Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Golden Autumn

We've had such a beautiful fall! There have been some cold days here and there, but overall so far, the weather this fall has been fabulous. We haven't even had a frost yet. I've been enjoying seeing the hostas develop their lovely fall color instead of frost turning them to mush while they're still green .

Had may be the operative word here, as this is probably the last day of Indian Summer. Tomorrow we may be heading into typical chilly, windy, wet overcast Chicago November - the cloudiest month of the year here. In the meantime I'm enjoying every possible moment outside enjoying the waning moments of the gardening season.

There are still a few stalwart Susans blooming.

The serviceberry is almost bare, but the color of the remaining leaves is lovely. It was especially pretty this fall.Color is everywhere. This is a peak over the hedge into a neighbor's yard.

The hostas are yellower and yellower every day.

The maple in our front parkway is just about at peak. It won't be long before it's branches are bare.

Across the street this maple is glowing in another neighbor's yard.

All the containers have been emptied or brought in except this one. I selectively plucked out more tender plants - sweet potato vines and coleus were looking pretty sad. What's left is past its peak, but I left it to help minimize our summer withdrawal symptoms.

Soon these irises will be the only blooms left in the garden.


  1. You have some very nice fall colors there! Check to see if your sweet potatoes produced some tubers. Last night, I put a post on my blog about eating mine.

  2. Nice post, I came by way of Hoe and Shovel.

  3. I am so glad you spot lighted the hostas. This is the first year I notice such a good show. It is like overnight they turn yellow. Very pretty!

  4. hello from Belgium,
    Here also, it's the fall et his very nices colors.
    It's very interresting to see the differences between the countrie, sometims the blooms are so differents.
    A very nice blog with beautiful pictures.

  5. Hi Linda, you are still looking very much alive there, I have that Iresine also and it has stood up to several light frosts. Who knew? Your hostas are the life of the party!


  6. Wow, everything is looking beautiful over there. One of my $1 roses that I just bought has developed some new buds. I doubt they'll open with cold weather returning here tomorrow too, but it sure would be nive to have a few roses bloom this late in the year. It would be wonderful to have some roses to scent my soaps I plan on making soon.

  7. You have such an eye-catching garden. Love your Susans. My hostas are looking poorly right now. It's humid as heck and warm and I'm wearing shorts and sweating. Yearning to work outside. But every time I go out I'm drenched in sweat!

  8. Linda,

    How delightful to have had your time in the garden extended! You mentioned Serviceberry, another one of the underused but gorgeous small native trees! Beautiful color...have you ever tasted the berries..I ask because I keep missing them...birds re too fast! Have a lovely day before the cold days of Chicago assert themselves!


  9. Linda, Really pretty colors in the leaves and the hostas. Do the hostas eventually disappear? It must be nice to have the beautiful blend of color change as your summer garden inevitably fades away.

    Enjoy your mild autumn days while you prepare yourself for the cold winter months. Maybe you could make a trip down here in the winter?

    I don't blame you for leaving your bloodleaf and impatiens out as long as possible. Every time I see that pot on your porch I think it resembles any number of containers you would see in my garden. As a matter of fact, I am still rooting blood leaf and coleus ---poking it in the ground here and there for autumn color.

  10. Linda such pretty leaves on the trees yet ! .. that contain is gorgeous too ! The only containers I have left now that we did clean up are two of the thyme ones .. they may even be able to over winter .. this weather has been awesome here too girl .. almost unheard of for November .. soon we will be up to our ... hum .. ears ? in snow drifts ! haha

  11. Thank you Sue! I brought the tubers inside. Some still have foliage. The last ones in were pretty wilty, so I cut off the foliage and will see if I can get them to sprout again for next spring. Now I'm curious - I know they're edible, but I'd heard they weren't so great.

    Thank you Darla, and thanks for visiting.

    Hi Tina, this is the first year I can remember them not getting nipped by frost before they got a chance to show off like they are. Makes me want to plant a buncha yellow hostas!

    Hello Marcel, thank you for visiting all the way from Belgium! One of the things I've been enjoying about blogging is the opportunity to see gardens and landscapes from all around the world. Much is the same, and much is different!

    Hi Frances, I'm loving our lack of frost, although I'm sure it won't last much longer. All the more reason to enjoy every moment of this gorgeous weather, not at all typical of this time of year here!

    Thank you Cinj! I'm still going through withdrawal after bringing in or dismantling all the containers. I'm feeling a bit torn - I do like the cleaner, less cluttered feeling without them all, yet at the same time I miss the riot of color.

    Maybe if you brought a couple of buds in, they'd open inside? I hope you get to enjoy your new roses. Have fun with your soap-making project!

    Thank you Brenda, I think the Susans and the other stuff still blooming will soon be toast, as our weather will shortly be taking a decidedly more typically November turn. Gotta enjoy them while they last, as their hours are numbered!

    I feel for you with that heat! It's hard to work in the garden when it's like that. July and August here are not my favorite months, and I'm sure it's not as hot and humid here as it is in your neck of the woods. I hope you're chillin with the a/c on and staying comfortable.

    Hi Gail, it's been a joy having such wonderful weather.

    The serviceberry is one of my favorite shrubs here, and one of the few that has been allowed to retain its natural shape instead of being kept shorn and part of a hedge. I have tried the berries - they're mild and sweet, not bad at all. The birds devour them within a few days once they're ripe - you gotta be quick!

    Hi Meems, normally frost gets them while they're still green, and they just sort of disintegrate into the mulch. Since they're yellowing and drying, they might last longer once they do get frost. If not, I've been enjoying them while they last anyway.

    I have some coleus and bloodleaf rooting inside for next spring. I'm still debating about taking some cuttings from the one I left outside. It must be fun to just break off a piece of something and stick in the ground knowing it will keep going and adding color to your fall garden.

    Hi Joy, it's funny but suddenly today the trees are taking the word fall seriously, and are shedding leaves big time.

  12. I separated Green hosta on Sunday and today they are completely yellow! Amazing how quickly they turned... Love those maples. The container still looks good.

    We are finally seeing some beautiful colors in GA. Just as the hosta, turned over night…I hope they hold out until I can snap away….

  13. Your Autumn is peaceful and golden. Were those hostas a lime green to start with? I know there are some out there like that. They were expensive here--like$24 each. You could divide and make lots of money on a run to NC.

  14. Linda, we must be thinking alike:) This is the first year I've noticed the hostas turning bright yellow; it seemed as though they turned overnight, too. I think the trees are at their peak or just past, but there are still so many gorgeous shows of color around. You have such vibrant color surrounding you; good thing you have those irises for some winter interest:)

  15. Stunning fall color but I do believe you are right about being short lived. In Minneapolis tonight enjoying Indian Summer but heard snow is on the way. (hope to beat the flurries home ... will honk hello driving through Chicago).

  16. Hi Skeeter, wow, they did turn fast! Mine seemed to develop their golden color over a few days. Already now they are turning brown. Things are changing here very quickly!

    Good luck getting your fall color photos in time!

    Hi Anna, the guacamole hostas were bright limey-green, and the stained glass ones were almost yellow. But even the blue and dark green hostas turned yellow too. I have some others with more sword-shaped leaves that were bright lime, leaning towards yellow too. I really like the bright-colored ones - they do stand out in the garden.

    Most of my hostas are still pretty small, but wow - $24 for hostas! Around here most sell for $10-$15.

    Hi Rose, I sure did enjoy the hostas' yellow color this fall. I'd love it if they turned like that every year, and it makes me want to add some that have similar color all season!

    Good morning Joey, our unusually warm early November has just taken a turn! This morning it's only 40 degrees, and it's looking and feeling much more like typical November. It was wonderful while it lasted though! Hope you have a great trip!


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