Friday, July 25, 2008

Hello Charlotte!

Give my regards to Wilbur, Templeton, and the rest of the gang!



    The spiders seem to be very active these days! Not sure I am noticing life in the garden more or if the spiders are noticeably more active. I have one I want to show, too!

    Wonderful post, btw!


  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Great shot! It's not easy getting pictures of spiderwebs.

  3. I just love allegories. Your visual reference to White's story appearing on the "Web" seems quite appropriate!

  4. Love the photo. But where is the message. Nothing about pigs written in there:)

  5. Spider webs are so interesting. I enjoy watching the little guys make the webs but hate walking through them! arggg

  6. Wow, great picture! Spider webs are illusive on my camera, so I can't seem to get that amazing of a shot.

  7. Over the years I have seen alot of spiderwebs. I think they are beautiful with some dew on them!

  8. Thank you Nancy. I hope she stays too!

    Thanks Rose!

    Gail, she sure is - she's a big 'un!

    We do seem to have an abundance of spiders here this summer. There are webs everywhere!

    I'm looking forward to seeing yours.

    Perennial Gardener, I had less than an minute before the angle of the sun changed and the web disappeared. I caught it at the perfect time!

    Walk2write, thank you!

    Roses and lilacs, it's there if you look very, very closely. . . ;)

    Skeeter, Oooh, I'm with you. I hate walking into them. Yuk!

    Cinj, I got lucky with that shot. The sunlight was hitting the web perfectly for that moment.

    Sherri, I only wish it'd been a dewy morning. That would have been the icing on the cake.

  9. Hello

    I'm frightfully busy at the moment so I'm reading hardly anything, let alone writing (!) but I've just dropped by and found your lovely web.

    By the way, I feel very chuffed to see the Esther Montgomery nosegay in your sidebar.

    (It was quite funny though because, at first, I saw the text only, and it looked as if the 'award' was your dog!)

    Best wishes


  10. Anonymous2:07 PM

    What a phenomenal catch! I tried a spider web the other day, but didn't get nearly the wonderful snapshot that you did. Good for you! I love it. So intricate and lacy.

  11. Lucy, I'm feeling very chuffed that you visited, as busy you are! I hope things are going well with Ceres.

    Thanks Brenda, that was a lucky catch. I just happened to be there at exactly the right time. It was a fleeting moment, then it seemed to disappear into thin air.

  12. As you all know, I am not a photographer and do few of my posted photos, buuuttt.... I have read, or heard, of photographers carrying spray bottles of water with them out in the field. They gently spray the webs with water. Then they are easier to see and may get that 'dripping with dew' look. Worth a try. If you get some good wet web shots, I hope I come across them, because I'd love to see them.

  13. Anonymous1:51 AM

    That's the perfect web. I love the lighting behind it.

  14. Barbee, that's an excellent idea! I'll remember that next time and might give it a try.

    Thank you Kathi! I'm glad I was able to capture it as I saw it!

    Anna, thank you. I'm glad I saw it and had my camera with me. It was such a fleeting moment that it was so visible and perfectly lit.

  15. holy COW! What an amazing spider web! I found one recently with dew drops on it, but the one you took a photo of is so detailed and it's amazing it was still intact like that, since most of the ones I come across have been destroyed by something or another walking through it. Nice photo!

  16. Thank you Leah! That was a lucky catch. I had less than a minute to capture the web before the position of the sun changed and it became invisible. That shot is right up there with my favorites I've taken so far.


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