Monday, October 27, 2008

Snow in Chicago!

Here in the south suburbs of Chicago we haven't yet had our first frost, although we do expect to be hit tonight. This is the first time I can remember snow before the first frost.

This must be some kind of trick - it's certainly no treat!


  1. It is way tooooo early for snow!! The mountains of NC are suppose to have some snow tonight too! I'm glad I live in the Piedmont in NC-no snow for us.

  2. Anonymous6:55 PM

    That is amazing. We are expectiing a freeze tonight also. It's time to cozy up to a warm fire and have hot chocolate.


  3. I don't think we're getting frost, but the forecast is for snow here tomorrow night. I do remember snow falling on Hallowe'en here around 15 years ago -- that was truly scary :)

    Krys from Montreal, Canada

  4. Snow!!! ackkk!

    It's getting down to 41 tonight, which is cold for this time of the year in Houston.

    The odd thing is... even with the cooler weather we've been having (it's a comparative thing), none of our trees are showing any color, or any signs of dropping leaves...and even for us, that's odd.

    That dang hurricane confused all the plants!

  5. It is very cold here too-your snow makes it seem all the more colder. Brrr

  6. Hi Linda,

    Snow in Chicago this time of year is like ice cream in Alabama in July. I's gonna melt fast. Halloween gonna be 65 degrees.

    But, It's high time to get everything outside prepared for winter and that's exactly what I'm doing.

  7. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Crap. That means it's probably heading here.

  8. I just caught the news...on the weather channel...A beautiful shot of the lake with a totally befuddled weather reporter! We are having freeze warnings tonight with highs in the 60s this weekend!

    I had my first hot chocolate of the season..Vosges Red Fire Chocolate...delicious and from Chicago!


  9. Hi Sherri, that's what I said! But, snow this early won't stick, and we're expecting warmer temps later this week.

    Hi Donna, we took your suggestion and enjoyed some hot chocolate last night. It was a perfect night for it!

    Hi kd, I think the earliest we've had snow here was in late September, but that's unusual.

    Hi Nancy, I hope you get to enjoy some fall color before the leaves are all gone!

    Hi Tina, sounds like it's cold all over! Brrrrr!

    Hi Carolyn, yep, I had to grab the camera quick to get some shots of the snow before it all melted. I think by the time I took the last picture most of it was already gone. I was really surprised by the snow when I went outside to get more fall cleanup done. I like that: Snow in Chicago is like ice cream in Alabama - it's gonna melt fast!" Very clever!

    Hi Jim, yep, it's a reality check - winter's just around the corner! But hopefully the warmer weather heading our way later this week will be heading your way as well!

    I gotta tell you Gail, I was pretty befuddled too when I saw the snow! It was shocking I tell you, shocking! Totally unexpected. I was glad I happened to go outside to see it. It was amazing to see snow falling on blooming annuals! It didn't snow long, and it melted as fast as it fell. I had to run for the camera to catch it before it was gone.

    Yum, your hot chocolate sounds delicious! We had plain old Hershey's cocoa like my grandma used to make. It was good too though. Hit the spot on a chilly fall evening!

  10. I agree! I forgot you had mentioned you had snow too. Eeek. Well, at least this time of year it melts quickly. We broke a record for snowfall yesterday. Not hard to do in October I suppose....

  11. Ah, yes, I remember it well, the year we had heavy, wet, sticking snow before the first frost. It was 2006! I wasn't pleased to see that snow coming down, but fortunately, it was such a small amount & melted on impact. Still, it's too much like that 5-minute warning bell you get in debate that warns you'd better hurry up & finish what you want to accomplish.

  12. Hi Cinj, yep, snow, but still no frost or freeze in our neighborhood yet. Today was cold, relatively speaking, and tomorrow we're expecting warmer temps and some sunshine. Looks like the kids might have good weather for trick or treating.

    Hi MMD, I don' remember snow here in '06. It's funny how localized weather can be. My husband was on his way home from work downtown while it was snowing here, and he never saw a flake. Here it was falling fast.

    Yep, we're definitely down to the 5-minute warning - maybe even in overtime! Here, whatever got done is done, whatever didn't will wait, except I do still have to pull out a bunch of pathetic-looking annuals.


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