Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Exercise in Restraint

Working at a nursery, going to work three days a week is an exercise in restraint. I could easily spend my entire paycheck at work, even with my employee discount. I've been eyeing these two for several weeks, and what do you know, somehow they ended up in my trunk yesterday along with a bag of hardwood much for the newly-planted shrubs, and a huge bag of Universal Mix, my favorite potting soil.

Brunnera Looking Glass, and Helleborus Brushstrokes Mix


  1. I was thinking about you yesterday while I was out shopping for shrubs. I don't see how you do it! there is no way that I could work in a nursery and NOT spend every dime on plants. Hell I have a hard time not spending my whole paycheck there NOW and I don't even work at one.

  2. I know the feeling! I have been good so far and have only bought a trellis for my hyacinth bean vines. I've been keeping my eye on a few things that I am about to break and purchase now that I have some spare cash to spend. Darn it working near plants everyday.

  3. I feel your pain. I really really do.

  4. I can't imagine how you do it. Both of those are great choices.

  5. I can't imagine working at a nursery and not going bankrupt even with a discount ! LOL
    I have Jack Frost Brunnera and LOVE "him" to death ! .. I only have Orientalis Hellebore .. but I just did a post on it today ! now isn't that funny ?
    Joy : )

  6. Gina, it does help that I've already got a lot of stuff here. Still, there's always room for more!

    Priscilla, I won't tell how much I spent there last year! This year I vow to spend less. It's not easy!

    Mr. Subjunctive, thanks for your empathy. It might be time for a gardener's 12-step program. . .

    MMD, thank you! I've been eyeing them since I went back to work a month ago. I couldn't resist any longer.

    Joy, If they had Jack Frost, I'd have gotten him too! They had him last year, and I lusted after him until the last one drove off. I was determined not to let that happen again this year!

  7. Ah yes, I imagine working in a nursery would be a difficult mix of pleasure and torture! My budget would suffer very, very seriously - I'd probably go without shoes and new clothes so I could buy plants :)

  8. Amy, shoes? clothes? what are those? Clothes used to be my big splurge when I was making the big bucks working for corporate america. Now that I'm a poor gardener, I have to choose between clothes and plants. Plants always win!

  9. LOL! You remind me of my hubby. He works at a big box type store and is in charge of the garden center. He usually brings home the shrubs and trees for our house. We pick out flowers together. He drools over all of the plants as they're unloaded and lets me know when they get an extra wonderful shipment in. It's nice having an inside person at the nursery!

  10. That Hellebore color is awesome. I too admire your self-discipline. I would love to work in a nursery, but I think I'd soon be homeless. ;-)

  11. Thank you for the visit! I have no idea how you do it, I would go broke! I think you picked some good ones.. I love Hellebore's. They are tough and very dependable.

  12. Ooh, the Helleborus Brushstrokes mix looks gorgeous! H. are one of those things I've always wanted to plant, but somehow have never gotten around to. I also didn't realize they are quite as large as they are, which is a big (ha!) plus (I have a lot of space to fill!).
    ~ Monica

  13. Cinj, hopefully he gets an employee discount! It's not easy, being a plant lover and working with plants! They call to me sometimes, "Please, take me home!"

    Violet, I love the color too. With this 'mix,' there are several colors, so you have to get one that's blooming if you want to know what color it is!

    Jenn, I exercise restraint. . . to a point! I make a mental catalog of the plants I want, but my list will always be longer than what I actually buy. I'll probably never catch up.

    Monica, I think this one is about as tall as it will get, but it should get wider. It's about a foot tall now, and according to tag at maturity it's 12" high, 24" wide. They have such pretty flowers, and I understand they last a long time too. I haven't seen one in a garden around here.

    Most of my plants I've had before, or at least seen in other gardens before. I haven't had a brunnera or a hellebore, so it'll be fun to see what they do.

  14. Well--they are beautiful and of course we bring stuff home!! I brought stuff home two days straight. My husband is ready to marry someone much older so he can settle down nice and quiet like. Instead--I make him dig in the dirt with me. I'm sure he'll be glad when our new beds aren't new beds anymore.

  15. Anna, You've got double trouble then, with both of you being tempted by all those plants, especially with new beds to populate!

    DH leaves the gardening to me, and I leave the lawn to him. It's a perfect arrangement! (except I would like some of the prime lawn real estate to convert to garden ;)


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