Monday, September 29, 2008

Garden Bloggers 2009 Spring Fling

Mark your calendars - we have dates! Yesterday, which turned out to be a beautiful early-autumn day, a few of us Chicago-area garden bloggers met at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL. The first order of business was selecting dates for 2009's Spring Fling to take place in Chicago the last weekend of May - the 29th, 30th and 31st.

Left to right - Rosemarie, (Rosemarie's Garden,) Rachel, (On the Shores of Lake Chicago,) me, and Barbara (Mr. McGregor's Daughter.)

It was a pleasure meeting these wonderful women, and we're looking forward to working together with other Chicago-area garden bloggers on events and logistics. I'm very excited my home town is the location for next year's fling!


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    What a wonderful event to be hosted in your hometown! It was nice putting faces with the names of my favorite bloggers, thanks! :) I would love to attend,we'll see.

  2. Yes, it is nice to put a face to people we've come to know. I'm excited for you!

  3. I'll put it on my calendar. And yes, VERY nice to put faces to the bloggers!

  4. Look at all those smiles! Fun time indeed...

  5. Great! This weekend will definitely go on my calendar--can't wait to meet everyone! I enjoyed seeing the faces, too; you all look so young!:)

  6. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I know there are many who look forward to this event and plan for it all winter -- great that you've got a date! And it's wonderful to see your faces. :)

  7. Hats, where are the hats? :-) Sorry I missed it yesterday but glad to hear you had a fruitful meeting and that the date has been set.

    Look forward to meeting you soon.

  8. Thanks for making the announcement. I'll be posting about it also. The more the better.

  9. Anonymous1:27 PM

    So nice to see you all!

  10. You guys are lucky to be able to meet up! Okay. California and western bloggers, anyone up to organizing a fling? I'll help.

    Linda- I enjoy your blog posts. keep up the wonderful work!

  11. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Hi Linda, I know they are in competent hands with you on board. This is so exciting, and if I can help, let me know.

  12. I'm looking forward to it Racquel. I hope you can make it!

    Hi Brenda, glad you enjoyed the photo. What a nice group of ladies to hang out with!

    Excellent Tina! It will be great to meet you!

    Skeeter, it's such a thrill meeting fellow garden bloggers!

    Hi Rose, awesome! I'm looking forward to meeting you too!

    Thanks Nancy, I'm looking forward to being part of the planning!

    Hi Carolyn, sorry we missed you too. I would love to have met you. Hopefully we'll be getting together more than once before the Fling and we'll get another chance to visit soon.

    I hope you're feeling better.

    My hat was in the back seat of the car - didn't need a hat with all clouds yesterday!

    MMD, my pleasure helping get the word out! It was really great meeting you yesterday!

    Thanks Karen!

    Hi Shirley, I hope some of you Westerners can make it to Chicago too!

    I'm glad you enjoy visiting the blog. I enjoy yours too. I loved the most recent video - your garden is gorgeous.

    Thanks Frances, I'm very excited to be able to help out. Thanks for your offer to help. We can use all the help we can get!

  13. It would be wonderful to meet the people I chat with all the time. I hope I can make it this year but around here so much depends on everyone's schedules.

  14. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I'm delighted to see Chicago take up the Fling 2009 and know it will be bigger and better than ever. We Austin planners had a lot of fun with it, and I know you will too. I look forward to meeting you in May!

  15. Cinj, it would be great to meet you. I hope you can make it!

    Hi Pam, I'm very excited, and looking forward to meeting you!

  16. Like everyone else, I'm really interested in the photo.

    Even though I wasn't part of the Austin Fling (obviously!) I peered into the photos afterwards to see what everyone looks like.

    Hope all goes well with the planning and with the event when it arrives.


  17. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I am so excited!! I can't wait to be a part of the second Spring Fling. Chicago better watch out for all of us, hadn't it!~~Dee

  18. How cool is that?!? And how much fun is to see the face behind the blog. It sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  19. This is so exciting. Layanee and I were visiting and wondering when the Fling dates would be announced. You women are incredible to take this on!
    Like Frances, please let me know if I might help in any way!


  20. Hi Esther, isn't fun to see the faces behind the blogs!

    Hi Dee, I suspect Chicago will never be the same after the fling! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

    Hi Beth, it was great meeting these ladies. Glad you enjoyed the photo!

    Hi Gail, Thanks for your kind offer to help! (we can use all the help we can get!) I hope you can make it to the Fling!

  21. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I can only imagine the work ahead of you and we are all appreciative way ahead of time! I hope to actually attend this year! Is that Memorial Day weekend? Booking flights early may be the best thing to do.

  22. Anonymous10:00 PM

    An excellent idea. Thank you for doing this. I'm in.

  23. Hi Layanee, I hope you can make it!

    Hi Hank, thanks for visiting! It's great to know you'll be joining us!

  24. Have there been any decisions made about where and when people will stay when they get to Chicago?

    I can't WAIT!!

  25. Hi Nancy, there are a lot of logistics to figure out yet. We just met for the first time on September 30th. We don't have lodging figured out yet, but it's definitely on the radar.

    We're excited - glad to know you're planning on coming!

  26. Anonymous12:04 PM

    It's hard to get away from the garden at this time of year but I will definitely try. A meeting of garden bloggers in one of my favorite cities... hard to miss!

  27. Hi Linda, I seem to have missed this post, but I'm obviously very interested in attending this. Is there a webpage with more info, as it becomes available? I let MMD know I'm still interested in arranging a tour of the green roof at city hall if others want to do this.
    ~ Monica

  28. Hi Monica, the last I knew we were going to use the same site the Austin bloggers set up for the Spring Fling this year. We haven't done any updating there yet. The address is

    We seem to be a bit slow getting underway, but I suspect planning will pick up after the holidays. The green roofs tour sounds like a great idea. There is SO much to see in Chicago!


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