Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunday's Child

Thirty-two years ago today.

She was born two weeks late during one of the hottest Chicago summers on record.
4-1/2 hours of labor, 9 pounds, 2 ounces, 22 inches long.

Happy Birthday K!

I love you!


  1. 9 pounds, 2 oz... bless you, Linda!!!
    Yes, how time flies... and children (me,too)in their thirties... yikes.
    This is a nice way to celebrate the memories of that day as well as what the future holds for her...Happy Birthday from me too.

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Happy Birthday! Mine will be 30 and 34 come November. Makes you feel old, doesn't it? Heck, they're just kids!

  3. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Wow! She was a big girl. My oldest boy was 8 1bs. 6oz. and that was huge to me. Mine are 19 & 15 and the time has flown on by. Pretty soon they will fly the coop and it will be quiet again. Happy Birthday to your daughter! :)

  4. This is a nice way to say Happy Birthday. Add my birthday wishes too.

  5. Hope her birthday was a happy one. That's a big baby. My "biggest" was 5 lbs 7 oz and I missed the last month of pregnancy for both of my kids. I bet you feel sorry for me, don't you? It wasn't all wine and roses though, that's for sure!

  6. What a big baby and so sweet. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday !!
    Garden Girl .. in a way our kid's ? birthdays are ours as well.
    Number one son was 30 hours of labor .. high forceps delivery and one exhausted woman with a husband who's arm was nearly torn off during the "mission" haha
    28 years and some months ago .. Hard to believe we ever went through it all ?
    I love seeing baby pictures !

  8. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Thanks mom! Love you too!

  9. Ain't it the truth Nancy! I'M still 32, so it's not possible one of my kids could be!

    Meems, yep, she was a big 'un. She was the biggest of my three at birth. But I had a very easy labor and smooth delivery. My ribs were still bruised for weeks after she was born from all the kicking she did on the inside with her big strong self! It's funny, but my babies got progressively smaller. My third, and smallest daughter's birth brought the longest and most difficult labor. Go figure.

    Brenda, we're very close and such good friends, so I just pretend we're sisters to avoid feeling too old! Once she got past those dreaded teenaged years, she has always seemed wise beyond her years to me. She'll always be my baby, but I look up to her all the same. I've learned so much from her, and from all three of my girls. In years though, yep, she's still a kid.

    PG, yep, she was a big girl. During her first year she stretched out and was taller than average but fine-boned and lean, and was only 18 pounds at a year old. At 5'9", she's a bit taller than me. My girls think I've shrunk a bit. I used to be 5'8", so now I'm curious to find out if I'm actually shorter or if they were pulling my leg. Hmmm. . . that might not be a bad idea - maybe pulling my leg would stretch me back out.

    Enjoy these next few years, they are going to fly by. That said, I must admit I do enjoy, and have gotten quite used to the quiet!

    Thank you Marnie! My husband recently bought me a new printer/scanner/fax, and I'm delighted I'll be able to scan some of those old pictures. This picture from her birth day is the only copy.

    Cinj, I remember you talking a bit about those difficult last months of your pregnancies. I'm grateful my babies stayed put for the entire 9 months. As grueling as it sometimes felt towards the end and as much as I wanted them OUT, I'm so grateful I had relatively easy, uncomplicated pregnancies and births.

    Tina, I think she was a little less intimidating for a first-time mom with her big, healthy self. I think I'd have been scared I'd break her if she'd been a little 5-or 6-pounder.

    She's still her same sweet self, just in a woman's body now!

    Joy, I'd never thought of it quite like that, but you're so right, in so many ways.

    Oh my goodness, your first delivery sounds like quite an experience. I really can't imagine it. Even at only 4-1/2 hours of a relatively easy labor and birth, it got, um, shall we say, quite intense. You must have been exhausted. Birthing a baby is an awesome, powerful experience, in more ways than one, and definitely a test of endurance.

    Hey K! I hope you're enjoying your birthday evening. Wish we lived a little closer and could have gotten together this evening. I'm glad we got to talk though, and glad you're enjoying your day. I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true. xoxo

  10. She was a beautiful baby and I am guessing she is a wonderful and beautiful daughter! I wish you both a happy day of celebration.


  11. Good morning Gail, and thank you. She was a beautiful, charismatic baby and little girl, loved everyone, made friends with everyone from little old ladies in the grocery store checkout line to the service techs who occasionally came to the house to maintain or fix whatever broke. She's an animal, people, children, family, nature, history, and garden-loving young woman.

    She's smart, creative, well-educated and well-read, compassionate, generous, loving, and everything one could hope a daughter would grow up to be.

    I feel grateful and blessed to have three wonderful daughters I also think of as fellow life travelers, sisters and friends.

  12. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Aww, quit it mom, yer makin' me blush! ;)


    P.S. Yep, you've definitely shrunk. Or else I've grown.

  13. oh yeah, I forgot. . .

    and she's modest and unassuming. ;~p

    love you Honey!

  14. Happy Belated bday to your daughter!!!!
    You look to young to have a daughter that age!!! You must have had her when you were 10?(-: My kids weighed almost the same 7lbs 10oz 21inches long for my son and 7lbs 10 oz 20 inches for my daughter. My son will be 24 in November and my daughter turned 21 in April. Time does fly.

  15. How sweet!
    Happy Birthday...


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