Monday, March 15, 2010

March Bloom Day

Outdoor blooms are in short supply this month, but we have kalanchoes and Calandiva (double kalanchoe) blooming in this pretty arrangement.

Last year we had hellebores budding in February and blooming by March. Now that the snow cover has finally melted, we have hellebore buds but no blooms yet. What we didn't have last March is Jelena, this baby witch hazel added last May. By the time we got her she was done blooming. Happily she survived the winter and is now putting on her own little show.

Impatiens seedlings that sprouted in a few containers brought in for the winter have been transplanted into their own pots. I have seeds saved from last year, but with all the volunteer seedlings several pots have been filled, and are already blooming in the basement 'greenhouse.'

Speaking of the basement 'greenhouse,' there's lots of activity down there - lots of seedlings from Monica's seed swap have been started. Tropical and other tender perennial plants are waiting for warm weather along with lots of other stuff including coleus cuttings taken from last year's plants. There's so much going on down there I can't get everything into one shot, but this will give you an idea. Things are so packed in down there, I have to move stuff to get to everything for watering. Besides the impatiens, there are wax begonia volunteer seedlings, and pelargonium, angel wing begonias, and a sambac jasmine also blooming.

Although it's been damp, chilly, and rainy the past few days, spring is in the air, and the gardening season in Chicago is underway. For more March blooms, please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens, who hosts Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on the 15th of each month.


  1. You are right! I just went outside and nothing is blooming yet. I have daffodils ready but not quite there. Where is the sun today?

  2. Linda, That is a nice arrangement, esp. with the pussy willow. And thanks so much for showing blooms on your "stick" of a witch hazel. I have a similar size plant (under 4 ft, one branch), which has never bloomed and I just went outside (it's not in a place I can see from a window or where I normally go when the veggie bed isn't planted)... AND IT HAS TINY BUDS/BLOOMS!!!!!!! I honestly wouldn't even have checked if it weren't for this post. (The little witch hazel you gave is nearby this other one, but has no blooms yet. Looks healthy otherwise!) Here is the whole plant and a closeup of the flowers, which are under an inch wide. Noogie!

  3. Nice arrangement and I love the greenhouse basement...a lot to look forward to.

  4. Wow, Linda, your basement is truly a thriving greenhouse! Once I start all the seeds I've been given through Monica's swap and from Renee's Garden, I hope mine looks somewhat similar.

    Enjoyed your tour of the Flower Show. I thought "Miss Saigon" was impressive, too--I'd love to have just one of those water features:) And thanks for showing the Photography Garden; somehow Beckie and I missed that. Even with a whole day at the show, there was so much to see that I'm not surprised we missed a few things.

  5. Gosh, your basement is a jungle:) Plants seem to love it there. I'll bet it is a little difficult to water:)

    Your arrangement of house plants is so pretty. The different colors and sizes of foliage really compliment the blooms.

  6. Linda, Jelena must be very hardy to have survived this past winter and she is very brave to be putting on a show already. Your 'greenhouse' looks like I want mine too, but I am just getting started planting my seeds.
    Your post on the flower show was so interesting-I have been amazed at how we all looked at it differently. I had some surprize impatiens too and am loving their blooms.

  7. Wow, that basement looks fantastic! I can't wait until there's things blooming outside too. Happy Bloom Day!

  8. The sun is back today Eileen, and I've been out uncovering everything that's popping up. Yay!

    Thanks Monica - that was a get-well gift from Lawn Man's co-workers. Your witch hazel is so pretty! What variety is it?

    Thanks Darla! All those plants in the basement save me lots of cash!

    Rose, the basement is definitely exploding. I'm running out of room under the light.

    Glad you enjoyed the flower show pics - I know what you mean - there was a lot to see. I didn't see everything either.

    Marnie, good thing I have long arms! I usually have little aisles between things, but there's no room for aisles now.

    I love the arrangement - it was a very thoughtful get-well gift.

    Hi Beckie, Jelena seems perfectly hardy here. I'm glad I got her - small as she is, she was in my budget!

    Thanks Rose! It won't be long for outdoor blooms - gardens around here seem to be making up for lost time spent sleeping under the snow cover. Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I jealous of your organizational skills. I've got mounds of seed packets laying around waiting to be sown.

  10. Well, I'll try to send the sun your way, as I got sunburned from working n the garden yesterday! Spring is here in CA!


  11. I love the new photo in the header!

    Holy cow, you have a lot of seedlings. I see little flamingos in the square herb cute!! I was just feeling sad that my witch hazel isn't blooming but then remembered, duh, mine blooms in the fall. I don't feel so bad now. The color gradation on yours is really unusual. Glad to see she made it through the winter.

    Happy bloom day!

  12. Linda ! How are you girl : )
    I love your new header picture LOL
    Makes me smile thinking about the movie too !
    Wow on those beautiful layouts from the garden show .. I love the waterfalls and if we ever had that much money I would have a water feature for sure in my garden : )
    So you have been planting peas have you ? That is a great way to celebrate the GREEN for sure !
    I love your little Witch Hazel .. I am contemplating where on earth could I plant one too : )

  13. MBT, I'm pretty proud of myself getting a nice early start with the seeds (for a change!)

    DGG, The sun seems to have found us this week - hope your sunburn is feeling better. ouch!

    Thanks Diane! I got those little flamingos at the garden show - there was a guy there selling pink flamingos, and even outfits for them. I was lamenting that the Lawn Man wouldn't be happy if I put pink flamingos in the garden, and he gave me a little package of flamingo swizzle sticks. I thought they looked cute in the little containers in the basement.

    I like little Jelena's color too - hope she survives and becomes a nice big witch hazel someday!

    Glad like the header - I loved that display at the garden show.

    Hey Joy, Isn't Audrey II cute!

    Glad you enjoyed the photos from the show - I know what you mean about water features - I'd love one here too.

    After I got Jelena, I wasn't really sure where to put her - I just wanted a witch hazel, and found a spot to squeeze one in. (I almost asked to borrow your plant shoe horn.)

  14. I'm forever intrigued by your winter basement 'greenhouse'. Hope this stunning weather, that I know you must be enjoying, continues.

  15. I just discovered your blog because of the comments you made elsewhere regarding dividing hellebores... good info

  16. Oh your basement... that's a lot of plants! I hope they will be able to go out soon. Can't wait to see you putting them together.

    I like your pothos and kalanchoe roses combination. They really look nice together like that ;-) Enjoy!

  17. Anonymous3:20 AM

    I'm jealous of your basement greenhouse! But I plan to get my seeds planted indoors in the next week... Love the witch hazel!

  18. I so wish we had a basement - it would provide so much more room for plants.

  19. Weather's been great here again after the chilly weekend Joey - hope it's nice in MI too. I really enjoy playing with the basement plants!

    Thanks LC, and thanks for visiting!

    Yep, it's a lot Stephanie - a good reason to grow them myself instead of buying them - saves a lot of cash!

    I'm so happy to have that space Avis - I've been doing some seed starting myself this week.

    Hi Victoria, I'm very glad for the basement, and glad to have that extra space for plants over the winter.

  20. I am trying to equate basement greenhouse to something familiar here in Putrajaya. I cant find one. ~bangchik

  21. Hi Bangchik, you're so lucky to be able to keep tender plants outdoors all year in Putrajaya! It's not surprising there's nothing similar to our basement spot for tender plants in your tropical climate - you don't need it there.

    The basement here is warm, and a little humid. With the addition of our big light, we get to overwinter tender and tropical plants and get a head start on seedlings and propagating here in our cold-winter climate.

    I used to have to compost container plants in the fall after hard frost, but now many of them come indoors to live in the basement. It's nice being able to keep and propagate them over the winter.

  22. And this is why I want a hybrid witch hazel - the SIZE of the blooms! My native one has the teeniest blooms. They smell marvelous, though!

    Hope your husband is doing well. It was so great to see you in Chicago a few weeks ago! I don't see your name on the list for Buffa10...I hope you're planning on being there!

  23. Hi Kylee, I love witch hazel blooms. Our witch hazel is teeny - it looks like it's all flowers right now. I haven't noticed the scent - maybe now that it's warmer I'll be able to smell it if I get up close.

    My husband's doing MUCH better - back to work now, and feeling almost back to normal.

    It was great seeing you in Chicago too - wish I'd had more time.

    I won't be able to make it to Buffalo, but I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.


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