Friday, March 12, 2010

Chicago Flower and Garden Show - Photography Garden

One of my favorite exhibits at this year's show is the Photography Garden, which features top entries from a juried match-up that was part of this year's Horticulture Competitions. These are a few of my favorite photos on display in the Photography Garden.

Some of the entries included in this post were prize winners. They're all winners in my book.

Being one of my favorite painting styles, I love photography with an impressionistic feel to it.

There were so many gorgeous photos, yet it wasn't hard to pick this one as my hands-down favorite.

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier runs through this weekend. If you live in the Chicagoland area and haven't had a chance to check it out yet, it's not too late! If you enjoy photography, don't miss this exhibit - you won't be dissapointed.


  1. Best photos I have seen of the Chicago Show!


  2. I regret that in all the days I've been there I didn't pay closer attention to the photos. Although, The times I've walked through there I was impressed with the last picture.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed them Eileen!

    My next favorite garden was Sun and Moon - Miss Saigon - lots of water features and dramatic lighting. I'll have a post about that one next.

    MBT, I fell in love with that last one immediately. There was one with two hands holding a small nursery pot with a tiny plant in it - a succulent I think - wish I'd thought to take a photo of that one. It was awesome.

  4. How clever to take photos of photos! I looked at some of them, but don't recognize the ones you show. Also, I was hoping my post would write itself, but it doesn't seem to be doing so!

  5. I wish we have such exhibition here. Love to see gardens in pix. Photography is one way we can promote gardening and nature to the mass. Btw, the photos you posted here are amazing. Love your choice as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Linda those pictures were wonderful .. what a beautiful show ! I wish I could make it to our big one "Canada Blooms" in Toronto .. but it is too much for me to take on .. so I have to enjoy pictures like these and they are gorgeous ! Thanks !

  7. Thanks Monica! I spent more time looking at the photos than I did at most of the other displays.

    Hope your post has written itself for you this morning!

    Stephanie, I would happily trade your climate for our garden shows!

  8. They had so many awesome photos Joy! Getting to the garden show here is so easy for me - hop on the train and take a nice walk, and I'm there. I'm not sure I'd make the effort if it wasn't so close and so easy to get to. Glad you're enjoying Chicago's garden show through the photos!

  9. I took a photo of that last one as well! I just LOVE it. The photography garden was the last part of the show we saw and it was so impressive. So much talent in the world, isn't there?

    It was GREAT to see you last weekend, Linda! Thank you for hanging out with Mom and me. Wish it could have been longer! *hugs*

  10. I think the last photo would be my favourite too.


  11. Wonderful! The third one is my favorite.

  12. All the photos you have here were some of my favorites too! That was a really cool exhibit!

  13. I agree Kylee - so many artistic people in the world!

    It was GREAT seeing you too - wish I'd been able to stay longer. xoxo

    Isn't it pretty Lucy!

    I loved that one too Tatyana.

    I was really impressed with the photos Rose.


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