Saturday, October 25, 2008

Windsong Autumn

Linda, I loved the photos you took during your visit, and which you shared in "Small Potatoes". Here are two photos of our hills from the lookout point. They were taken by your sister-in-law during peak color and are two of my favorite fall photos of our land.

This photo is of our "lower 40" valley meadow and ridges.

This is a view of the ridges, with a bit of meadow showing on the lower right. The meadows bloom with wild flowers of all sorts from early spring into fall. We keep parts of it mowed and use the mowings as mulch on our vegetable gardens. This past week has been "leaf rain" week, and my Gardening Buddy has been picking them up and piling them on the gardens for their winter blanket.

We've had a couple of light frosts with more to come. The 'life-changing garlic" has been planted, and today we are bringing in the last of the beets, carrots, and digging up the sweet potatoes. The brussels sprouts and kale will follow before the ground freezes.

The gardening cycle continues.


  1. What a beautiful place ! .. now that is what I would call a "spa" .. just looking at the pictures of how pretty an area that is .. well it is absolutely relaxing : )

  2. Gorgeous scenery. No frost here. Cool nights. But not expecting frost here for awhile.

  3. Dear Linda's Mom,

    Your part of the world is beautiful...thank you for sharing it with us! We haven't had a frost yet but any time now! Leaves are coming down but our color is just beginning.

    What a joy that you and Linda share gardening!


  4. Wonderful pictures. I can see using all that mown grass for a mulch-what a great reuse tactic. The veggies all sound delish.

  5. Anonymous4:12 PM

    What a fabulous place to live! Those trees are magnificent in full color!

  6. So gorgeous! I don't suppose there are basswoods lurking in those woods? I could use some samples from SW Wisconsin for my dissertation :)

  7. Hi Mom! What a nice surprise to find your post here this evening! Those shots of your little piece of heaven are gorgeous! I was so glad to be up there to see the beautiful fall colors.

    We've been enjoying our stash of life-changing garlic. We've also enjoyed a few baked potatoes, and a nice batch of fried potatoes and onions from your garden for breakfast last weekend. The Lawn Man is crazy about your homemade garlic powder!

    This week I made your yummy glazed apple cake with the apples from your trees that the girls didn't eat in the car on the way home. They weren't hungry after our delicious lunch at Taj. I'd go back there just for the homemade mango ice cream!

    Also this week I got some concrete pavers like the rest of them already here so I can start bordering a spot for some veggies and smothering some grass. Hopefully our new little plot will be ready to plant in the spring!

  8. Diane, in our area of narrow ridges and valleys, the predominant tree species are aspen, shagbark hickory, maple, and oak. There may be a basswood tree here or there on our land. But if so, I don't know about it. We have our woodlands in a managed forest program. If I can remember, I'll ask our DNR forester if he has spotted any basswood in our forest.

    Thank you all for your comments. Yes, we absolutely love it here. Our house is on top of an open ridge, but we are surrounded by forest on all sides.

  9. Hello Linda's mom!...Thanks for sharing your paradise with looks just so peaceful there. Love all the autumn colors you've captured!

  10. Such beautiful views! I've enjoyed all these photos that you and Linda have posted.

  11. Hi Linda's Mom,
    I clicked on your name and saw that you two share a blog. How cool! You are blessed to live in such a lovely area!


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