Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rosy Finally Returns

Rosy Returns was planted in spring three years ago, but never bloomed in the shadier part of the garden. Early this spring she was moved to a slightly sunnier spot, and voila! She bloomed for the first time. Rosy is a reblooming daylily. She's finished with this round of blooms - there was one more after this. Hopefully she'll put on another show later in the season.


  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I have simply got to get some daylilies! I love them, and I don't have a lot of sun, but I sure would like to have them be a part of my gardens! Yours is gorgeous!

  2. I haven't bought any Daylilies in years, but I'm thinking I should try one of the newer rebloomers, such as this one or one of the Stella-types. Thanks for performing the shade tolerance test for me!

  3. Brenda, I don't have much sun either. The few daylilies I have in this garden get at best 3 hours bright dappled sunlight. The rest of the time they're completely shaded. Happy Returns, and now Rosy Returns bloom respectably. I'm hoping they'll rebloom.

    MMD, I only have three here, rebloomers all - Happy Returns, Rosy Returns, and Sunday Gloves. Sunday Gloves (gorgeous,) bloomed the first year, skipped the last two, and was also moved this spring - no blooms yet. If it does bloom this summer I'll be ectastic.

    I'm a lazy gardener but a near-obsessive deadheader and brown or yellow foliage-remover. I dislike the tattered, dying foliage this time of year of most daylilies I've grown, and one round of blooms, however gorgeous, isn't enough to trick me into all that maintenance.

    I fell into the trap of the rebloomers though. Thankfully I've found the foliage stays much nicer in part, than full sun, so I don't have to mess with them much. They're far enough way from the patio that I don't bother deadheading them either, just cut down the scapes when they're done.

  4. Beautiful lily! Sometimes all we need is a little sunshine to bring us back to life! I feel so much better when the sun is on me too but not right now in this heat!

  5. Rosie is just beautiful- I bet you are glad she returned!

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I love the reblooming daylillies. More bang for your buck! Rosy is a beauty!

  7. I also have the Rosey Returns, and they are one of my favorites of the daylillies... then again, depends on what's the newest bloom that day!!

  8. I should move a couple of my plants to sunnier locations. I still have two clematis that haven't bloomed as well as a hydrangea. I may wait another year just to see if it's transplant shock that stopped them from blooming this year though. Rosy is lovely, I'm glad she finally bloomed for you.

  9. I've definitely gotten daylily envy this summer seeing all these lovely daylilies. I just bought a lavender one--would have bought pink if available--and had to plant it in a shady area, too. Hope it blooms!

  10. The list grows endless! I mean the must have list! I can certainly find a slightly sunnier spot for this pretty daylily! Having rebloom is a bonus.


  11. Skeeter, I hope things cool down there soon! We've had picture-perfect summer weather the past several days, mid 80s during the day, and cooling down nicely into the 60s at night. I'm sure our turn for more heat and humidity will be coming again soon with August just around the corner.

    Dee, I was delighted to see the the scapes and buds, and then the flowers! I couldn't remember if it was Rosy or Sunday Gloves, so it was like unwrapping a present when the first bud opened.

    Perennial Gardener, I'm quite smitten with the rebloomers at the moment!

    Kim, isn't that the truth! My favorites in the garden change almost daily.

    Cinj, I hope you'll find the perfect spot for your clematis and hydrangea. I'm like you in that I like to make sure to give enough time to get settled before giving up on a particular location. Three years seemed like more than enough time for these daylilies!

    Rose, I hope your new daylily blooms in it's new shady home. There's not much sun anywhere in my garden, but fortunately there's enough in the new spot to get Rosy Returns to show her stuff.

    Gail, ah yes - the list! It grows continuously! I'm definitely liking the rebloomers! There are more of them all the time. If the three varieties I have all bloom and even rebloom here, I'm sure my daylily list will grow longer.


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