Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Customer Service

Awhile back I received an email from Dave at Garden Shoes Online with a $50 gift certificate to introduce their company. They hoped I'd blog about my experience if I decided to place an order, but there was no pressure.

I'd never heard of them and thought about it for a few days. I decided to check out their website, and found they have more than garden shoes. I loved their hats, and their line of ergonomic garden tools looked very sturdy. I decided to give them a try. I invited them to become sponsors of Spring Fling, and it turned out they were already in contact with Mr.Brown Thumb about that. Since then they've become a sponsor, and several lucky garden bloggers will be recipients of Garden Shoes Online gift certificate door prizes.

After I received my order, Dave emailed me back, and also let me know they had become SF sponsors. This was the feedback I sent about my order, and thanking him for their sponsorship:

That's great Dave! Thanks so much.

By the way, I LOVE my new hat! It may be coming with me to Spring Fling to keep the sun off my head and face. I received my order the same day as a plant order from White Flower Farms, and I've already used the transplanter tool to get my new plants in the ground. I love that too, and I think it will become one of my favorite garden tools. It's so comfortable and sturdy, the long scoop works better than a trowel, and is great for when a shovel or spade would be overkill. It's my first ergonomic garden tool, and now that I know how much more comfortable it is to use than a traditional style garden tool, it won't be the last.

Thanks again for the introduction to your company and for your sponsorship of Garden Bloggers' Spring Fling in Chicago.


Speaking of Spring Fling, there are still lots of seats available for Saturday's bus. If you're attending Spring Fling please be sure to register for the bus asap. The bus will give us the opportunity to travel together, enjoy each other's company, assure we get to where we need to be on time, and make travel easier on the most logistically-complicated day of the Fling. With a Cub's game at Wrigley Field on Saturday, you'll avoid the stress of driving from place to place in heavy traffic in an unfamiliar city or taking multiple trips on public transportation. You can register and pay for your seat on the bus here.


  1. Linda, those green-handle transplanters are made by Radius, a company in my town, Ann Arbor. They are indeed marvelous. So marvelous in fact that someone may have gotten you the exact same one shown in the photo, hypothetically, as a small thank you for hosting them in your home (in theory). So, if you were going to, you know, want a second tool from them, which one might it be, entirely rhetorically?!

  2. Dear Linda, I love gardenbloggers.
    We have the best time blogging, we meet new friends and they leave funny comments (see above garden faerie) and we learn about neat stuff! Btw, I have a set of the ergo tools. It was my prize at Spring Fling! Love them! Looking forward to meeting you and Monica and of course everyone, else! gail

  3. Nice that you're enjoying your hat and tool.
    Wish I could come to Spring Fling, but alas, Chicago is sooooo far from Idaho.

  4. Oh no - I'm sorry Monica! Great minds think alike huh?

    It's very thoughtful of you to be planning a hostess gift. Having your company for a few days is more than enough for me! I'm looking forward to having you. It will be fun having your company back and forth from home to downtown, and save me having to lug a book or my Zune to (try to) stay awake on the train!

    Good morning Gail, me too!

    Monica is so fun to hang out with, whether through her blog or comments, or in person!

    Can't wait to meet you at SF!

    K&V, wish you could come too! If it wasn't so close to home, I probably wouldn't be able to go either. May and June are the busiest months for my business, and it would be really hard for me to travel that time of year.

  5. Linda, hypothetically, I already bought it some time ago. If none of the other hand tools float your boat, I can return it, but I'm honestly happy to exchange it! (It's hilarious because I pondered which of those tools to get you for a long time and finally decided to get you the same one I have--at least this shows how wonderfully thoughtful and appropriate the gift would have been--HA HA!).

  6. P.S. Think of it as helping the struggling Michigan economy. You know you want to! :)

  7. I do need to wear a hat in this hot climate. But then, I need to do a lot of things!

  8. Hi Linda, the comment section of this post is too funny, good friend HA Monica never lets us down. I can't wait to meet you both. The ergo tool looks like something that would ease the need for ibu at the end of long gardening days.

  9. Well. . . since you put it that way Monica. . . I mean, I wouldn't want to be responsible for Michigan's insolvency!

    In that case, I actually would LOVE to have two transplanters. Seriously. I have (at least) two sets of tools, so I can keep my home garden tools separate from the tools I use in clients' gardens.

    I leave the work tools in the trunk of the car all the time. Aside from work with clients, you never know when it might come in handy to have some tools and gloves in the trunk. I've done plenty of spur-of-the-moment gardening or demonstrations while visiting friends and relatives.

    I have a feeling I'm not the only gardener who carries a set of tools (including a shovel,) in the trunk at all times. ;)

    Hi Brenda! I hardly need a hat at home with all the shade, but I do keep one in the trunk. Gets kinda dirty back there with the tools!

    By all means, get yourself a hat! This new hat is SPF 50, with a nice wide brim - good for keeping the sun off your face and neck without having to slather on the sunscreen.

    Hi Frances! I love Monica's sense of humor! I'm looking forward to meeting you too, Cuz!

    I'm convinced after using the new transplanter, ergonomic is the way to go. It easier on my wrist - had a gardening overuse injury working in some heavy clay soil (not mine thankfully,) a couple years ago. It's better, but I have to be more careful now.

  10. Isn't it nice when something you buy actually is as good as it looks online? The ergonomic transplanter sounds very appealing; I will have to check out their selection of garden tools.

    Signing up for the bus trip is on my to-do list for first thing tomorrow morning! Thanks for the reminder.

    I just read your post about your basement cuttings and seedlings. Linda, I am embarrassed to admit my cuttings didn't work out after you gave such detailed instructions on how to over-winter them. I think it had something to do with the fact that they were left in the garage and not watered for a couple weeks before I finally got around to moving them down to the basement:) The good thing is that each mistake becomes a learning experience--next year I know I'll do better!

  11. Linda, yay! I, too, have a host of tools in my car, partially because I don't have a garage and the shed is waaaay in the back, and partially because, as you noted, one never knows when one might need a shovel and a pot--hypothetically! :) And your hat looks nice--I love my sun hat (esp. because I have rosacea) and must remember to bring it to SF! I got it online through Campmor*, which has some pretty great deals. (*Given that the last time I went camping was in Girl Scouts and I'd still would like to have camped less, not more, I never would have stumbled onto this place if a coworker hadn't pointed it out.)

  12. You have a lovely blog and I love the hat. I just happened onto your blog and can't wait to see more. Have a good garden day... Becca

  13. I couldn't agree more Rose! Sometimes catalog and online photos are deceiving, but this time I received exactly what I hoped for.

    You go girl! Sign up for the bus. It's the way to travel on Saturday!

    There's no need to be embarrassed Rose, just look at everything I killed or almost killed this winter! It's trial and error, and I have more hydrangea cuttings I'd better get potted before they expire in the little glass of water I'm holding them in!

    Monica, thanks for the tip on Campmor! I'll check it out. I need to get my tools in order - they're in the basement, the garage, outside, and in the trunk of the car. I like to keep them organized but something strange always seem to happen over the winter and they migrate all over when I'm not looking.

    Thank you Becca, and thank you for visiting!

  14. Hi Linda, I have the same ergo takes a little getting used to (I have small hands) but your wrists will thank you! And that hat's too pretty to get sweaty! I bet you're getting excited about Spring Fling! Btw, pop over to my garden when you have a free minute..there's something with your name on it :)

  15. I have been seeing these tools at all our local nurseries. They are very good-looking. I may have to get one!

  16. Thank you Lynn! I'm honored to be a recipient of this award!

    Good morning Elizabeth, I haven't seen them locally, and haven't tried ergonomic garden tools before. They're very nice to use - especially for an old granny like me!


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