Sunday, October 19, 2008

Anderson Japanese Gardens - Part II

Last weekend my two oldest daughters and I visited Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL on our way to visit my mom and her Garden Buddy. Here are a few more shots from this lovely, tranquil spot.
The gift shop sells food for the Koi. The ducks enjoy the fish food too! There were several people feeding the fish, including some delighted young children. I was struck by how much the children I saw seemed to enjoy this garden.
Couldn't resist getting a shot of this gorgeous Maple.

There were lots of pretty, peaceful seating areas like this one throughout the gardens.

There were views like this around every corner. We didn't stay long enough to see the entire grounds, and that gives me good reason to stop here again on future trips to Mom's. The location of the gardens almost exactly 1/2 way between my house and Mom's makes it a perfect place to stop and stretch our legs with a stroll through a beautiful garden. The onsite restaurant serves delicious, authentic Asian food and makes a much nicer place to stop for lunch than the usual roadside fast food joints.


  1. Those are wonderful fall shots. Thanks for the beautiful website.

  2. Your photos are all beautiful. The maple is outstanding and the chairs with just a bit of the fall colored a lovely composition! Thank you for helping me feel like it's really is fall...we have very little color this year. (The 6 weeks without rain).

    I love visiting botanical gardens, they are wonderful gardens to get inspired or just relax. All that beauty and we don't have to pull one weed (although, I have while visiting our local botanical garden).

    Thanks, Linda.


  3. I believe that the more we make children get outside and away from all the electronic gadgets, the more they will delight in nature and its bounty. I love your photos. Such a peaceful setting to stretch your legs!

  4. Love that red maple and it looks like a great day.

  5. I enjoyed the Anderson Japanese Gardens tour. And I wish you well with the new endeavors. You sound very knowledgeable and I bet you'll be quite successful.

  6. Hi Gail, thank you! It was such a pretty place. It was very fall-like at my Mom's place too. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I hope your fall colors put on a late performance in spite of the lack of rain.

    It's hard not pull those weeds in gardens we visit, isn't it! I find weeds in public gardens somehow comforting. ;)

    I couldn't agree more Brenda. I see kids light up when they're interacting with nature in ways that don't happen when they're playing with electronic devices.

    Hi Tina, it was definitely eye-catching! Visiting the garden was a very nice part of our trip.

    Hi TC, glad you enjoyed the garden. I enjoyed sharing it.

    Thanks so much for your well wishes!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful photo's...I love your new header, it's very fall in the forest :)

  8. What a lovely spot to stop. You have captured fall at its finest!

  9. Perhaps it's just as well you didn't get to spend enough time here with your daughters--it will give you a reason to stop again! Actually, this would be a great place to visit frequently to see all the seasonal changes.

  10. Thank you Kathi! The forest that shot came from felt magical to me. I completely fell in love with the barn!

    Thank you Joey! It would have been difficult to get a bad photo - there were gorgeous views around every curve on every path we walked.

    Good morning Rose, that's exactly what I thought. I hope to be able to see the garden in every season.


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