Friday, April 25, 2008

Serviceberry Blossoms, and a Guest Post From Mom!

I love this shrub. It's beautiful spring, summer, and fall. I love its open, airy habit, the beautiful, delicate blooms, and its gorgeous fall color. This one is as old as our home, and unlike our ungainly 40-year-old Bradford Pear, the serviceberry has grown more graceful and lovely with age.

Mom surprised me yesterday with an email that said she'd been inspired to write a new guest post! I'm very excited! This time she'll be recalling a story from my childhood that I'd completely forgotten. As I was reading, it all came back to me, and reminded me of several other stories about my mischievous dad, who passed away too young, when I was only in my late 20's. I have lots of fond memories of him, including his playfulness and sense of fun. Thank you Mom for reminding me of this story. I'm so glad you were inspired to share it.


  1. The serviceberry shrub is gorgeous, and how nice your Mom took the time to make those recollections. :)

  2. I love serviceberries. They grow wild all over the place here, and the berries are very yummy :) We've got a *huge* one that I think was here when the house was built 30 years ago. All the berries show up at the top and there's no way to get to them. I'm going to look into seeing if I can prune it back somehow.

  3. Nancy, it's been my favorite shrub here. I'd seen them, but didn't know what they were called. There are a lot of them in this community.

    I was so happy to see her email! She was inspired by the other bird stories I've posted. Our family has done its share of bird rescue!

    Amy, they remind me of blueberries in appearance. Our berries tend to be at the top too. I'd have to get a ladder to reach them. I enjoy leaving them for the birds. (translation: I'm scared of heights. ;)

    How cool that they grow wild near you! I think our serviceberry is as old as most of the rest of our landscape, which is as old as the house, built in 1968. It's shaded by an arborvitae hedge taller than it is, and by the two maple trees in the middle of my garden. The shade has probably kept it somewhat smaller than it might have been in full sun.

  4. Aren't those old stories we forget just the best? I want to write down as many fun memories as I can for my children and future generations to know what goofballs reside in their family tree. Umm, maybe they don't want to know that though?!?


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