing well-looks like lots of veggies soon. Your garden is looking most happy.

  7. Hi Tina, Diamond Frost is definitely one of my favorite annuals. I overwinter them indoors, since they just seem to get bigger and better every year.

    I'm definitely enjoying having a veggie garden again. We've already been enjoying lettuce, peas, and cucumbers - lettuce since May. With our cool temps this year, only the arugla has bolted. The rest of the lettuce I just keep picking leaves and it keeps producing.

  8. I am looking at your slides how and wondering why I didn't plant the euphorbia this year! It looks good with so many plants...the nightshade's have such good looking flowers and then you get tomatoes, peppers and potatoes! Your patio garden is lovely, but where are the relaxing feet! gail

  9. A beautiful slide show! Those are great pictures of the bee!

  10. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I like the Agastache Blue as it seems so powdery. Oh, so now I see the Spring Fling Supertunia. It is pretty but looks a lot like their Vista Silverberry ;) And your cool temped patio is pretty. Course I've always liked it.

  11. Great slide show. I like the Diamond Frost with the impatiens. Looks like you have a lot of shade?? Also your veggies look spectacular!

  12. You're getting good at this, Linda. Your flowers are just beautiful. I have the Diamond Frost and just love it.

    Wish I had the time and space for more veggies.

  13. Hi Gail, there's always next year! I keep finding more places to put that euphorbia - I love how it mingles with the other stuff in the containers.

    Good thing these nightshades aren't deadly! Black Krim has an especially large and pretty bloom, even if it takes a bit of acrobatics to shoot it.

    Thanks Rose, I was pretty sure that was pollen all over the bee, but my eyes aren't quite as good as the macro setting on the camera, so it was fun to see it up close on the photo.

    Hi Anna, I do kind of wish that blue was a little deeper, but plants that like it here in the dry shade and bloom their heads off like those agastaches do are definitely keepers! Plus, pollinators love them, including butterflies and hummingbirds.

    Funny you should mention Vista Silverberry - I was sorting some plant tags at the nursery today including some of those, and I thought exactly the same thing.

    We love the patio too - it's our favorite place in the summertime.

    Thank you Jean, oh yeah, if there's one thing we've got a lot of, it's shade! I have a love/hate relationship with all the shade here.

    Even the veggies aren't in full sun, but so far so good. I suspect I'll have fewer tomatoes that will take longer to ripen, but all the earlier veggies have done surprising well. I'm pretty impressed with the cucumbers so far too. :)

    Thank you Carolyn! So much to love about Diamond Frost - such a pretty plant!

    I wish I had more sun for the veggies, but we all do the best we can with what we have to work with. You do a great job maximizing the space you have.

  14. I did enjoy your slide show. Love those little pear tomatoes. Lots in bloom in Chicago.

  15. That was just so enjoyable and relaxing! Lots of veggie blooms, the best kind for the promise of good eats later!

  16. Great idea to do this as a slide show, Linda. Your veggies look outstanding! I love the anticipation of waiting for that first hydrangea to bloom.

  17. Great catching up, Linda! Everything looks lovely ... summer has been very kind to you.

  18. Was that a hosta flower at the end? If so I just took a pic that looks a lot like yours.

  19. Hi Linda - I have never thought to overwinter Diamond Frost. Great idea! That is one of the best flowering annuals EVER! Next year, I'm going to put it in a pot by itself too - it's that pretty.

  20. Hi Layanee, looks like the pear tomatoes will be ready to eat soon!

    Hi Frances, glad you enjoyed it - another wrist rest!

    Thanks Rose, I'm looking forward to seeing my little hydrangea cutting bloom! So far no buds on the new oakleaf hydrangea that's 10 x the size of the baby Endless Summer.

    Hi Joey, summer's been kind to the entire Chicago area - not too hot, and enough rain. It's been wonderful so far.

    Hi MBT, yep, that's a hosta bloom. It's time for the annual hosta parade again.

    Hi Beth, they are easy to overwinter as they are to grow outdoors, and they even bloom nicely indoors too. I agree they are among the best. I have one in a pot by itself that I've overwintered for three years now - just keeps getting bigger and prettier every year.

  21. Hi Rosemarie, glad you enjoyed it!

  22. Hi Linda, what tool do you use to make the slide show? I'm growing zucchini for the first time and didn't realize how fast it matures--went from flower to 13-inch zucc in the 7 days I was in CO! Also, don't you just love the smell of heliotrope? :)

  23. Angela2:16 PM

    You might enjoy this potager here:

  24. Hi Monica, I did it as a movie in Picasa. You can use Windows Movie Maker too, but I think Picasa is easier. (It's free, if you don't have it.)

    Hi Angela, very nice.

  25. Lovely blooms! The slide show was great! Do you do it in Picassa? I've never done one, but if it saves memory, I'd like to try it.

    I liked your roof garden post, too.

  26. Hi Sue, glad you enjoyed it. I did this one and the one on my visit to Mom's in Picasa. It definitely saves memory. I've already used more than 35% of my blogger photo allottment. Doing more slide shows should help with that, as it doesn't seem to take memory from the photo allowance. The slide shows are too big to upload directly, but uploading them onto YouTube then copying the code and pasting it into the html tab works great.

    I'm sure there are other slide show programs that could be used, but this way was easiest for my low-tech self to figure out.

  27. Your slide show is such a nice, creative change from the usual, Linda. The plants on your patio are looking lush and lovely, and your veggies are thriving. I love the Diamond Frost combined with the double impatiens. Lovely!
    I also enjoyed the visit to your mom's. Her veggie garden is so beautifully cared for, and yes, such a lot of interesting things to see. Your bird pics are especially neat. She has a nice variety visiting her yard.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and happy Bloom Day :)


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