Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Halloween Ghost Story

Shortly after our family moved from the north side of Chicago to the southwest suburbs, I first heard stories about Resurrection Mary. According to legend Mary was buried in Resurrection Cemetery, only blocks from our new home. You may have heard of Mary. This local legend has become famous worldwide, and the purported sightings of her continue to this day. Although it's been subsequently remodeled and expanded, the O'Henry Ballroom still stands, renamed Willowbrook Ballroom, and remains a popular dance venue in Chicago's southwest suburbs.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Linda, this was great! Local legends are always so interesting, and this was so appropriate just before Halloween. Did you make the video?

  2. Good morning Nancy, glad you enjoyed the story!

    I can't take credit for the video. I was hoping to find one on you tube, and found several. I liked the way this young woman told the story, and thought the music added a nice bit of foreboding and suspense.

  3. The narration is a bit melodramatic for me personally, but it's certainly an interesting story. So, the pressing question is, have you seen Mary?!
    ~ Monica

  4. Garden Girl,

    That was certainly fun! I did want her to disappear from the car and scare the driver! Too many horror movies in my youth!


  5. Gail, too funny as I was waiting for her to vanish while in the car also! lol... I have never heard of Mary but after seeing this video, I dont want to be on that road after dark! arggg...

    In middle TN we have the legendary Bell Witch and cave. I went in the cave as a young adult on Halloween night and heard children laughing and playing when there were not any in the cave! A guy in our group kept belittling the Bell Witch in an awful way and guess what? His car would not start when we were all ready to leave! Our car would start though and we got out of there and I have never been back since!

  6. I enjoyed the video. Very nice. Nope, never heard of her, but I have heard of the Bell Witch like Skeeter said. Probably most all areas have their local ghost stories. Spooky all of them!

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I think I have heard this story before maybe it was on Urban Legends or something. Great ghostly tale.

  8. Hi Monica, I like the melodrama! Reminds me of a late-night B movie!

    No, I never saw Mary, and hope I never do! I used to pass that cemetery several times a day during high school. Our school bus went past it, and during my junior year I worked at a local business where I had to go past it to and from work.

    Hi Gail, When I watched the video I expected her to disappear from the car too!

    Hi Skeeter, oooh, that sounds scary! I haven't heard of the Bell Witch, but I'll have to look for that story! I'm not really big on ghost stories, but they are fun around this time of year.

    Hi Tina, yes, it seems most places have those local legends. Besides Mary, there was another ghost story in our neighborhood, and the supposedly haunted house was at the end of our block. The house had been empty for years, and it was pretty spooky.

    Hi Racquel, glad you enjoyed the story! Maybe you saw it on "Unsolved Mysteries" on TV. The story was known well enough that they featured it once years ago.

  9. Great eerie ghost story. I'd never heard of Resurrection Mary. Instead of her disappearing, I kept expecting one of those scary popups. Happy Halloween.~~Dee

  10. I watched the whole video, Linda, and feel spooked. My imagination runs wild, especially since my mother was the greatest storyteller ever, often making my hair stand on end sharing local legends. Happy Halloween!

  11. There is an update on the TN Bell Witch in my hometown newspaper today! Her head stone was recently found. Read the story if you like. Made the hair on my neck stand up since I have been to the cemetery!

    Sorry, I dont know how to link on comments...

  12. Have heard that story a lot before, but not told like that. It was an interesting take.

    If you like you can come visit my blog The Digital Fortress for another Halloween ghost story.

  13. Glad you enjoyed the story Dee! Happy Halloween!

    Hi Joey, oh that must have been such delicious, scary fun listening to your mom's stories! Happy Halloween!

    Hi Skeeter, I had an unexpected day off today, and enjoyed taking some time googling the Bell Witch. She sounds like she had a bone to pick with someone! I'm not sure I'd have the guts to go in that cave. Hopefully once that headstone is returned she'll rest more peacefully. Thanks for the link!

    Hi Alberto, thanks for visiting! I read your ghost story - very scary, and perfect for Halloween!

  14. I was young and brave back then but would not go into that cave today! lol...

  15. A very spooky tale, Linda--perfect for Halloween! Urban legends like this one are much more frightening, I think, than anything fictional. I would be afraid to drive down this road after dark!


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