Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 2008 Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

After blooming several months this winter and spring, this cyclamen rested about 6 weeks. I didn't think it would bloom again so soon, so I threw a few impatiens into the pot so it wouldn't look so boring while outside for the summer. The impatiens were on sale a couple weeks ago, and were leggy so I pinched them. In the meantime the cyclamen decided it wasn't going to be upstaged by some dime-a-dozen ordinary blooms like impatiens.

Monarda 'Jacob Cline' is just starting to bloom.

Heliotrope's been blooming over a month. The flowers are sweetly-scented and very long lasting.

Double impatiens. Still blooming.

A miniature rose. They're short-lived, but pretty while they last. It blooms a couple of times a season in part sun. Smaller than it was last year, nevertheless this one's in its third year. It's almost finished with round one of blooms.

After a hard pinch, the dragonwings are blooming again.

The hellebore was in bloom when purchased in April. The colors are faded, but it's still holding onto its blooms.

Sambac jasmine. Just two or three of these little blooms will scent the entire patio when the sun's shining on it.

Variegated begonia in a hanging basket. It was overwintered in the basement, along with the jasmine, heliotrope, and many other container plants.

Yellow snapdragons. (A little too sunny when I took this shot.)

Torenia still going strong.
Diamond Frost euphorbia. Several of these were overwintered in the basement too.
Happy Returns is still blooming.
Geranium sanguineum var. striatum.
A pass along astilbe.
Geranium Rozanne has lots of blooms, and will keep up the show until the fall.
Bridal Veil Astilbe

A cell-pack dahlia. The cell packs were mixed colors. There are red, a couple of different pinks, and a yellow or two.

Browallia Blue - blooms nicely in the shade.
Thank you Carol at May Dreams Gardens for dreaming up and hosting Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!


  1. Everything looks very chipper and pretty in your garden today!! Thanks for sharing(-:

  2. Lovely blooms for Blooms Day Linda :)

  3. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Great GBBD post. Everything looks great, I especially love the cyclamen. Pretty!

  4. We have many of the same plants in our containers:) I love your astilbe, especially the Bridal Veil. I have problems keeping mine alive; they seem to need more water than I can remember to give them.

  5. So beautiful... How do you manage to keep your containers watered? You have so many and they are all so eye catching!

  6. You really have the touch with those container tender perennials. I wish I could keep a Cyclamen going like that. Mine always died after blooming once. I don't care if Rozanne becomes as common as Stella D'Oro Daylily, it is such a great plant I'd keep growing it.

  7. At the top of the Cyclamen photo I saw impatiens and had a moment before I read the entire text to see it wasn't a new form of impatiens that was going to go on the list but wonderful cyclamen!

    I like the cranesbills too! They are always a lovely spot of color!

    Happy blooming,

  8. Great photos - everything looks so healthy and lovely!

  9. I'm so jealous of your jasmine, there's no way I could ever have them here unless I was willing to bring them in for the winter. The cats would eat it so it's a no-go.

    I looked all over for a six pack of double impatiens this spring, but alas I had no luck. They're usually a staple in my hanging baskets.

  10. Beautiuful flowers.

    I especially love Bridal Veil. Down here, most people pair it with a couple of azaleas or Wisteria cut back to make a small shrub. It is outstanding either way.

  11. You sure have a green thumb and you must keep busy day and night caring for all of them! thank you for the garden tour, it was lovely :).

  12. Thank you Cindee!

    VP, thank you, glad you enjoyed them.

    Perennial Gardener, thanks! I was pleasantly surprised to find the cyclamen blooming again!

    Thanks Rose. I think bridal veil is my all-time favorite astilbe. I plant astilbes close to the patio and water them along with all the containers. So far so good, although I do have two of them that got too dry just as the buds were developing. . . no blooms on them this year, just stunted little brown blobs on short stems where the flowers should have been. Better luck next year!

    Skeeter, thanks! I've been pretty lucky on the watering this year - we've had a cool spring and early summer, with plenty of rain. . . until now that is. During the dog days some containers need daily watering, others can go two or three days, especially the larger ones. Being so shady here definitely helps with the container watering. I'd never have all these containers in full sun. I never actually meant to have so many even in the shade. It just sort of happened. I swear, I don't know how.

    Thanks MMD! No one was as surprised as me to see that cyclamen blooming again so soon. It's really leggy but I don't care. The foliage is pretty even if the stems are spindly, and I love the blooms.

    I'm right there with you on Rozanne. I am in love with them. I can sell the pants off them at the nursery. We've sold out of them. twice. They shoulda ordered more. In fact, I was the one who talked them into getting them. This was the first year they sold them, I'm sure it won't be the last. Several of them went into my clients' gardens.

    Gail, wouldn't it be great if impatiens had blooms like that! I wouldn't mind at all.

    Thank you Amy! I was glad to catch up with you today and find your knee mending well.

    Cinj, I had two of them, but one didn't make it through the winter. This one didn't come out so great either, but thankfully it's recovered well, is blooming and smelling like heaven.

    Eve, thank you. I'm very partial to bridal veil. Another favorite is peach blossom, although I don't have it my garden here (yet.) Bridal veil makes a nice companion for so many plants. Looks lovely with hydrangeas too, The delicate blooms are a nice contrast against big, bold mopheads, and are pretty with the more delicate lacecaps too.

    Kathi, I'm actually a pretty lazy gardener. Everything is easier in the shade! Well, not quite everything - I do sometimes miss all the color of a sunny border. That's ok though, I'll still take the shade, no contest, especially this time of the year.

  13. A garden of delight is seems! Wonderful array of plants in your garden!

  14. How do you like the Jacob Kline monarda? Mine always got real droopy and leggy. I've had better luck with the Gardenview Scarlet and the Raspberry Wine varieties.

  15. Hello.

    I've been enjoying your flowers.

    I think I could fill a garden with cyclamen and jasmine and be happy.


  16. Jasmine ? You know how to touch this Southern gal's heart : )

    Lovely July blooms, Lintys.

  17. Thank you Nature Girl!

    Beth, I have Raspberry Wine too. I added both Jacob Cline and Raspberry Wine last year. Jacob Cline bloomed last summer and this summer. So far there have been no blooms from Raspberry Wine.

    I haven't found Jacob Cline to be leggy or droopy in my garden. Especially considering how little sun they get, I'm pleased that either of them blooms. Adding monarda to this dry, shady garden was definitely an experiment.

    Marshall's Delight is a favorite of mine I'd like to try here. Since I haven't found it locally I may have to mail order it to continue the monarda experiment.

    Hello Lucy, jasmine and cyclamen are favorites of mine too. I'm glad you enjoyed the flowers.

    Hi Carolyn, Isn't jasmine heavenly! I hope it lives through winter again this year. I might try a sunny window instead of the basement grow light for it this year.

    Too bad blogger doesn't have smellovision!

  18. Happy bloom day, a few days late. I'm still working my way around to see what everyone has blooming. Your blooms look great. Thanks for joining in!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  19. nice pictures of your current blooms i especially like the jasmine.

  20. Hi Linda, lush and lovely sums up your flowers this month. Your watering makes the difference, and the shade too I guess. We are so dry it is sad, even with the little rain we had. But your basement with grow lights sounds like the perfect way to keep those treasures through the winter. Do you have a space problem, wanting to keep more than you have room for? I can smell that jasmine, what a wonderful fragrance, heady.

  21. Hi Carol, Thank you for hosting GBBD! I don't know how you manage to visit everyone who posts for this event each month! Kudos, it's a wonderful event. It's fun to see what's blooming in gardens around the country and the world!

    Thank you for visiting Marmee. I love the jasmine! Such a beautiful, heady fragrance from such a simple little blossom.

    Hey Frances! Thank you - glad you enjoyed the blooms. We're in the middle of a hot, dry spell here too, though probably not as hot as where you are.

    I'm glad I got that light last fall! The initial investment was nothing to sneeze at, but it's already paid for itself. This year I spent under $100 on plants for all the containers, compared to about $600 last year. My only purchases were caladiums and a few flats. A couple of the flats were purchased on sale. Many of the plants in my containers this summer were started from cuttings over the winter. Most of the other container plants were simply moved from outside to the basement just before the first frost, after pulling out plants that wouldn't bloom well a second year like impatiens.

    The light illuminates an 8' x 10' area and that was adequate for the number of plants I saved last year. This year I'll be more selective since I propagated so many last winter. Rather than bringing in some of the stuff I'll just take cuttings and start them in 4 1/2" nursery pots to save space, leaving the larger pots outside under our patio table which gets covered for the winter.

    The first year was an experiment, and I figured out which plants weren't worth saving and which were, and which ones were best used for cuttings.

  22. Ooh, pretty colors and textures!
    ~ Monica

  23. Hey Linda - Marshall's Delight is very plentiful around here in fact - I've had to split mine several times and share with friends because it's so prolific in my garden. If you were closer - I'd give you an ample cutting :O)

  24. I've just put up a post about pictures from other people's blogs which have especially stuck in my memory.

    Amongst these, I've mentioned your one of your great-grandfather's car. (I think it was your great-grandfather and not your grandfather?)

    I can't work out how to make links to photos on blogs in situ so I'm wondering if you would mind if I copied it onto my blog - together with a link to yours.

    I'd be grateful if you would let me know.


  25. Thanks Monica! I'm looking forward to meeting you next weekend!

    Aw, thanks Beth! When I had it before it was in more sun, and I'm curious to see if it would bloom here with all the shade. It's such a pretty pink and would fit right in with all the pinks and purples here.

    Lucy, you're quite welcome to copy the picture of my great-grandfather's car-turned-tractor! I'm pleased you found it memorable.

  26. Thanks. After some fiddling, it's worked and I'm proud to name you as one of the first recipients of The Esther Montgomery 'Prize' for a particular picture.


  27. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Beautiful blooms!! I have never seen variegated begonias.

  28. You do have tons blooming! I love the heliotrope. Does it winter over for you? I just planted some and hope they do well here in humid Tennessee.

  29. Lucy, thank you! I think my great-grandpa would be very pleased to know that photo and the story behind it are still remembered and shared so many years later.

    Thanks Anna, they get a few of those every year at the nursery, and boy, do they go fast. I took this one out of the plastic hanging basket and put it in one of my own hanging baskets, then added some variaged ivy and vinca. Today that's my favorite hanging basket. (Tomorrow it might be the fuchsia.)

    Spookydragonfly, thank you!

    Tina, Since we're in zone 5 and it's not hardy here, I overwintered the heliotrope inside under the sodium light in the basement. While it was down there for the winter I pinched it a couple of times, and started two of the cuttings into two new plants, so now I have three of them.

    It overwintered very nicely, even bloomed once, and already had buds on it when I brought it outside. It would probably overwinter nicely in a sunny window too. I think it's winter-hardy in zones 9-11.

  30. Thanks! I don't think I will bring mine in and hope it makes it here in zone 6b-7. Sure is lovely.


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