Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do You Think Anyone Will Notice?

Our poor dear, Mr. Froggie Rain Gauge, lost an eye some time ago. Yep, evil yard monkeys knocked him down and messed him up but good - left a jagged white socket where an eye used to be. Embarrassed to show himself in such condition, he languished, hiding behind a large maple for almost a year, where I found him lying yesterday. He would only agree to this picture if I promised not to reveal his broken eye. That's how bad he felt about his appearance, poor thing.

With Mr. Rain Gauge's consent, I decided to perform plaster surgery. These were my surgeon's supplies: (Froggie would consent to this photo only if I promised not to show his gaping wound.)

He's already feeling much better about himself, rejuvenated and ready for the spring rains (at least while the nail polish holds out. . . shhhh, don't tell him I said that.)

Plaster surgery can do wonders for a frog's self esteem.

Do you think anyone will notice?


  1. He looks happy....you did a great bit of plaster surgery on him.


  2. I'm chuckling over here .. poor Mr. Rain Gauge "Froggy" .. hey, you did an excellent as gail would say "Plaster-surgery" .. I'm sure he can hold his head high in the garden once again !

  3. Oh those dastardly squirrels, mugging poor weather man froggy. yes , he looks very presentable now. You did a great job with his surgery, and the telling of his uplifting story.

  4. I think he looks great, but if it bothers him that much, you could craft him a pair of sunglasses ala Ray Charles & he could become Bluesman Froggy.

  5. Awesome post. You know, gardeners are actually known to have a thing for the plaster-surgery. Working with shears and other hazardous tools... I felt sorry for him hiding behind the maple tree, but with his new, fancy looks, the next time it rains, you'll have an outburst of FroggieChicks in your garden. The good thing to know is that, having a professional like you at his side, MrFroggie is certain never to end up like Jacko and the likes of him.

  6. Great job..Mr. Froggy is as good as new! sunkissed in Arizona NG

  7. I saw Mr. Froggy's friend in a store yesterday and almost made an impulse purchase but I wondered if the guage actually worked. Does it?

    Froggy looks great BTW.


  8. Gail, he seems to be feeling refreshed and renewed, ready for spring!

    Joy, I was quite pleased with how he turned out! If I was a perfectionist I might get a little jar of paint that would match his green.

    Frances, the evil yard monkeys may try to break us, bur our resilient spirits shall prevail!

    MMD, I think there's a certain charm to his funky eye. Now he has a story to tell about his battle wound.

    Hmmm. . . on the other hand, I think you're right, he'd look hot in sunglasses. . . This could be fun. . . Thank you for the inspiration!

    Viooltje, I think he's just too cute so I'm glad I didn't impulsively pitch him. Now he has a whole new lease on life. I'm happy to help him rebuild his self-esteem so he can remain a positive and uplifting spirit in the garden.

    Thank you Nature Girl. Froggie's still a little reluctant to show his face outside. He says to tell everyone he appreciates their kind words of support. You're all doing wonders for his self-esteem. He feels he'll soon be able to conquer his fears and take back his rightful place back in the garden.

    K, I like having a couple of rain gauges under our tree canopy, as they help me make sure the garden underneath is getting enough rain. They help me keep track of when to water, and gauge how long to run the sprinklers.

  9. Shame on those evil yard monkeys!!! Tell Mr. Froggy I think he's quite the dashing amphibian now...

  10. Daisy, I told him what you said. Wow, I didn't know frogs could blush!

  11. Ha ha. His new eye looks fantastic. Good job, doc.

  12. This is hilarious. (but don't tell the frog I'm laughing at his expense)

  13. Kimberley @ The Life of A Garden10:49 PM

    He's fit for goin' a courtin' agin.
    Cute story.

  14. Plaster surgery. Holy moly. Even at 5:30 AM up in pain you got a laugh out of me.

    You rock! :)

    I think he lots positively...hot.


  15. Hey Thanks y'all! Froggie's confidence is building by the moment with everyone rooting for him. Soon I think he'll consent to return to his rightful place of honor in the garden.

    Who knows, maybe he'll even make some new friends out there who will gang up on the yard monkeys next time they try to mess with him. I think Froggie could use a posse, don't you?


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