Monday, April 28, 2008

It's All Melanie's Fault!

Melanie at Old Country Gardens wrote a post yesterday about Epimediums. As it happens, I've been eyeing Epimedium x Rubrum at the nursery where I work. I'd just gotten myself together to head to the nursery to do some pre-shopping for a client and to look at the new shrubs planted last week. Although I did plant some of the shrubs myself, most of them were planted by other people and I wanted to see what we had.

I already knew Epimediums were beautiful, since I'd seen them last year and again this spring at the nursery. I wasn't sure how well they'd fare in dry shade.

Before heading to the greenhouse, I indulged myself in my blog-reading addiction, and what do you know, Melanie had a post about Epimediums. How timely! She described the blooms as 'fairy-like.' Considering how kind the garden fairies have been to me this spring, I thought planting an epimedium might be a start towards showing them my gratitude. After reading the part about them doing well in dry shade, I was convinced. It's all your fault Melanie! You made me do it. I couldn't help myself.

p. s. Thank you Melanie!


  1. Sweet post. Beautiful photo.~~Dee

  2. Aren't plants the most wonderful uplifting gift to ourselves? I know they are for me. And if I worked with them, I'd probably go broke buying them all!

  3. You're going to love it! It would be all to easy to become an Epimedium collector if you're not careful.

  4. Since I first started reading blogs a few months ago, not only have I become addicted to it, as you say, but my list for "plants to buy" has grown and grown. Thanks for adding yet another one!
    Just read yesterday's post; garden fairies sound like a good explanation for these mystery plants.

  5. You are so going to get more! Especially when they make your dry shade sparkle! If/when you decide to get more there is a plant collector who sells the most glorious looking epimediums!


  6. Nancy, I just love it! I think it's going to be great in my garden.

    Thank you Dee! It's easy to take a nice picture of this plant - it's so pretty!

    Brenda, plants are the only things I spend money on. There are so many still on my wish list.

    MMD, I love it already! I wanted to get one last year, but I had too many other plants ahead of it on my wish list. And, my wish list continues to grow between working at the nursery and reading so many garden blogs with so many glorious plant pictures and descriptions. I could see me collecting epimediums. Sometimes I think I'm more of a plant collector than a gardener.

    Rose, I know the feeling! I'm happy to add to your wish list. ;-)

    Gail, the nursery where I work has two more varieties in addition to the one I got. I'm not sure I'll resist getting one of each of the other two. Anything that thrives in dry shade is on my wish list!

  7. I'm not familiar with that plant. I think I need to change that!

  8. Robin, I'm in love with this epimedium!

    I've been trying to exercise restraint at work and not buy everything in the place. Certain plants are just so hard to resist. Epimedium is one of them. I was first drawn by the blooms, then took a look at the foliage, then I wanted it. Badly. Then Melanie went and pushed me over the edge when she talked about how well it performed in dry shade, and I'm glad she did.

  9. Uh huh. I have those rationales too, for things I do. The people at my talks this weekend agreed I should just go get whatever plants I wanted, in the name of research for them! ;-)

  10. I know just what you mean. If it weren't for being flat broke all of the time I'd be out there buying every plant I saw that would grow in my yard. I guess my yard limits me too. Everyone always has such wonderful things to say about their plants.

  11. I really should find different friends. Ya'll aren't good for me. I need people who take walks and stay away from flowering places. I need someone who maybe just likes to be a couch potato. No--I'd kill them... let's go plant shopping.

  12. You're welcome :-)

    Good thing I had a bit of extra time this morning and decided to peruse Blotanical. I think I'm going to divide another clump of Epemedium and plant it in a few different locations here. I might have to wait another day though as we are getting very cold nights this week.

  13. Jodi, now that's an excellent idea! Yeah, research, that's it. I do need to research plants for my clients so I can make informed recommendations, right?

    Cinj, well I hope your other house sells soon and eases finances some for you. I used to make a lot more money working for corporate america, so I can somewhat relate, now that I'm poor gardener just starting my business.

    Anna, that's what I'm talking about! Bad influences here in the garden-blogging world! I love it!

    Melanie, I look forward to my epimedium spreading enough to be divided. They have a yellow-blooming one, and another called Fairy. . . something. . . I can't recall now, but it had tiny pinky-purple flowers. I'm tempted to bring home another one!

    I was doing a little research on epimediums, and learned they're used as an aphrodisiac in Chinese medicine. Very interesting!

  14. Excellent choice, Linda. They will make your dry shade very much alive. I got mine in Botanical garden sale the other week (never had the luck to find one in the nursery) and boy am I going to go back for more color varieties. And just for the record, I blame you, for sharing such an alluring story.


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