Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Word to the Wise (Notes to Self)

There will be lots to see in less than two months when Chicago is host to the 2nd annual Garden Blogger's Spring Fling.

Probably lots of walking involved even if there's a tour bus.

It's been a long, cold, snowy, winter.

In spite of notes to self at the end of the season last year,

I didn't keep up with my resolve to stay fit over the winter.

Did a lot of walking Friday.

Saw a lot of really cool stuff.

Climbed a few stairs.

I knew I should have taken more walks this winter, or worked out in our very convenient exercise room.

Been thinking about all this as it might pertain to Spring Fling,

how it might not be a bad idea now that the weather's warming up,

to get out there in the fresh air and sunshine,

and take some walks.

Please pass the ibuprofin. (Ouch! ;)


  1. Good advice! I'll do as much as I can in the next 7 or so weeks to be in shape for the big weekend!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. LOL, we are on the same page (or laying on the ground exhausted next to it). I took a little bike ride yesterday, first time since fall. Lordy! I only went barely 5 miles and was exhausted. Though I will say, in my defense, that it was quite windy and it's hard riding against wind (why it never seems to be WITH me, no matter what direction I ride, I don't know!). Chicago does involve a lot of walking and while I'm not the trimmest person, I do like walking. But I definitely need to get back in the habit before Spring Fling, or for that matter, April 18. Yikes! 2 weeks! Today I'm going on a three-mile leisurely walk to see fairy doors in Ann Arbor--will post on that later! (P.S. Love the shot of the Pritzker Pav.)

  3. I would like to see a picture of you and Mr McGregor's daughter in those hats. And maybe Monica too?


  4. Bother.

    That 'Collected' is me.


  5. Good morning Carol, My dog George is simply delighted to hear this news! He's crazy for walks.

    Hi Monica! LOL! The rest of me is fine, but my shins. . . not so much! The Lawn Man took both of our bikes to a local bike shop and had them all tuned up back when we were dating over 5 years ago. Mine needs a seat adjustment, (and maybe a new very cushy seat - easy enough, right?) We haven't ridden our bikes yet! Ah, good intentions!

    Hi Lucy/Collected ;) I'd wear the hat AND the tutu for a sponsorship!

  6. Oh Linda, funny post! You DO need to be in shape for all that walking! I remember how sore my legs were after 6+ hrs. of walking at the Phila. Show...and you guys will have days of it! Great tour of the city, thanks!

  7. Hi Linda,
    I can see how it would be very tempting to snuggle up and stay cozy in all that cold and snowy weather you folks endure up yonder. You've snapped some very enticing Spring Fling shots here and made it a fun post to read.

    George is going to love you for Spring Fling get in shape time!
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  8. I enjoyed the pics around town, particularly a little glimpse of the hotel we'll be at during Spring Fling. Can't wait!

  9. Hi again, just noticed the clouds on the Cloud Gate. Cool! I got a wide cushy seat (to match my wide cushy !@#) when I bought my bike, Trekkie, and immediately got rid of the narrow hard seat it came with. It's very easy to replaced a seat and adjust the seat height, no probs. I need to clean the chains, though.

  10. Good morning Lynn, I'm really glad I learned this lesson early - there's still plenty of time to get in shape for lots of walking, and once my shins recover, I mean to get out there every day as long as it's not raining.

    That's exactly what I'm thinking - 3 days of walking! At least after my visit to the city on Friday I have the luxury of time to recover before I get out there next, and we won't have that luxury at SF.

    Good morning Meems, that's for sure! Below-zero wind chills, ice and snow aren't very motivating! I have no excuse though when we have weight training and aerobic equipment in an extra bedroom, and could choose to use it whenever we wish regardless of the weather.

    This realization is definitely good news for George!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hi Pam, glad you enjoyed the sneak preview! We would love to have gotten a shot of a vacant room, and they would have been happy to show us, but the hotel was full. Maybe we'll get a chance for that during another trip.

    Monica, I still can't believe I'd never been there until Friday. When I get outside from the train station, all I'd have needed to do was walk a block north and cross the street heading east to get there. Seems like I'm always in a hurry to either get to where I'm going downtown, or to catch a train, and have never made the time before, silly me!

  12. Weisenheimer checking in :-) Managed to keep the winter weight off, Linda, but I'm attributing a lot of it to keeping a baby entertained 5 days a week and the three sets of stairs in my house.

    I love walking but I have to limit myself because the painful foot condition I have -Plantar Faciitis - is about 70 per cent better since I had surgery but I'm thinking I need to go once more to have the 30 per cent taken care of.

    I can't wait for the warm weather to begin so that I can get out and do my gardening. There's still a lot of life left in this old gal.

  13. I've been thinking much the same thing, Linda:) Somehow it's hard to get motivated to walk during the winter when you have to walk through slush or watch your feet so you don't slip on the ice. I've been trying to start slowly this past week while visiting Daughter here in AZ--no worries about snow here:) I'm hoping the weather in Illinois will cooperate once I get back. But there's something about walking through gardens that makes me forget how tired I am--I'll be ready come May!

  14. Hey there Carolyn! Good for you! You're an inspiration for spring chickens like me ;) to stay active and stay feisty! I admire your strong spirit. I hope I'm still as active as you in a few years, and for as long as I'm here.

    I hear you on the foot problems! I wore the wrong shoes to the Navy Pier show (note to self.) I've had a few cortisone shots in my left foot for Sesamoiditis and Morton's neuroma. It was worse a few years ago. Cushy insoles are my friends.

    It's good many of our activities allow for the choice of sitting on benches and enjoying views, or leisurely walks more focused on enjoying whatever we see and having fun together, than trying to push people's endurance to do as much as possible. Some gardens we visit will be small, and won't involve much walking - that should help too.

  15. If I were doing a list like this I would add wearing new shoes. Buy a pair now and break them in for Spring Fling.

  16. Good morning Rose, I'm glad we have a few weeks to ease into it. Most of us are more active come spring, and it's sure a lot easier to take a walk when the weather's mild. I'll be back at the nursery next week, and that always involves lots of walking and physical activity - that will help too.

    I agree with you, and some years are worse than others with the snow and ice. Last winter was harsh, and it can be downright dangerous to get out there and walk. Sometimes even getting to the car is hazardous!

    Getting out to walk through gardens and parks will be another great way to get back in shape. Tuesday I'll be at Lake Katherine in Palos Heights for a MG orientation. There'll be walking there, and more walking as part of ongoing SF planning as well. I'll be ready too!

  17. Hey MBT, that's great advice - get some new walking shoes, and break 'em in the next few weeks.

  18. Linda .. it is so nice to know I am NOT the only one who didn't keep to the winter ME plan ? LOL
    Heating pad with the pills girl ! : )

  19. Yup! Gotta get ready and get moving. Already out there walking around the hill, and everywhere else. Since I didn't ski this season, I need to get caught up.

  20. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Great advice for all who are lucky enough to attend -- and don't forget those *comfy* shoes, either!

  21. You're certainly not alone Joy! Frigid winters, snow, and ice put the deep freeze on many of our good intentions.

    A hot bath or even shower feels good too!

    MA, good for you getting started early! Once my shins recover I'll be right back out there too.

    Definitely the the comfy shoes Nancy! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  22. Good advice! I was all set to start power walking & jogging, & then I hurt my big toe. My foot ached just walking to school & back. The best-laid plans...

  23. Ouch MMD - sorry about the toe! Hope it recovers fast. I sympathize.

  24. Linda...hi! We are lucky to be able to walk most of the year and driving to a school track is easy...although I must admit that I have been spending more time sitting (at the computer) then walking! Perhaps I need to email with a pda while walking! Perhaps someone ought to be the designated first aid person and carry bandages and ibuprofin! I remember seeing the interesting mannequins in the Michigan Avenue street side plantings when we were there last Chicago! Gail

  25. Hi Gail, hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

    You ARE lucky to be able to walk most of the year.

    (I was thinking a Segway might be nice for the fling. ;)

    Yep, a first-aid kit's a good idea - the former safety manager in me likes that!

  26. Yeah, me too. I've gained almost two pounds since my walking partner went to NYC almost a month ago. She makes me get out there. I'm too lazy to do it much on my own. But I'm feeling those aches and pains and need to get moving!

  27. Hi Linda, thanks so much for that preview. Especially of the hotel. I like to know where I will be sleeping ahead of time so my pillow can be persuaded to make the trip. Good walking shoes of some sort better be on the packing list it sound like too. Can't wait.
    I am bringing my geneology.

  28. I feel your pain Brenda! It helps having a walking buddy, especially one who's very motivated.

    My walking partner's a big black dog, and he tries to make me get out there. He's always motivated,and will be very, very happy in the coming weeks!

    You're welcome Frances! When we were down there I thought it would be perfect to share some of the stuff we saw so it will be more familiar when everyone gets here. I have more photos - even a shot of the 7-ll kiddy-corner from the hotel I'll be sharing soon.

    I thought of you when working on these posts, and hoped you'd enjoy the preview! I'd still like to get a shot of one of the rooms - maybe next time!

    How cool! I'm looking forward to seeing your geneology. I'll check with Mom - I'm not sure who's in possession of ours. I haven't seen a copy of my great-uncle's research. I'd love to have a copy of it wherever it is. It would be really interesting to compare notes and see if we can find the connection!

  29. I have the best of intentions, but I fear I'll likely be showing up in Chicago in much the same shape as I am now. But I'm really looking forward to it,

  30. Elizabeth, that's probably better shape than I'm in!

    Anyway, you're young - you can handle it!

  31. I made that same resolution to stay in shape over winter. It didn't happen. I do the same thing every year though.

    The Chicago Spring Fling will be wonderful ~ wish I could be there.

  32. Amen to that. I started back last week, but I need to keep it up. Thanks for the reminder. Can't wait to meet you at Spring Fling.~~Dee

  33. It's tough in cold climates Kate. I like being active, but winter just makes we want to hibernate!

    Wish you could join us too!

    I'm sure I did more walking Friday than I will each day of the Fling Dee, but it was sure a wakeup call to get moving!

    Can't wait to meet you too! SF will be here before we know it.

  34. I've been forced into working out since my daughter talked me into a half marathon. But, it's all good, right?

  35. Wow K&V - I'm impressed. I could never run a marathon with the shape my knees are in!

    Yep, it's all good! Live and learn.


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