Friday, November 7, 2008

Garden Bloggers Are People Too

Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today
President-Elect Barack Obama

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
Preamble, US Constitution

Of the people, by the people

There is no more important resource for changing the direction of this country and defining the ideas that will transform America than the American People.

Tell us your ideas and be part of the change you're looking for.

From CHANGE.GOV, the website of the Office of the President-Elect.

Could our collective voices influence public policy in our new administration?

Could Michael Pollan's Farmer in Chief proposal be implemented in whole or in part by our new administration?

Would it be audacious to hope we, the garden blogging community could, with our voices and collective passion for our environment influence our new administration's farm policy, gardening in schools, support of Victory Gardens, promotion of urban vegetable gardening and local food sources, and other vital issues?

post script: If you haven't yet signed the petion to President Elect Barack Obama to grow an organic vegetable garden for his family on the White House grounds, with surplus produce shared with local food pantries, please visit Eat the View.

Please sign the Organic Consumer Association's petition letter to President-Elect Barack Obama today and urge him to take a stand in support of organic food and farming. After you sign this petition, please forward it to everyone you know. Please visit OCA.


  1. I would like to believe that not only will we speak out but that we will will listened to by this new administration! There is so much to do and we can be a part of the change. So much is at stake~~thanks, Linda for the links!


  2. It is so interesting reading all the garden bloggers views on the recent election. Let us hope good things come to the world.

  3. Nice post! One thing garden bloggers can do is sign the petition put out by an organization called Eat the View, which is encouraging the next president to plant a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. It woudln't be the first time, and it would be a very visible statement about sustainability.

  4. Every one talks about change with each election. Lets just hope this time, the saying is not lost amongst the day to day politics we are all so tired of.

    Beautiful pics...

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Right now, I believe this and most other things are possible. :)

  6. Beautiful fall photos :)

  7. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I would hope that we as a collective voice could make a difference with this administration.

  8. You're welcome Gail!

    I think so Tina. I hope so!

    Thank you Karen, and thanks for the link. I signed.

    Amen to that Skeeter!

    Me too Nancy!

    Thank you Marie!

    Hi Racquel, it's sure worth trying!

  9. What a wonderful idea, Linda! I hadn't even considered that aspect yet. I went over to sign that petition and the site was down for maintenance. I'll try it again later. But you have a very good idea about us trying to implement changes from the gardeners' viewpoint. And you're on top of things within days of his winning! I'm impressed.

  10. Hi Linda, thanks for stirring the pot. It needs doing. I have signed the petition a while ago, can't remember whose blog had it. It seems a good place to start.


  11. Karen, You beat me to posting the link for eat the View. Thanks!
    ~ Monica

  12. If only...I am the eternal cynic. The Bush years were dark ones for those of us concerned about the environment. I wonder how different things would be had that election gone the other way. Let's hope this president will be willing to make the environment a priority. I'm afraid he's going to get mired down in the economy, the interests of which often conflict with those of the environment.

  13. I think it was the first time ever that US elections intrigued just about everybody in Europe and where absolutely everyone thought: Yes, You Can! Hopefully those were not just empty words, and someone will hear Linda's great manifesto. Btw there's a gossip goin' round Blotanical, about your bday. So even though just a gossip, wishing you the best for your special day and a wonderful and happy future ! Cheers!

  14. We can only hope that all members of our government will be open to listening to the needs of the people. One guy at the top can't do it all. While I hated the high gas prices of the summer it probably did some good. More people are now aware of where their food comes from and are more knowledgeable of CSA's as a result. I think many people started home gardens for the first time this year. It's up to the people to take the initiative, government works too slow no matter who is in power. :)

  15. Thanks Brenda! I was impressed by the website, and hope I raised awareness of an early opportunity to be heard.

    Hi Frances, I'm happy for an opportunity to spread the word and reinforce awareness.

    Hi Monica! Great minds think alike!

    Hi MMD, . . . and I'm an eternal optimist. Animal rights and rescue groups asked the first family to consider a shelter pet for their family, and they are responding. A first-family role model in environmental concerns would do much to raise awareness and spread the movement.

    Individual responsibility has been a major component of Obama's message. The Obamas have a hybrid vehicle. They can do much to inspire organic home gardening and many other sustainable, environmentally-responsible practices simply by practicing them and talking about them. A little encouragement to do so can't hurt. So far it seems to be working in the selection of First Dog.

    We won't know unless we try. I want to believe we can make a difference. I think Obama's smart enough to see direct correlations between our energy and economic issues and our environmental issues.

    I don't expect him to be a savior, but I do think we can and should expect him to be a role model and and a voice for holistic, sustainable, environmentally responsible shifts in the way every segment of our society operates.

    Violet, I feel the hope Obama endeavors to inspire will now translate into meaningful action. I'm hopeful he will raise awareness and encourage growth in the already active grass-roots environmental, gardening, and locavore movements.

    I agree with you Dave. I see this change growing from the bottom up, not from the top down. I think he can and should encourage that growth, and that we can encourage him to model and speak out on these issues.

  16. Happy birthday, Linda!

    I think there is a wave of hopefulness sweeping this country after the election. The ideas you mention here, Linda, are important issues that I think this administration would consider.

    Beautiful photos to remind us of the importance of preserving this planet.

  17. Hi Linda, I just read your comment on Skeeter's post and wanted to tell you that I am also a descendant of Pocohontas. I have the long list of marriages and children that comes down to my grandmother, born in TN in the late 1800's. We are cousins! :-)

  18. Thank you Rose!

    I'm looking forward to seeing some positive, long-overdue changes!

    Hey there Cousin Frances! I would like to get my hands on a copy of my great-uncle's research. I've only heard about it, but have never seen it. The lineage in my family is through my maternal grandmother, sister of the great-uncle who was into geneology. My grandma was born in the late 1800s too.

    It's very cool to be able to trace our roots back so far!

  19. Encouraging and eloquent post. I also signed onto Eat the View earlier, and was happy to have an aquaintance send me a notice about it, meaning that not only gardeners are interested in the need to think about food policy and sustainability, and how food production fits into the net of national security.

  20. A most thoughtful post with lovely photos.

  21. GG, this rocks!
    Thanks for leaving me a note and spurring me to pop on over to catch up.

  22. Like slow-cooking, slow blog visiting can be rewarding. Not only do I find the inspiring original post you wrote, Linda, but the birthday teasers, great comments and as an amateur genealogist, was especially excited to see you have a just a few degrees of separation from Frances via Pocohantas. What fun!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  23. I so agree Linda!
    There is a sea change in the air, and as you say a food policy and green issues should be in the forefront. I loved you images, too!
    Just wonderful!
    Very best regards,

  24. Thank you Pat! Kudos to you for signing! I think I'll add to the post and include the link on the front page.

    I absolutely agree that food production and security are inextricably tied.

    Thank you Joey, the fall foliage has been wonderful this year.

    Thank you David, and thanks for visiting!

    Thank you Annie, isn't it fun to see what happens in the comments!

    Thanks so much Philip, and thank you for visiting! I do hope that everyone will let their voices be heard.

  25. The rest of the world is hoping that nothing but good comes out of last week's result.

    I hope your wishes come true too - because they're good sense for everyone, not just the USA.

  26. I posted on 'eat the view' too...over at studio g ( Thanks for posting...I see change in the future.


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