Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Might Be Goodbye

About this time last year, during the annual autumn visit to Mom's; something, probably rabbits, wreaked havoc. Decimated is not too strong a word.

A fresh dose of smelly stuff will be applied here before leaving tomorrow for this year's fall visit.

Just in case, this is what the shade garden looks like. Our garden has taken a long time to establish. I haven't always been patient. Year Seven has been the best yet. It feels like a garden to me for the first time.

I hope it's still here when I get back.


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I just saw your post go on Twitter and the title had me worried. :)

    Hopefully the bunnies will behave and the garden will be the same when you get back. Have a safe and fun trip.

  2. So bunnies aren't just cute and fluffy? I better stop wishing for some.

  3. I was worried, too!! (That YOU were saying goodbye to blogging!) Whew!

    I heard Martha Stewart say one time that it takes seven years for a garden to reach full maturity. I doubt mine will ever be there; I keep changing things so much! I will say though that mine is finishing its sixth year and parts of it are jungle-like. There will be major overhauling next spring!

    I hope the bunnies choose another place to do their munching!

  4. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Scary title, Linda! I am glad it is just this season' garden that is saying goodbye. It looks fabulous and will continue to evolve, each year is so very different from the one before and the one that is yet to come. Dadburn varmints! We find something always happens here as well when we are gone for more than a day, or sometimes even in that short time span. I hope you get it all sorted for fall, cousin! :-)

  5. I saw the title and thought, "Oh, no."
    Have a wonderful time with your Mom. Hope those bunnies behave while you're gone...Balisha

  6. The garden looks fantastic! I can definitely sympathize - the deer have nibbled on nearly everything this year. The rabbits don't bother much but the deer have been disastrous.

  7. I have heard of something called the 7 year itch! Looks like your 7 years of head scratching is over as your garden looks absolutely marvelous girl. Smelly spray has worked for me this summer. Hope you have luck as well. But remember, the season is winding down and the little critters have to eat something. Okay, I was trying to ease your mind with winter approaching. Have a good visit….

  8. I am with you Linda, get the smelly stuff out for those pesky rabbits.


  9. Your garden is beautiful, Linda! Hope the "smelly stuff" works and those rascally varmints leave it alone while you're gone.

  10. Well it's definitely GORGEOUS now. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to leave it to the rabbits. Good luck!

  11. Good luck! Hopefully this year will not have the same results as last year!

  12. it looks wonderful Linda~What ever works to keep the critters away! gail

  13. My garden and I are in the seventh year too. And I can only confirm what you write... it was the best garden year until now. But there is still a lot to do :o)... I'm still making changes. Someone told me, a garden will never be finished... I guess that's true.
    The shady garden looks very nice. And what kind of plant is this tree on the left with the pink flowers? It looks like a rose but probably isn't.
    Have a nice sunday!

  14. Grrrl, you had me worried there that you were thinking of giving up blogging (maybe because that's where my head is at)... I'm always impressed by how wonderful your garden looks. Hope you have a lot of good times (and good food) with your mom!

  15. Didn't mean to worry anyone. Happily, the garden was intact when I arrived home - the smelly stuff worked - yay!

    Thank you MBT - it was a wonderful trip, as always.

    Welcome, Meredehuit! The bunnies and squirrels around here can be quite destructive. We have an overabundance of both.

    Gardens are ever-evolving, aren't they Kylee. Tweaking and editing, and even overhauling seem to come with the territory!

    Thank you Frances! Our shade garden has been such a pleasure this year. As you say Cousin, each year is different, and our gardens are ever-evolving.

    Thank you Balisha! It was a relief coming home to find everything as I left it.

  16. Thank you Dave!

    I love deer, yet am happy they're scarce in our subdivision. So sorry they've been bothersome in your garden.

    LOL Skeeter! Thank you! There's still plenty for the critters in the outskirts of the yard. We don't want them going hungry, but do try to keep them out of the shade garden. Thankfully they don't generally mess with the veggies.

    They're so sweet, and fun to watch Eileen. The smelly stuff, (and George's presence and scent) helps us coexist peacefully.

    Thank you Rose! Yay - it worked!

    Thank you Victoria!

    I rarely leave during gardening season, and was relieved to return to a full garden.

    Thanks Rose! Different year, different results, thank goodness!

  17. Thank you Gail!

    I'm glad there are plenty of safe options for keeping critter destruction to a minimum. I wouldn't hurt them, even if I do fantasize at times about bb guns and rabbit stew.

    So happy you're pleased with your garden this year Alex!

    I can definitely confirm what you were told about gardens never being 'finished.' For me that's one of the many pleasures of gardening. It would be boring if it was always the same from year to year.

    The plant on the left is actually a hanging basket with double impatiens, Diamond Frost euphorbia, and some vinca and ivy. Those double impatiens sure do look like roses to me too. It's one of the things I love about them.

    Thank you Monica!

    Sure hope you're not saying YOU're thinking about giving up blogging.

    I had a wonderful time. Mom's such a great cook, and she has such fabulous ingredients to work with. The food was fantastic!

  18. Time to cook up a mess of wabbit stew, Linda :-) Those wraskily The stinky stuff will work for awhile but you've gotta be diligent in re-applying it from time to time.

    I think you need a terrier to chase those wabbits and other varmints.

  19. Anonymous7:36 PM

    I keep scaring off a bunny that thinks it should live under my shrubs. I've told him and told him that he cannot live here, but does he listen? No!


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