Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Bloom Day

Blooms are scarce here in February! Still, we do have a few indoor blooms to share, like this jasmine. Sitting out winter in our sunny dining room, this plant is growing like crazy, and has been blooming all winter. The fragrance is wonderful!

The fuchsia is hanging out in the basement under our big light. While the blooms are paler indoors, it blooms nonetheless, and has been since early January.

I've collected some succulents over the winter, and while this echeveria (labeled only as Silvery-Blue-Grey,) isn't a bloom, in February it can pass as one.

There are a few Dragon Wing begonias overwintering indoors too, and blooming non-stop.

The garden's been snow-covered most of the winter, and now we're in the midst of a thaw. Nothing looks very pretty outdoors, making our indoor blooms so appreciated as we wait for spring.

Happy Bloom Day all! To see more February blooms, please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens - the originator and host of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day (who is also hosting a seed giveaway right now!)


  1. Happiest of Bloom Days to you LInda! Jasmine has the best fragrance~Someday, if I ever attempt to keep indoor plants, Jasmine will be one of them. I think good fragrance helps in winter! Have a sweet day! gail

  2. You have no scarcity of blooms indoors, Linda. How nice to have the scent of jasmine to remind you of spring all winter long. Maybe by the end of this week all the snow will have melted--let's hope this is the end of it.

  3. That's a nice collection of flowers for mid-February! I can't wait for spring to finally get here...

  4. Nice to see any blooms this time of year and your look fantastic. And love that echevaria!

  5. Oh I so agree that echeveria looks just like a flower. How pretty.

  6. Happy Bloom Day back atcha Gail! I just LOVE the scent of jasmine - it's amazing how such a little blossom can pack such a powerful scent.

    Those indoor blooms sure help when everything outdoors is sleeping Rose! It will be nice if all the snow melts this weeks - it's looking pretty sloppy out there! Fresh snow is beautiful, melting snow. . . not so much!

    Thank you Rose! I'm looking forward to spring too. Not rushing it here, since spring means back to work for me!

    I agree ONG - any blooms are welcome this time of year. Thanks for visiting!

    Hi Melissa, thank you visiting! I'm having so much fun with the succulents - they're such interesting plants, and I love the bloom-like looks of the echeverias.

  7. Great to see your photos from snowy IL. I am in snow-covered Pennsylvania, but the temperature suddenly shot up and I managed to find some flowers outside. Happy GBBD, Carolyn

  8. You have some delish blooms going on inside....I can almost smell the jasmine!

  9. Linda, How lucky you are to have grow lights. Your overwintering blooms look very happy.

  10. I'm amazed you have so many blooms Carolyn! Our (outdoor)early bloomers are still sleeping under all our snow. Happy Bloom Day!

    Thank you Darla! The jasmine is heavenly!

    I'm so glad to have the light Helen! It was a big investment, but I've saved so much more being able to overwinter so many tender plants and start lots of seedlings. Happy Bloom Day!

  11. Wow, what a happy bloom day! I especially like the jasmine and the echeveria (great color).
    Kind regards

  12. That's a nice echeveria, although I can't pinpoint the ID for it. Every year around this time when you post about your fuchsia I always tell myself to get one in the spring & summer and forget. Next year, next year.

  13. Hi Alex! It IS a happy bloom day, isn't it! I'm happy for these indoor blooms in the middle of winter.

    These succulents could be pretty easy to get addicted to MBT - they're so cool! I'm happy the fuchsia is still surviving! If it's made it this far, maybe it will make it to mid-May so the hummingbirds can enjoy it once again. The years when I kill them inside, it's one of the first plants I look for when trolling the nurseries in the spring.

  14. What a treat GG to see something that looks like a bloom!


  15. Enjoyed the indoor tour, Linda. Your silvery -blue/grey Echeveria is a beauty!

  16. That echeveria is really pretty 'bloom' :-D I like its 'pointy' leaf } Stay warm ;-)

  17. Especially with all that ugly melting snow outside Eileen!

    Thank you Joey! I'm wondering why I never tried succulents before!

    I think so too Stephanie! We are enjoying a thaw this week - maybe the snow will all be melted by the week's end.

  18. Hi,
    Thanks for posting some tips on growing Cyclamens in a comment on my blog.
    I really like the Echeveria. It it very unique looking! I get more and more into succulents because of their water needs and our drought situation.
    I did not know you could overwinter a fuschia. That might convince me to get a few this summer. Usually I pass on the tender annuals, Much as I adore them!

  19. Oh, that echeveria "bloom" is gorgeous!

  20. My pleasure Rosey! Good luck with the cyclemen!

    It's hard to pick a favorite of the ones I have so far Mac, but that's definitely one of my favorites. I hope it makes lots of babies!

  21. Very beautiful blooms! and that succulent is a flower by itself

  22. Jasmine is like one of my favorite scents. I'm so jealous you can smell it and I can't. Enjoy!

    Linda, Thanks so much for popping over to my sister's blog and wishing her well during this difficult time of her illness. It was much appreciated and most kind!

  23. Thank you Fer!

    Mine too Tina! Wish I could share the scent with the photo!

    I was so sorry to hear of your sister's illness. My thoughts are with her, you, and your entire family.

  24. I was hoping my Angelwing Begonia would bloom, but no such luck. My overwintering fuchsia looks healthy, but no blooms on that either. Jasmine reminds me of my mother and her Australian garden. I need to get a pot of it. I love the gorgeous perfume.
    The echeveria is lovely.
    Thanks for the well wishes. Hubby came home yesterday and is getting some good rest. It's so great to have him home.

  25. It won't be long before they can get outdoors and enjoy warmth and sunshine. Hopefully they'll be back in bloom soon Kerri. Those fond memories seem like good reasons to pick up a pot of jasmine!

    So glad your husband is back home and on the mend!


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