Saturday, July 5, 2008

A 'Walled' Garden

Stuart at Gardening Tips n' Ideas has a post this morning on vertical gardens. It reminded me of this orchid and sculpture wall I saw early this spring during a visit to Garfield Park Conservatory on Chicago's west side.

Don't you think this is cool? Be sure to check out Stuart's post today for lots of information and links on vertical gardening.


  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Ooh, yes! Quite unusual. I try to go vertical wherever I can, due to the garden home yard! But I've never seen anything like that!

  2. Yes, very cool. Orchids are cool. What a unique way to enjoy their beauty!

    Need to check out Stuart's post too... thanks.

    Hope you are enjoying your day... probably cooler there than here...can you tell that is all I think about these days? Sweating over here! :-)
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  3. Linda,

    Great idea and two more places to visit. Oh, my!

    Like Alice's rabbit I am running behind, may I pick up my award next week? Thank you!


  4. Brenda, I have a couple of spots begging for some vertical interest. There's no end to the possibilities!

    Meems, aren't they great. I love orchids. I have one at home, it's been blooming since March and still has new buds.

    Not to gloat or anything, since it's going to change - our weather's been absolutely gorgeous the last few days - upper 70's, lower 80's, sunny and bright, with nights in the 50's and low 60's. We had a cool spring, and so far a pleasant summer with a few hot, humid days thrown in but not too many.

    Heat and humidity are on their way next week though, so we're enjoying this loveliness while we can. I'm sorry it's sweltering there. Thank goodness for air conditioning, huh!

    Gail, I think you'll enjoy Stuart's post. I found it informative and inspiring.

    You may pick up your award whenever is best for you. It took me at least a week. Doing the post takes time and thought, and I sure do understand the running-behind thing! I hope you're getting to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

  5. Yes, very much so, it's very beautiful but then everything you show is. I'm heading to Stuarts to see what he has.

  6. that is so pretty! i don't know why I still have not been to the garfield park conservatory.

  7. oh my very interesting! I'm off to Stuart's for more! Thank you for posting! :)NG


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