Saturday, September 27, 2008

Full Moon

This is Major Tom to Ground Control. My circuit's dead. . . there's something wrong. I've been floating in a most peculiar way. It's been lonely out in space, and it seems like it's been a long, long time burning up my feed out here alone.

All this science I don't understand. It's not my job five days a week. Fingers and toes are crossed, with the wish that touchdown brings me 'round again to find that Stuart's hard work and the Feedburner work-around have tethered Blogger blogs back to Earth.

Speaking of Mars. . . er. . . Cornwall as the natives call it, it's not so bad here, and Esther is making progress too with seeing and being seen.

Commencing countdown, engines on. . .
Checking ignition. . .
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,
Four, three, two, one, liftoff. . .
I'm stepping through the Feedburner fix door.
I hope my spaceship knows which way to go.


  1. So do I, Lintys. I've tried all the cures and so far none have worked. Good luck.

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Looks like you are back in the realm of Blotanical land again Linda! Well back! Great moon shot & the song was ideal. :)

  3. Thanks Carolyn, did you try Stuart's new workaround? It still seems a bit screwy to me, but I do see some progress after following his instructions in his latest Blotanical news post.

    Hi Racquel, thank you! It still seems like it's not quite right, as Stuarts news posts are now showing up as my posts in picks. I'm scratching my head a bit right now. . .

  4. Anonymous12:40 PM

    You are showing up and blogger won't let me shout out loud about it! Might have to sign in to blogger, it hates wordpress you know.

    Anyway, welcome back!


  5. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I could not leave a comment while viewing your blog on blotanical, using blogger or wordpress an my identity. Don't know if you should tell Stuart or not. But still glad to see you.

  6. Thanks Frances! I suspect Stuart's still working on all this, and I think I'll wait to see if it straightens out before bother him. I'll bet he's got his hands full right now.

    I'm glad you can see me at Blotanical. From where I sit Stuart's news posts are still showing up as my posts in picks. It's odd.

  7. Hey there garden girl ! .. this has been one heck of a roller coaster eh ? (Canadian coming ou tin me ? haha) .. great moon picture .. I love the moon .. and Autumn .. they are perfect together ... then there is Halloween to go with it ... how good can it get ? LOL
    Hang in there girl !

  8. Very cute post! Glad you are back on Blotanical too. Seems like most of who talk all came back online about the same time. The funny part is that Feedburner was recommended over the default feed, but now that is what I am back to-default feed. How ironic huh? Many happy bloggers now.

  9. Hey there Joy! Yep, it's been quite a wild ride!

    Thanks Tina, I sure am glad everyone's reappearing on Blotanical. It's like a reunion!

  10. After seeing that picture, I have a desire to howl... lol... Full moons are so pretty and so much night time activity goes on in my yard with a full moon. I enjoy sitting in the dark sunroom and watching the fun...

  11. Linda, I have been out of the feed loop for so long at Blotanical I don't think anyone there remembers me. I hardly remember being alive there. :-)

    I've tried every fix to no avail. Haven't even bothered Stuart with it anymore... Hope yours is working out for you.

    Love the moon pic anyway.

  12. Hi Skeeter, there's something about a full moon that seems to bring on all kinds of activity, especially at this time of year it seems to me.

    Go ahead and howl! You know you want to!

    Hi Meems, I'm sorry the fixes haven't worked for you. Did you try the most recent one?

    It's sure been vexing. :~(

  13. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I'm so glad to be able to "see" you again! I hope things get straightened out soon -- I know Stuart is working hard on it. Your moon is lovely! Ah-ooooooo! :)

  14. Hello Linda

    Seems to me communicating through Blotanical has been as difficult as the Earth / Mars, Mars / Earth connection.

    Thanks for the mention.

    When looking at the Moon from Mars, I keep wondering what it will be looking like from earth at the same moment.

    I think I need a course in astronomy.

    I'd be interested to know how your forsythia cuttings are doing.

    Ming took a tiny green cutting from the tip and it's done brilliantly.

    All mine died.

    (This, I uphold, is because I prefer harder wood cuttings and Ming got me the wrong kind of twigs. We only needed one to take so it doesn't matter really - except my pride is hurt!)


  15. Hi Esther, I'm pleased to say Stuart's fix seems to have tethered Garden Girl back to earth and to Blotanical.

    I wasn't successful with my forsythia cuttings. For that matter, I wasn't even successful with the forsythia! Apparently it was too wet where I planted it, and it died. I tried moving it, but by the time I discovered its dire condition it was too late.

    I left it in its new location all summer hoping it might miraculously recover, but as my husband has pointed out several times over the summer, it's not resting, it's dead.

  16. Good morning Nancy, It looks like the fixed worked for me, and I'm glad to see my posts showing up on Blotanical again.

  17. Garden Girl - I would never gloat over another's misfortunes but I do find consolation in finding they are shared.

    I was convinced you would say all your cuttings are thriving and I'd feel very useless and a terribly bad gardener.

    So, when things don't go right for experts like you, it's amazing how it can help in-experts like me pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and start all over again.

    I'm thinking of doing some autumn rootings. I always feel more comfortable with these. Trouble is, I need someone to get them for me. Lucy, for all her kind help, doesn't really know what she's doing. And if there were some way for Ming to collect them, I would suspect sabotage - he's so pleased his worked and mine didn't, I think he would get the wrong kind on purpose - unless I can persuade him to find a huge branch and I'll take what I need from that.

    Of course, I don't really need more than the one we've got - but there's pride involved here!



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