Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sun & Moon at Chicago Flower and Garden Show

The theme of this year's garden show is "Cultivating Great Performances," and is a tribute to theatre in Chicago.

One of my favorite displays at the show is Sun and Moon - Miss Saigon: A Garden For the Day and Night. This is the largest garden at the show.

It's meant to depict a suburban backyard, and includes multiple water features and dramatic lighting.

The garden shows how lighting and plant choices can enhance a garden at night. Although orchids might not be the best choice of plant material for a Chicago-area garden, this vignette demonstrates how white blooms can be a beautiful choice for night drama.

Not pictured here, the garden includes a deck with an outdoor granite kitchen and plenty of seating, as well as an informal play area.

Who couldn't love this waterfall?

This area was near the exit from the garden. Is it just me, or does someone else recognize the sculpture of the little boy fishing from one of last year's displays? I liked it when I saw it last year, and enjoyed seeing it again, repurposed in this garden.

The 2010 Chicago Flower and Garden Show, running through tomorrow at Navy Pier, is excellent late winter therapy for gardeners and anyone who would love a break from Chicago's dreary weekend weather.


  1. Oh, how beautiful is the night time shot display. Love water features. Looks like it is putting on a great show.

  2. Hi Linda.

    It may just be because I'm seeing these displays in photos but they don't feel very 'gardeny' to me. They seem more like garden-centre examples and not very relaxed. And I'm puzzled too that they are supposed to be depicting a suburban garden. That pot with lights inside and mist rising from it suggests Harry Potter has moved into the neighbourhood.

    All very perplexing.


  3. Glad you enjoyed it Lona.

    I know what you mean Lucy - the most relaxed area is the play area. These are definitely not typical backyard gardens! As beautiful as they are, they're definitely more glamorous, upscale, and fairy-tale-like than the residential gardens I'm accustomed to. The theatre and drama theme was played to the hilt at the show.

    To me garden show gardens are much more fantasy than reality, but still fun to look at.

  4. Going to the Chicago Garden Show was always a birthday treat for me. Thanks for showing these pictures. I loved this post.

  5. Linda, I agree this was one of the biggest and most dramatic gardens. I loved all the water and the water falls. I also agree that most of he gardens were not ones easily translated into our own backyards. But a few ideas here and there came home with me and I loved seeing all the blooms and the feeling that spring really was right around the corner.

  6. I love garden show photographs. Thank you for showing us these.

  7. What a nice birthday treat Balisha! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

    All the stone and water features were my favorite parts of the garden Beckie. Miss Saigon was an appropriate theme for the garden with all the water.

    I think show gardens are inspiring, even if they're not 'real.'

    Me too Nell Jean - glad you enjoyed them!

  8. Nice pic of this garden. My camera didn't photograph it so well because it was dark. Did you see the night blooming cerus near the entrance of it?

    I don't remember the fountain but I believe Diane (Bintie) pointed out the frog fountain near the exit was also seen last year. So, I guess the boy fountain was repurposed this year too.

  9. Thanks MBT. I missed the cerus. Cool how everyone notices different things!

  10. That garden was really pretty. I especially liked the fountain with the dry ice!

  11. Beautiful shots, Linda. I thought the Miss Saigon garden was lovely as well.

  12. I also loved that garden, esp. the first water feature. The problem I have with water features, however, and why I could never have one in my own garden, is that they are far too *suggestive* for me! My favorite display (that wasn't alive, LOL!) is the one in your new header. Feeeeed me, Seymour!

  13. LOVE the Chicago show (being from the Chicago area)...nice photos! I like the night garden photo. It gives me ideas for my garden. We live by the pool most of the year and gorgeous night blooms with uplighting would be phenominal!

  14. I liked that fountain too Rose. It was mysterious and dramatic.

    Thank you Carolyn!

    Me too Monica - that entry water feature was very dramatic. Photos don't really do it justice.

    Wasn't Audrey II awesome!

    Glad you got some inspiration from the photos Kimberly. Poolside living in sunny Florida sounds very nice to this Chicago native!

  15. I think I found my dream water feature when I came upon the pondless waterfall at the entrance to this display...hopefully I will be able to incorporate one into my garden this year :) Your photos of this display turned out great! Mine turned out a bit dark. I loved this years show; thought it was one of the best yet.

  16. Judy, I had a feeling I'd like that garden when I saw the pondless waterfall.

    This was only the second time I went to the show. I can see it will be an annual tradition. I enjoyed the show, the seminars, and meeting up with friends.


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