Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For the Middle One

She's been a hugger since she was tiny. All through school she was a hugger. Her hugs were contagious, and spread. She was a leader throughout junior high, high school, and college, spreading hugs wherever she went, lifting spirits and leaving smiles in her wake.

Life's dealt her some big challenges in recent months, which she's navigated with grace and strength. She's a resilient, optimistic young woman who's experienced many triumphs and successes already even at her young age, and will experience many more in the future.

She, and you have probably already seen this, the most popular video on you tube. It's so heartwarming, I think it's worth seeing multiple times. As we head back to work and our busy, often stressful lives after this holiday weekend, these hugs are for her, for K my oldest, and for the Viking Girl, my baby, who've had their share of ups and downs this year as well, for my husband who works very hard and takes such good care of me, and for everyone I care about, including you.

For more information on the inspirational Free Hugs Campaign, visit free-hugs.com.


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I love hugs and here's one for you! I find some people don't like to get physical hugs so I wrap them with a complement. Either way, they get a free hug from me. Thank's Linda--I took mine from you.

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I'm not a huggy kind of person unless I really know you & feel comfortable with you. Great video though.

  3. I am a huggy person! So thank you for the video and the hug...here's one for you ((Linda)) from me!


  4. I'm not a regular viewer of YouTube, so I hadn't seen this. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Linda, and here's a hug for you! I've become more of a hugger as I've gotten older; it's a great spirit-lifter!

    (The original hugger in the video looks a little like John Lennon, doesn't he?)

  5. {{{hugs}}} to you Linda!

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    Kathi :)

  6. I'm a hugger, I admit it! Thanks for the pretty cool video - I hadn't seen that before and I'm glad I did. Maybe the world would be happier place if everyone got a hug everyday ... :O)

  7. I like to hug too, they can really cheer a person up. I don't usually just walk up to people I don't know and hug them because I know that can make people feel weird. Hugs are a great way to show love and kindness. (((HUGS)))

  8. I am a hugger!
    Kind of goes with my southern roots!

  9. Aw, thanks for the hug Anna! I kind of thought you were a hugger! With our multi-cultural family, it took some time for everyone to feel comfortable hugging. But by now, we've pretty much converted everyone to our hugging lifestyle!

    Hi PGL, I used to be like that too. . . must be the English reserve in me. My middle girl cured me though!

    Hi Gail, Aw, thanks for the hug! I had a feeling you were a hugger! There've been some days when a hug has transformed my mood from irritable to calm and relaxed. Glad you enjoyed the video.

    Hi Rose, glad you enjoyed the video. I got teary-eyed the first time I saw it. I couldn't agree with you more - a hug can be a real spirit lifter. My mom was (still is) a very warm, affectionate person. I became more reserved during my teen and young-adult years, and wasn't very huggy except with very close family. But the Middle One was such a hugger with everyone, it was contagious. I saw how she could transform the feeling in a room from heavy to light just by hugging everyone, turn a frown into a smile, make a small difference in someone's life, and even make the world a little bit better place, just by giving one of her famous hugs. My kids have taught me so very much.

    Yep, I agree - the hugger does look a lot like John Lennon, my favorite Beatle.

    Hi Kathi, thanks for the hug! After about 95 degrees yesterday, today was only about 75 at most, and cooler than that most of the day. So my Wednesday was great! Hope yours was good too.

    Beth, I'm glad you enjoyed it. After the first time seeing it, I ended up spending quite a bit of time finding out about the Free Hugs campaign. To me it was inspiring, and I so agree with you that the world would be a better place if everyone got a daily hug.

    Cinj, I thought it was interesting that the John-Lennon look-alike was banned by the police from hugging random strangers, but then the random strangers signed his petition, to the tune of over 10,000, to overturn the ban. I've never walked up to a perfect stranger to hug them, yet it's interesting to see how people responded to this young man.

    I couldn't agree more - hugs are a wonderful way to show love and kindness.

    Thanks for the hug!

    Hi Skeeter, good on ya - making the world a nicer place, one hug at a time!

  10. I have to admit, I'm a big hugger! Thanks for sharing this unique post Linda. And here's a big hug for you and yours:

    (((((You and Yours)))))

    ("Sick Puppies" is a rather unhuggable name for a band, or perhaps it's one that needs a hug or two.)

  11. Thanks TC, yep, I'm guessing Sick Puppies must have needed a hug when they picked their band name! I'm not familiar with the band other than this song because of the Free Hugs video. I do like the song - makes me want to hear some of their other stuff.

  12. Absolutely.....not! Sign me up for a weekend viewing time!



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