Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Little Garden Art

This weekend I attended my first-ever garden walk. I had such a wonderful time I'm inviting you to come along from the comfort of your home. As blog slide shows go, it's a bit long, but I've already paid for your ticket, you won't be hot and sweaty, and you won't even need a hat.

This was the Union Street Gallery's sixth annual garden walk. This year's theme was A Little Garden Art. There were ten gardens on the walk. I made it to seven, and photographed six. I hope you'll join me on this visit to a few of south suburban Chicago's lovely gardens.


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Thanks for taking us on the garden walk with you. I love those prayer flags and got a chuckle at the possible 'Spitfire' nasturtiums.

    It seems like my neighbors are growing it too.

  2. Thanks for sharing the garden walk...everything was lovely!
    Glad you included the rusty bike, I'm a fan of weird garden art!

  3. Hi Linda, I'm cool about not sweating and it's a lot easier finding a parking spot online, too! Love the tour. It's always nice to get out and about. Was the first one Meg's garden?! And were there really people painting there? Carole and I went on a home & garden tour in Columbus' German Village one year and they did have artists at the gardens; some seemed to enjoy the attention (I find it so fascinating that people can paint!) and others not so much.

  4. Those artists really know where is the best place for their object.

    Oh, thanks for the photos (sorry about the heat he he)! Every nook and corner is a beauty. Meg's asian garden arrangement is so neat. I like the baby face popped out in the midst of all greens... like enjoying the garden so so much... cool!

    Btw, the yellow calla picture is perfect for your banner. I love it. Have another exciting week!

  5. Thanks for coming along MBT! I think I'll look for some prayer flags. I'd like to have them in honor of Meg. It's hard to tell the color from the photo, but the nasties sure did look like 'Spitfire.'

    Glad you enjoyed it T, and thanks for visiting!

    Hi Monica, glad you enjoyed the tour. It was a really nice day, thankfully not as humid as it's been recently. The sun got pretty hot though. A couple of the gardens were on really narrow streets, and parking was 'interesting!' I'm so glad I have a small car.

    The first garden belongs to another friend. They were really close friends of Meg's.

    Yep, there really were artists in the gardens. It was really cool! They were all very friendly, which was nice considering the walk was meant to be social and interactive. I don't paint, unless you count walls!

    Hi Stephanie, I was very impressed with the work of the artists. Some, or maybe all, left a piece of their art with the gardens' owners. It would be so cool to have someone paint or sketch our gardens. What a wonderful keepsake.

    Glad you like the calla. It's bloom is just about done, and it's more green than yellow now. It was such a perfect, beautiful yellow, I just had to snap a photo! Have a wonderful week!

  6. Linda, loved the tour of those wonderful gardens. This is so special to see the plant designs in various gardens.


  7. Good morning Linda. I love garden tours and always come home with some new idea to try in my garden. An added bonus to have artists there, I so wish I was artistic. Like you, I paint walls.

  8. Garden girl, that's a good idea! Maybe you can try drawing one first. Then you will be a gardener cum artist he he...

  9. Glad you enjoyed it Eileen! It was a such a treat. I'm already looking forward to next year.

    Good morning Marnie! Garden tours are so inspiring. I can't believe I've never gone on one before. I think we are artistic - we practice our art in our gardens, painting landscapes with plants and and flowers. ;)

    Stephanie, I used to draw when I was much younger, but never believed I was much good at it. It's probably that thought that holds me back the most - maybe I'd be better at it if I lost that belief.

  10. Linda, it was such a treat to enjoy all these gardens from my cool air-conditioned office without having to put on a hat or sunscreen. The last garden is spectacular! I love the idea of art in the garden with all of the artists at work in each one. The collector's garden was also fun--I could use that sign that says "Wish you were here last week...":)

    I also went on a local garden walk this past weekend, but I spent so much time talking that I took very few photos. I'm hooked on them, too; since I'm not very creative, I always come away with some new ideas to copy in my own garden.

  11. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Wow! I love the new logo at the top. A magnificent splash of yellow. Very cheery. And I'm jealous of that chard on your garden walk. Some day... I'd like to grow some in my garden. Cheers!

  12. Glad you enjoyed it Rose! The last garden was truly filled with inspiration. It was definitely magazine-worthy!

    There were many neat signs in the collector's (Wabi-Sabi) garden, and that one was my favorite.

    I'm glad you got to enjoy a garden walk last weekend too. The reason I couldn't make it to all ten gardens is because of all the time I spent talking. By the time I got to the sixth garden (the one I didn't photograph,) I knew I'd better hustle if I wanted to see the last one. I was so glad I got there in time to chat with the designer and the gardener AND take photos!

    Thank you Avis! I was thrilled to see the calla lily bloom for the first time since it was new. I hope it will bloom even more next year. Bumping it up to a bigger pot seemed to do the trick, and next year it will be moved to an even bigger one in hopes of more blooms.

  13. Oh my goodness. What a wonderful afternoon you had! I especially loved the last garden. It makes me want to completely redo mine! I like how you did this, too, Linda! Thanks!

  14. Kylee! It was a hot afternoon, but wonderful, and worth braving the heat.

    There were things about each garden I really loved. That last garden was absolutely stunning. amazing. beautiful. All the gardens were in very affluent areas, and that last garden was in a country club neighborhood of million dollar plus homes. It's amazing what can be done with a little cash. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the slide show!


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