Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favorite Hosta (This Week)

Not including the Mystery Hostas, this is one of three of the newest hostas in our garden. In its third summer, this hosta has three scapes, the tallest of which is easily four feet.
This is Hosta rectifolia 'Fujibotan,' discovered growing wild on the slopes of Mount Fuji in Japan. Fujibotan refers to Mt. Fuji - botan means tree peony. It's a slow-growing hosta which, at maturity will have about 50 blooms on each four-foot scape.
The first time we saw a hummingbird in the garden this year, the first thing it did is make a beeline for this bloom. The fuchsia was second on the hummingbird's list, followed by impatiens, and finally the not-so-blue agastache. The second time I saw the hummingbird, it went straight for my-favorite-hosta-this-week's blooms again, then to the fuchsia before it flew off. Other hostas are blooming in the garden, but this one seems to be preferred - by the hummingbird and me!


  1. I'm afraid to tell you that I'm one of those people who cut the hosta blooms off. I find them to be kind of strange looking from far away. Maybe I need to rethink this cutting back idea.

  2. I can see why its your favorite. I've never had a scape more than a couple feet tall.

  3. Anonymous8:36 AM

    What a gorgeous bloom on Hosta rectifolia 'Fujibotan'! The flower looks like a double. I bet the Hummers love it, is it fragrant?

  4. Good title-My Favorite Hosta (This week!). How true is this? Hard to choose a favorite one forever. This one sounds like a gem with such a tall stem. I find the hummingbirds like these blooms an awful lot too. Great plants!

  5. That is a beauty! I am totally surprised about the hummingbirds visiting hosta! Not sure why but I never thought of them as hummer attractive! But they have the perfect shape with a corolla tube! Don't you love blogging and all the great opportunities to learn! Gail

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Hostas are one of my very favorite plants. But mine never had a bloom that pretty!

  7. I've never thought of Hostas as hummingbird magnets. I do like Hosta flowers, though. I might have to make room for this one.

  8. Nice hosta! I leave my hosta blooms up also. Just an extra feature of the hostas!

  9. Jane Marie, anything that wants to bloom here is allowed to. I'm pretty quick about cutting down hosta scapes when they're done blooming, sometimes before they're done if they start looking particularly bad.

    Marnie, this is the tallest by far. Royal Standard is pretty tall too, but still doesn't beat Fujibotan.

    PG, it's definitely a double. Each year as the plant gets larger, the scapes get taller and the blooms get bigger. It's got a faint, sweet fragrance, and the foliage is similar to Royal Standard.

    Tina, my favorite plants vary from week to week, day to day. Fujibotan is quite striking with it's tall scape.

    Gail, I was surprised to see the hummingbirds loving this hosta, but as you say, it's the right shape. I've learned a tremendous amount in the few months I've been blogging and reading garden blogs!

    Nancy, there was no thinking about it when I saw it. I love the blooms, and knew this was my kind of hosta!

    Brenda, I also love Royal Standard with its large, single white, fragrant blooms, and Aphrodite, which is a double white. There's another double white whose name escapes me, that has a huge bloom. That one may find a home here too, although I've heard the flowers are a bit temperamental.

    MMD, it's as easy to grow as any other hosta, although it is a bit slower-growing than some. I'd never thought of them as hummingbird magnets either, but they sure do seem to like this one.

    Dave, I've come to appreciate hosta blooms even more due to blogging and taking so many pictures. They can be very pretty, especially up close. The more blooms, the merrier, and for me that includes hostas.

  10. 50 blooms on a 4 foot scape?... I would put this hosta on my fave list too... that is if hostas would grow down here. Okay, I'll just have to enjoy your pretty blooms and wish I could grow hostas.

    AND hummingbirds... that's a bonus for certain. I haven't seen a single one yet this year. I'm keeping my lookers on though.

    Is that a blood leaf I see in the background? Love those!

  11. Hi Meems, it's quite striking with that tall scape. Mine won't have that many blooms on them yet - it's more like 25 or 30 buds, but there's one scape that's over 4' tall.

    Yes, that's bloodroot, a/k/a iresine. I bought one plant last year, tried rooting a cutting, and found they are very easy to root. Over the winter I rooted a couple more cuttings, and in the spring planted them in mixed containers. I think they're just beautiful. I love the colors.

    You can probably leave them outside year 'round in your area, right?

  12. Wow! I've never seen a bloom on a hosta like this one. I enjoy the blooms on hostas--to me, it's an extra bonus for a plant I admire mainly for its foliage.
    I've never noticed the hummingbirds going for my hosta blooms, but maybe I need to change where I sit outside.

  13. Rose, the flowers are getting smaller as they open further up on the scape. They're still doubles, but starting to look less impressive now, more like they did the first couple of years. I hope as the plant continues to mature, the flowers will also keep getting bigger.

    I like the fact that this hosta was found growing wild rather than being selectively bred, even though it's not native here. I might have to try to find another one. I'd rather not divide this one yet, since it's taken three years to get the larger blooms and four-foot spikes.

  14. Wow, that is a long spike of flowers! I have never seen one that long before. The hummers visit our hosta blooms also.

  15. Skeeter, this one's in the border on the right side of the patio, so I get to see it up close without moving from my comfy steamer chair. I'll be keeping my eye out for hummingbirds on the other hostas now too!


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