Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nasties on the Move

After producing two blooms last month, the nasties weren't budding or blooming. It's been a little challenging finding a sunny enough spot for them, and last week I moved them back to the veggie garden where those two buds were produced. Although the foliage seems less happy with the heat and sun in this spot, the nasties are budding again. Maybe we'll have a few blooms to show off for Bloom Day next week!

Sorry for the tardy post - work, the holiday, and a hospitalized relative took priority over blogging.

I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks to Renee's Garden for the seeds.


  1. I'm thinking of moving my container that I planted my nasties in, too -- I think it would be happier with a little more sun.

    I hope you start seeing some blooms soone!

  2. I didn't know what you meant by nasties:) Next year I have to remember to plant a few seeds to see how they do here.

  3. Hi Linda, hope the relative is OK!! I bet the nasty will bloom soon. My most "bloomiest" nasty gets the most sun, so... :)

  4. My nasties aren't blooming either. I have some in theveggie garden and some in hayracks on the shed. Do you think it is the amount of rain?

    They are in planting and containers in our town and they are blooming but the leaves are variegated.


  5. I found they really needed a lot of sun to bloom...I hope yours are happy now and will be flowering soon!

  6. I hope the nasties enjoy their new spot; they do like sun. The calla lily in your header is beautiful!

  7. Anonymous3:08 PM

    When I read "nasties", I thought you'd had an invasion of some sort of slow moving pest. :-) I love nasturtiums.

  8. Hi Colleen, they do seem to need a fair amount of sun in order to bloom. I hope yours and mine are blooming soon!

    The blooms are really nice Marnie. I'm not too impressed with the form on these climbers, but that could just be because they haven't really gotten enough sun.

    It's been a rough year for family health Monica! Hopefully our relative will be home soon.

    I can see the nasties need more sun than they were getting in the back yard. Even the veggie garden isn't full sun (as you've seen,) but there's more sun there than in back.

    I'm not sure it's the rain Eileen, at least not here - we just don't have much sun. I understand they're happiest in lean soil. It's counterintuitive, but apparently they bloom best without fertilizer.

    Finding enough sun here is a challenge Rose, but hopefully they'll do better in the spot where they budded before.

    I hope so too Rose - guess I should have left them by the veggie garden.

    The calla lily was a Mother's Day gift a few years ago, and this is the first time since my daughter gave it to me that it's bloomed. All I did was repot it this spring. I love the foliage even without the blooms, but those blooms are so pretty, and really long-lasting.

    LOL Nancy! Seems like a lot of folks here call them 'nasties' (even though they're not nasty!)

  9. That's one of the best things about pots, moveable! I even planted in an old wagon...that made it even easier to give the plants the sun or shade they need.
    Hope your Nasties grow better in their new location.

  10. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I'm still not convinced that 'Spitfire' is worthy of a spot in my garden. And it don't take much to earn a place either. So far, I've not been impressed with its growth habit or virility. However, I am impressed with how many of my seeds germinated - practically all of them. And I didn't nick or cut them when we started them indoors.

  11. Hope they adjust soon to the sunnier spot and you can leave them there until the end of the season. I'm kinda laughing at the thought of you having to drag them around finding just the right amount of sun for them.

  12. Hi Rosey,

    I agree! It's a plus here being able to move stuff, since I tend to push the sun 'envelope.' It's a lot easier and more realistic moving a non-blooming pot than digging and moving a non-blooming plant.

    The jury's still out here too TC. I might try another variety of nasturtium next year. This is my first time growing them, and I'm wondering if another variety might be happier here.

    MBT, it seems to be the story of my (gardening) life here, adjusting to the lack of sun and trying to take advantage of what little there is, because I do loving blooming things. It might be better and less frustrating if I just faced reality and planted a bunch of ferns and hostas. But, my tenacity has resulted in more blooming stuff than most shade gardens have, so . . .

    Yeah, I probably just need to leave the nasties by the veggie garden. I've had some laughs myself moving them around, trying to put them somewhere where I can enjoy some bloom.


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