Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nasty Update

There must have been buds last weekend, but I didn't notice. I'd given up on checking for them weeks ago. I figured they were like the proverbial watched pot. Other than watering them, pinching off yellow leaves, and taking a photo for the monthly updates, the nasties have been mostly ignored. Suddenly, there are tiny buds like this all over. While there were buds here and there even during our record heat, before they developed past this stage, they would yellow and fall off (just like the leaves.)

Suddenly, with our much cooler weather, the buds are holding fast.

We even have blooms. I was so excited yesterday seeing them finally burst into bloom! Now that the weather has cooled off, hopefully we'll see lots more of these brilliant gems. They were worth waiting for!


  1. We should change their name to 'Loveliums'.


  2. We should change their name to 'Loveliums'.


  3. Oh, look! Blogger agrees and decided to say it twice!


  4. I like your idea Lucy - that's three of us - you, me and Blogger!

  5. I guess that was all they needed, the cooler weather. Mine are finally blooming also.


  6. I feel the same way, I've was wilting in the hot weather we had, but now I'm blooming with more energy.
    Its a rainy day and I'm in the mood to clean. So sad that this thrills me no end.

  7. The cooler weather seems to bring out the best in them Eileen. Glad yours are blooming!

    Me too Debbie! The heat and humidity this summer were brutal. We really need this rain!

    I'm debating about heading out to your town's farmers market. If you haven't checked it out, you should! There are two organic backyard/kitchen gardeners that grow right in town. They're my favorite stops. One of them has all kinds of handmade soaps, lotions, and other wonderful-smelling herbal and floral stuff, along with heirloom tomatoes and other beautiful veggies.

    They have SO much at your farmers market - I love it.

  8. Yay, flowers! That last one looks like it's saying, "Come into my lair, sweetie!" I dunno to whom...

  9. It seems to say: "Surprise, surprise!" What lovely flowers! I had them in my garden too some years ago. But my flowers were always full of little black beetles *iiiick*.
    Now I just enjoy them on your pictures :o).

  10. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Cool. Don't forget to eat a few and add them to salads.

  11. Maybe it's the hummingbirds Monica! With that neat nectar spur and the brilliant color, it seems like the nasties might be luring them into their lair so they can make seeds for more little nasties.

    They definitely surprised me Alex. I'd almost given up on seeing them bloom.

    Sorry the bugs got to yours!

    Thanks Rose!

    They seem too pretty to eat MBT, but I definitely plan to give them a try. I can imagine how pretty they'd be in a salad!

  12. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I love your garden! I'm so excited to find gardeners who blog {through}.

    Nasturtiums do wonders in the garden, indeed. One of my favorite companion plants to my tomatoes.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. We love it too MoonGlow!

    Thanks for visiting!


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