Sunday, August 24, 2008

Next Stop on the Tour

Brenda at The Brenda Blog came up with a fun idea. She invited bloggers to post pictures of their personal blogging spaces. You can read more about her great idea here, as well as in subsequent posts on her blog during the past week.

I'm a little late to the party. For the past couple of weeks we've been having daily internet outages lasting most of each day. It's been a frustrating couple of weeks posting and keeping up with blog reading.

I called our internet provider yesterday. They were out here by afternoon and fixed the problem. When does that ever happen?

Now, on with the tour!

This desk has been with me since my kids were small and we got our first computer. It's been through a divorce, a move, an empty nest, a new marriage, the move here, George's separation anxiety. . . (He gouged the heck out it one day during a period of extreme separation anxiety after being boarded for the first time.) Like me, the desk has survived it all with just a few minor scars.

This is a pretty big house, and we have the luxury of an office; actually, two of them. This one we share. There's another upstairs that's all his.

This space in the living room is all mine. This room is filled with all kinds of sentimental things I've collected, but then, that's a whole other post. My husband calls it, affectionately, the museum room. Update: ah, much better with a clean mirror. (It's amazing the things that show up in a photo that one doesn't see with the naked eye.)

This is my husband's side of our shared office. Whaddaya think of that big honkin' monitor! He offered to get me one like that too, but the one I have is just fine for me, and fits well in its space. I might need one like that if my eyesight keeps going in the direction it's been the last few years. (He's got better eyesight than me, he just likes the big screen.) It's not a tiny office, and it's not huge either. It's big enough though.

Below is a computer cabinet my husband gave me. It makes a perfect sewing cabinet. (The sewing machine was a gift too.) The top flips up, back, and out of the way, the sewing machine slides out on the keyboard tray, and there's plenty room for knees. The two bottom drawers are quite roomy, and hold a lot of stuff. Everything closes up, so all that stuff is neatly out of sight. (I'm a bit of a neat freak.) The stuff on the chair is camera stuff - tripod case, camera cases, all new stuff my generous husband recently bought for me. I could go around the room and point out many things he's gifted me with. Generous as he is though, he's also a pretty unassuming guy, and I wouldn't want to make him feel uneasy. Lets just say he's been very $upportive of my interests, and leave it at that.
I hope you enjoyed the tour. Please visit Brenda and check out her creative space, as well as links to other bloggers participating in this fun cyber event!


  1. Wow, nice monitor! You have a choice of places--that's nice.

    I love the Saturday posting. Your photos are great. I haven't seen a web like that all summer. I think my bird friends are visiting the spiders.

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Great spaces GG! I have to say that is a big honking monitor! lol I'm glad you got your internet thing worked out. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us! :)

  3. Thank you Nancy! Isn't it huge! His last one was big, and when it conked out, he really outdid himself.

    Marnie, it's cool when he's surfing the net visiting the sites he enjoys, that the monitor's big enough for me to peek over his shoulder and enjoy his interests too.

    That spot on the patio is terrific for seeing webs. We have a lot of spiders around here. I think there are more spiders here than anywhere else I've ever lived.
    It's a good thing I'm not afraid of them.

    Thank you PG! He definitely enjoys nice electronics, and has been more than generous in bringing me into the 21st century as well.

    Thank goodness for his technical expertise. I still haven't even figured out how to use the DVD player or the remote control in the den. :O

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

    You have a lovely well-organized space, Linda! One to be envious of! Now just how big is your husband's monitor? Mine is fairly big, because I was going blind trying to read blogs (and add those verification letters to comments. Hint, hint to those who have them. I shall come calling when I go blind or to the loony bin!) And I still have to zoom to 125%; and I wear regularly updated glasses! Oh well, thanks for joining the tour! Enjoyed seeing "your space." Now I can picture you there when I'm reading your posts.

  5. gg,

    You have a wonderful blogging space! You can't have too big a monitor can you? Some flowers need to be seen and imagine the bugs all blown up across the screen. This is such a delightful post I want to participate, too!

    Thanks, gardengirl, for your person tour! Your posts are inviting and warm, like your office space!


  6. What a super cool sewing cabinet! You could almost use that monitor from your desk!!! Nice desk (both of them), nice set up, nice space! Thank you for sharing!

  7. My god I laughed over the monitor size GG ... I can't ever show this to my hubby because the drool on my laptop (note to self .. IF I ever show him, it will be on the computer he uses in the family room) .. men and their monitors ???
    I love your style with the furniture .. we never use our living room with all the wonderful heavy wood European furniture and my GF clock (all I ever wanted when we moved to Holland , was a gorgeous grandfather clock and wow .. I got that and a whole lot more ! haha .. it helped that I got a job in the NATO library ? ) haha
    I got off track here .. I understand your love for older styles and keeping them with you .. it is comforting in a way ?
    Poor George .. that must have been hard on him .. our little souls go through a lot with us at times.
    Wow .. I'm writing a book here !
    Your creative space is beautiful !

  8. Thanks for the tour! I would like to post about my space but don't think I am going to be able to get on board in time. I am enjoying others though.

  9. Thank you Brenda. I'm told it's a 42" monitor, and it's also an HDTV. (We both have media center computers as well.) I'm told all husbands must be shown the monitor, and that it's way less costly than plants in our gardens(!) And it doesn't need water. or mulch. or fertilizer. And it won't up and die in a drought.

    I hear ya with the comment verification letters. It usually takes me a few tries. Sometimes I forget to check if it went through, and lose comments because I got the code wrong.

    Really fun idea Brenda. Thanks again for hosting it! It's been quite fun checking out everyone's blogging spaces.

    Gail, thank you! I don't know, I'm just not into technology. When I have a toy like that I enjoy it. It's just that I could think of so many other things that I'd put higher on the list of what would thrill me, and it just doesn't seem like something I need. Still, you're right, bugs and blooms that big would sure be cool!

    It's my pleasure. It was fun to do it. I've never been a tour guide before! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate your sentiments! I'm definitely drawn to the warmth of your posts and your comments as well. :)

    Thank you Carla. I have no problem seeing that monitor from my desk! I think you can hook up two computers to it.

    I like having two workspaces like we do - one where we can be together and one where we have our own space. So far neither of really use our separate spaces though. Mostly we hang out together, even when we're each doing our own thing.

    Joy, yeah, and you know what drool will do to keyboards!

    I just like old stuff - old books, old glass, old furniture, old toys. I've always loved simple, casual, comfortable, functional, kind of rustic stuff, and not a lot of clutter.

    I'll bet your living room is pretty. Does anyone really use their living rooms anymore? Sounds like your living room might be a museum room too!

    Yeah, George was pretty traumatized by being boarded. He was used to staying with the kids, but it wasn't an option that time. I had to take him to the vet over his separation anxiety. She gave me drugs for him, and a behavioral program to get him over it. I gave him the medication twice, but I didn't like the way he was on it. I'm so glad the program worked, because he had suddenly become very destructive anytime we left him. He was never like that before in his life, not even as a puppy. He's 'cured' now though. Now if I could just figure out how to train him not to whine, shed, or drool!

    Tina, thank you! You know, if you want to do it, I think it would be fine if you did yours later. There seem to be others doing it later too.

  10. Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing your space.

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us, Linda. You are lucky to have so much room to work in; I love your "new" sewing cabinet.
    My husband and I share an "office," the first we've ever had since the children have grown. I would have to do a little tidying up to show my space, but I would never dream of showing my husband's side--he needs some help from "Mission Organization" or "Clean Sweep" :)
    And I'm not going to let him see that huge monitor either, LOL!

  12. I'll take that honkin big monitor! Not sure I could sit in front of a mirror and type though... LOL...

  13. thanks for sharing your creative spaces with us. you have lots of places to go and make things happen!

  14. My pleasure Cindee!

    Hi Rose, We do enjoy the space. Both of our desks can get cluttered at times, but we're both pretty organized and neat most of the time.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to show him the monitor!

    Hi Skeeter, we mostly hang out in the office anyway. I do use the desk in the living room, but am so used to that old mirror I forget about it (even forget to clean it!)

    My pleasure Marmee. That's one of the nice things about having an empty nest - lots of extra space!

  15. Wonderful space Linda, it's about the size as mine :). Thanks for sharing your little blogging world :)

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    Kathi :)

  16. Your office/sewing room looks so organized, Linda. My husband and I share a smaller space with two desks, file cabinets and musical instruments jammed in.

    Although memes of this type have been going around for a couple of years, no way will anyone see my space ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. Thank you Kathi! It's nice having a dedicated office space like this. In past homes, the computer's always been in the kitchen or the living room so I could monitor the kids' computer useage - no longer necessary with an empty nest!

    The week is flying by - Have a great Thursday!

    Hi Annie, Sharing a bedroom with my sister when we were kids, most of our fights were over neat vs. messy. Guess you can tell who was Neat. Of course, like lots of kids, once she had a place of her own she became much more fastidious. I
    "cursed" her anyway, ;~) wishing a messy child upon her for all the years I put up with her messy ways. The curse worked, and my niece was a slob too. During said niece's teenage years I felt sorry for my sister and tried to lift the 'curse.' It worked, except the reaction was delayed until she, too, was out on her own. Ah, revenge is sweet! ;~)

    I'll bet your office space is as interesting as you are. The fact that it's jammed with stuff is a reflection of your talents and passions.

  18. Linda,
    How nice your hubby is $upportive of your hobbies & interest.

    I've run across a few of these types of posts and find them so personal and interesting. It's nice to see your indoor spaces with all your treasures. It's a generous room the two of you share with lots of techy stuff... I'm assuming that monitor can be a TV too? Love the computer/sewing cabinet... I'm partial to old things used in new ways.
    Have a great Saturday.(glad you got your internet issues solved)

  19. Yes, thanks for sharing. Just looking round at my office (spare room) and there's only just space to put down my cup of tea ... better have a tidy up ! Monitor would take up half the workspace here !
    Love that there's a glass of wine on your side ;-)

  20. Thanks Meems! Yep, he's a very generous man. That's just how he is, and not just with me - also with his kids and mine, and anyone he cares about.

    We definitely have lots of techy stuff! I'm pretty backwards in the tech department, but he's definitely cutting-edge.

    Yep, that monitor's a TV too. We don't really watch much TV, but when we do we're often in here. We did watch quite a bit of the Olympics in here, and now are in here watching hurricane updates and political news.

    I wasn't really sure what to do with the computer cabinet at first, since I do love my desks. It's kind of cool-looking though, sort of retro, maybe even a little art deco in style. It's very well-made, and has a surprising amount of storage. My old sewing machine cabinet was a cheapie I'd gotten on clearance 30 years ago, not pretty, not even real wood, and pretty beat up, so I decided to give the cabinet a whirl for sewing. It's perfect for that. They could sell it as a sewing cabinet and no one would know it wasn't actually originally designed for that.

    Hi BFG, thanks for visiting! Isn't it nice to have a spare room, even if small, to dedicate to office space! This is the first home where I've had that luxury, and I definitely enjoy it. We spend a lot of time in here. We're lucky to have lots of storage space in here, else this room would be a lot more cluttered since there's so much stuff in here.

    I almost moved that glass before shooting the picture. It wasn't a staged shot though - we do enjoy sharing a nice bottle of red every now and then, so I just left it as it was.

    As long as you've got enough room for your tea, you're all set! My desks at home are usually pretty neat, but when I used to work full-time in an office job, I was famous for my messy desk. I always knew where to find everything though!


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