Saturday, June 13, 2009

Got to Get Myself Back to the Garden

The garden has been calling me.
The pots and baskets have been out for a couple of weeks, and are starting to fill in. This year we're going with bright colors. Last year there were more pastels. There are less ornamental pots this season.

Two angel's trumpets and most of the overwintered geraniums were given to Mom and my sister. Other pots are being used for vegetables.

The yellow mini-rose is blooming. It was a gift from the Lawn Man when we were dating. The red one has buds.

The cool spring has been good for peas. Planted in March, they had a slow start. They've been producing like crazy for about three weeks.

This is Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, sweet and tender, it goes well with peppery arugula and all the other greens (and reds.)

The bush beans have their first set of true leaves. Pole beans received at Ginkgo Organic Gardens in support of One Seed Chicago started coming up today.

The squash and cucumbers were started in the basement. We have baby cucumbers already. Through the cucumber vine there are tomatoes, lettuce, and garlic. I'm already amazed how productive a small vegetable bed can be.

Squash vines are blossoming. I remember from previous vegetable gardens the long wait for the first baby squash. Planting them early in the basement may give us a jump on the waiting game.

The squash and cucumbers are mingling with the peas. Before long it will be time to take the peas out, as this cool weather won't last forever. I wonder if any peas will ever make it to the kitchen.

In spite of my relative absence the gardens are thriving. I'm gradually catching up with everything that was neglected while all my energy was focused on clients and Spring Fling. It's good to be back to the garden I love most.

Summer 2008

I've had so little time for blog visits and responding to comments. It's time to reconnect here at home to the things that matter most.


  1. Oh .. I think I smell something burning! Hah ha ha ha ... enjoy yourselves ...

  2. I can imagine how you must feel, just missing four days when I was "babysitting" felt like a lot at this time of year.
    But your "recovery" seems to be going well judging from the final photo.
    That's my kind of evening relaxation.

  3. It's looking lovely...I can imagine you do, as you should, love it best!

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean! My garden is calling, blogs are calling, my house is calling...I can't seem to catch up!

    Everything is sure looking good at your place!

  5. Hi Linda, the garden muddles along without us when we are busy. But not only is your beautiful garden calling you ... it is calling me!(especially the peas - yum)

  6. Hi Linda, this post brings back good memories of your garden (and patio!). I realized I never got around to photographing it, but this will do nicely. You just need George! :) Enjoy the wine with Lawn Man! :)

  7. Your garden is most happy and will surely enjoy you in it Linda. Love the long view!

  8. I know how you feel! I've been neglecting my yard due to the busy season at work. I was informed the other day that my hours will be cut, so good news for working in the yard but bad news for paying bills!

    Oh well, at least I still have a job!

  9. Your garden is always lovely and picturesque. I will be so glad when my yard looks put together again!

  10. Our gardens are for doing what makes us feel best, right? Gardening, and relaxing! I love seeing your feet up because it reminds me that I need to go outside and do just that, once in a while;-) (Of course, my own feet have been up due to a sprained ankle--but believe me, it's not been a 'relaxing' feeling that's accompanied it!). I believe you deserve some wine and roses time...sitting back to take it all in. You've earned it!!!

  11. I'm jealous that you have baby cucumbers coming up. Mine have been seedlings for the past two months. The cold and rain have kept them from doing anything beside just holding on.

  12. Wine, grill, and a great garden view! What could make for a better evening?

  13. Linda, The garden, george and your guy all welcome you home! The garden looks good and isn't it amazing that gardens fine with out us! It takes a pry bar to get me to leave during gardening season....but I am always glad I take a break.

    Bright colors for your garden sounds wonderful...a change is good...

    Have a good week,


  14. Hi, what's for dinner? Nothing beats a great bbq and glass (or 2) of wine :) Your colors are beautiful with all that lush green backdrop! I'm envious of your sweet snow peas! Mine are only 3" tall!

  15. This time of year the garden doesn't need much more than a good weeding ever so often. You garden looks lush.

  16. Hi Blossom, the Lawn Man does the grilling around here, and I do love a man who cooks!

    Hi K&V, I'm glad to be back and catching up! It wasn't just the few days being gone that got me so far behind with everything - it was all the time spent planning and organizing SF too - lots of details!

    Thanks Leslie!

    Thank you Kylee, I'm gradually catching up. Between home and work, spring is a rough time to have been so busy!

    Hi Catmint, if the garden wasn't under silver maple trees, with all the seeds they drop in May, and if I didn't mind sprinkling Preen all over it, keeping up would be much easier. The garden muddled, then it puddled with all the rain, then the baby trees by the thousands got driven into the mulch to sprout. Ugh! (the peas make a good snack wile pulling baby trees!)

    Hi Monica, glad you have good memories of being here - I have good memories from your visit!

    George has been keeping a low profile lately after a minor altercation with a neighbor's dog who got loose - 1/2 George's size, but he's so docile he didn't fight back. No physical harm done, but now he's a little chicken to be outside.

    Thank you Tina - that's the view from where I sit on the patio, and it's nice to be back in my comfy chair with my feet up!

    Sorry to hear that Laura. The economy has been brutal! I don't anyone anymore who hasn't been affected by it. I hope you're able to enjoy the extra time off, and I hope for everyone's sake things start improving soon.

    Thank you Brenda! You're a brave woman living with all the renovations you're doing! They probably would have had to put me in a rubber room by now if I had all that going on here!

    Amen to that Jan! I haven't had a lot of time for putting my feet up lately, but under normal circumstances we do that as much as we can!

    Ouch! Sorry about your ankle! I did that a few years ago, and I can sympathize - it was very painful! Hope you're feeling better soon, and resting your ankle as much as possible.

    MBT, I'm amazed how well they did starting them in the basement. Everything I read recommended against it, and I've always direct-sowed them in the garden. But after my little experiment starting them indoors under the light, I'm sold on starting them early.

    Hi Rose, not much could make it better, except that the Lawn Man does the grilling! Lately we've been enjoying some delicious grilled veggies, and Sunday he grilled pineapple - yum!

    Hi Gail, I've been fantasizing about cutting down some silver maples since I've been back - without the gardener or some Preen, this garden would quickly become a silver maple forest - UGH! There are millions of maple seeds driven into the mulch by all the rain that are loving our very wet spring.

    Hope you're having a good week!

    Hi Lynn, come on over and we'll fire it up! There's still some asparagus, onions, peppers, and pears we can grill, and if you don't mind leftovers we've got steak, crab legs, chicken, and oh, the pineapple! Hmmm. . . we haven't tried grilled peas yet. . .

    Thanks Lisa. Unfortunately with all the silver maple seeds, weeding is a full-time job, but I don't have full time to do it.

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