Sunday, July 6, 2008

From Where I Sit


  1. I'd say: You're sitting pretty...

  2. Anonymous12:09 PM

    From where you is quite beautiful and tranquil. I love mourning doves. The very essence of elegant.

  3. garden girl ! what a gorgeous garden you have .. I love the shade areas .. so peaceful looking .. so pretty ! I would love to be sitting there right now with a glass of wine chatting to another gardener : )

  4. And I'm gald you're sitting after all your hard work. Isn't it just the best thing in the day to actually look out on the garden and enjoy it?

    You have created a lovely view and some lovely gardens to call your being into rest and peaceful serenity.

    Thanks for sharing your shady gardens with us.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  5. What a great place to sit and sip a nice cold glass of lemonade and chat. I can hear the wind whispering through the trees and the lonely calls of the mourning doves from here. Devine!

  6. I hopped over here from another blog and what a BEAUTIFUL garden you have. It looks so peaceful. I would be sitting there sipping my peach tea watching the doves.

  7. Linda,

    It's lovely and the Dove thinks so, too! It's peaceful and serene an altogether good place to sit and look at what you have made.

    So I decided to sit, too and while I was visiting I thought I would take a look around. What a pleasant blog...the photos are great, George is adorable and I see some interesting non gardening links to check out.

    Have a nice sit. Thank you for letting me sit with you.


  8. Wow! I would be sitting there all the time. It's beautiful!


  9. Nancy, sometimes it's hard to tear myself away!

    Brenda, I love how peaceful it is in our back yard. It's a very relaxing place to hang out!

    Joy, thank you! Shade rules in our back yard. There's dappled sunlight here and there, and a couple spots that get two or three hours of direct sunlight. Mostly though, it's shade, shade, shade! It's usually about ten degrees cooler in the back than it is in the full sun in front.

    We often enjoy a glass of wine (or two!) there. Stop on by anytime - there's always an extra chair and an an extra glass!

    Meems, we enjoyed a very relaxing weekend - got some chores done but did lots of chilling and grilling!

    I enjoy working in the garden, but sitting back and taking it all in is what I enjoy most.

    We spend as much time in the evenings and weekends as possible relaxing outside on the patio and enjoying the view.

    Cinj, it's our own little piece of heaven on earth. It's grand listening to the wind rustle through the trees, watching flowers nodding in the breeze, and enjoying the birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

    Darlene, thank you for visiting! It's very peaceful here - a wonderful place for relaxing, bird watching, and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or a tall glass of iced tea in the afternoon.

    Thank you Gail! Sometimes our friends the doves sit at the bird bath for a long time, just perched on the edge, taking a drink every now and then, singing their song, and looking around (not unlike us sitting at the edge of the garden, sipping our drinks, listening to a little music. . . )

    Joan, thank you! The back yard is our favorite place here, and we spend as much time there as we can. Hanging out there is like taking a mini vacation.

  10. The view is perfect! This is a beautiful place to sit and regroup after a hard day at work. And I thought I had a lot of containers:)

  11. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for sharing your vantage point with us - no wonder you spend a lot of time in this spot!
    It's so shady and peaceful looking - but still colorful with layers of foliage to look through.
    It the beautiful blue-bloomer with largish leaves your heliotrope? (near the left lantern in the last photo)

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  12. What beautiful views from your perch! The second and third shots look as though they belong in a magazine! Beautiful...

  13. Shade is good. It's so better for sitting & relaxing than sun. You don't miss all those garish sun-worshippers do you? You shouldn't, as your garden is lovely.

  14. Anonymous4:56 PM

    You have a very lovely back yard. I would not get any housework done with a yard a peaceful looking as yours.

  15. Rose, it's a perfect spot to unwind at the end of the day.

    I have between 40 and 50 containers. . . I try not to keep track. I never intended to have that many. It just happened. I swear, I don't know how.

    This year I resolved not to plant them all. I do actually still have two or three in the basement unplanted (so far. . . there's still time. . . ) :0

    Annie, we are drawn out there all the time, and spend as much time as possible outside in warm (and hot) weather.

    Skeeter, thanks! We love the yard. It's my favorite spot, inside or out.

    MMD, I love the shade. It's much nicer for working in too.

    I do miss exuberant bloom though. It would be nice to have a spot of full sun back there, but mostly shade is just fine with me. If I had to choose all sun or all shade, shade would win, no contest.

    Sam, thank you! We take advantage of moment we can to be out there relaxing and enjoying the view.

    Somehow we manage to get the most necessary stuff done. Since the kids are grown, there's less housework now anyway.

  16. I would want to sit there forever...I love the morning dove :). Thank you for sharing your beautiful sanctuary.

  17. p.s. Annie, I forgot to answer your question. That's the mama heliotrope, overwintered in the basement under a sodium light.

    There are two babies too - cuttings from the mama. One's in a mixed container in front and blooms much better in the full sun out there. The other one's still in a little 4" square nursery pot. Poor thing needs a home, it's not getting enough sun in the holding area to bloom, and it's too big for the pot.

    They have the lightest, sweetest fragrance when they bloom! I have a vague sensory memory of heliotrope from my childhood. Don't know when or whose garden, but I remember how the leaves felt, how it smelled, purple, and four-o-clocks. Whoever was growing them had four-o-clocks too.

    I think I was two or three years old, and that's all I remember. I recognized it right away at the nursery last year, it triggered that little memory, and I HAD to have it!

    Kathi, I love the doves! They are so peaceful. They even get along with the robins who fight amongst themselves over the birdbath. They don't chase the other birds away.

  18. Linda, what a wonderful place to sit! I envy you, my garden doesn't look half as nice as yours. Good job!!

  19. I forgot: I love the mourning dove picture. She looks so beautiful just being there!

  20. How very beautiful -- I should say your view is lovely!

  21. I love your statue of the little girl. I would like to see that from where I sit. Beautiful.~~Dee


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