Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Bloom Day

In the garden this Bloom Day are pansies, scilla, daffodils, hellebores, Cornelian cherry dogwoods, bergenia, and pulmonarias.

The usual suspects are blooming indoors waiting for warmer weather just like me!

Back to work at the greenhouse today - Monday was a cold, rainy day, so I got a reprieve. I took advantage of the day to work on my Master Gardener final exam and finalize a few more Spring Fling details. We've reserved a charter bus for SF Saturday events. If you're attending Spring Fling, please visit the event website for the latest news, including how to reserve your seat on Saturday's bus.

Happy Bloom Day everyone, and thank you Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.


  1. Those red hellebores are awesome! Looking a lot like spring up your way.

  2. Hi Linda, thanks for all your hard work on getting the bus, and that is a great price too! Your garden looks wonderful, so much blooming. Those hellebores might be in nearly every bloom day post this month. What a plant! Happy bloom day! :-)

  3. Linda you busy little bee ! .. usually it would be me groaning about our weather but we have a repeive just in the nick of time for the deck project. Good luck with the Master exam .. I'm sure you will fly through it girl ! : )

  4. Linda, ooooh, you made a collage! It was wet and rainy yesterday here and I too got a break from doing some work at a client's house, but I'm going today. I bet you're both happy and sad that your MG class is ending... but volunteering will be fun, too! Thanks also for the bus. I signed right up!

  5. Good morning Tina, sure wish the weather would warm up here! It looks like spring, but it sure doesn't feel like it!

    Something has been chewing on the hellebore blooms. I didn't have that problem last year. I blame the bunnies. Might be time to break out the Liquid Fence.

    Our pleasure Frances. Cross your fingers we fill up the bus! It's a little scary putting up personal funds to cover it. We need at least 40 people to sign up for the bus at that price. We've got a good start but really need more people to sign up.

    Love those hellebores! Last week I added two more hellebores (different varieties - one's a double.) Probably have to wait till next spring to see the new ones bloom.

    Happy Bloom Day!

    Hi Joy, that's great the weather's decided to cooperate with your deck project. Hope it goes smoothly from here on.

    That exam was tough. Well, not really hard since it's open book. It's more of a test of research skills, and a lot more time-consuming than I expected going back and forth between three volumes of the MG manual. It took me about ten hours to complete it! I'm glad it's finished. One more class to go and I'll be official.

  6. Good morning Monica, glad you enjoyed the collage! I've done a few before but I think that's the first one I've posted.

    My class is ending at a perfect time, just before the gardening season really heats up. I'm looking forward to the volunteer work.

    Thanks for signing up for the bus so quickly. I hope we get more sign-ups in the next few days so I can quit biting my nails!

  7. Hi Linda, I love the collage...a nice way to organize a post and it enlarges beautifully! You have beautiful spring flowers...some of my favorites, too! I love the little blue scilla. The bus is perfect~~a good price and we can all hang out together. Happy Bloom Day! gail

  8. What a great looking collage of blooms!

  9. Lots of pretty color in your collage. Isn't it great to have so much blooming now?

  10. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Beautiful collage of blooms today Linda!

  11. Pretty blooms! It looks like you're about a week ahead of my garden. It's such a relief to have spring like temperatures again, isn't it?

  12. Lovely blooms, Linda! It's supposed to be warmer here this weekend, so I hope the sun reaches you up north as well.
    I will go over and reserve my seat on the bus; I think I finally signed up for everything else I needed to.

  13. You have some very pretty blooms for GBBD! I have to say that I love those hellebores, too. and briefly caught a glimpse of you saying something is eating them. I hope they are holding their own.

  14. Marvelous GBBD collage Linda, isn't just great now! I love April.

    xoxo Tyra

  15. Thank you Gail! I hope the scilla spread their joy all over the garden!

    I hope more people think the bus is perfect - we need more people to sign up for it!

    Thank you Kim & Victoria!

    Thanks Catherine. I LOVE this time of year! There's something new in the garden every day it seems.

    Thank you Racquel!

    Hi MMD, it's amazing the difference a few miles can make in the garden this time of year! Let's hope the temps will continue to improve. It was a great day to be out in the garden.

    Thank you Cathy!

    Hi Rose, oh what a glorious day we had today here with temps in the 60's and sunshine all day.

    Glad to hear you're planning to be on the bus. Hopefully Beckie will join us too!

    Thank you Sue! Yep, someone's been eating the hellebore blooms - probably the rascally rabbits. Last year they left them alone. They seem particularly ravenous this spring.

    Thank you Tyra. I love April too. It's been a cold one so far here, but finally the temperatures are getting milder.

  16. Linda,
    Your collage is really nice when enlarged. Since it is April, we are now expecting all the trees to flush with foliage.

  17. Anonymous9:12 PM

    You put that together so nicely. I had to enlarge it to get the full affect.

    Ya'll have fun. No fair you are going without me to the Spring Fling. I look forward to the tales of ya'll whooping it up.

  18. The only plants I can figure out the rabbits are eating here are the hollyhocks, which I think can handle it.

  19. What a joy to view all your flowers! A wonderful mosaic..perfect for framing!! Happy Spring garden girl!

  20. Thank you Naturegirl!

    Hapy Spring!

  21. Hi Linda, this is just a gorgeous collage! All of your blooms are amazing. I hope you will have fun at Spring Fling;-) Have a wonderful day! Jan

  22. Thank you Jan, wish you could come!

    You're lucky Sue. The bunnies and probably squirrels too have been ravenous!

    Thank you Anna, wish you could make it to SF!

    Hi Donna, hooray for green!


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