Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4.3 and 12

About 4 a.m. today, 75 miles northwest of us near Sycamore, an earthquake (originally reported as 4.3, now revised to 3.8,) hit Illinois.

So far there are no reports of damage or injuries. There are preliminary reports of the quake being felt from Wisconsin to Tennessee. Here in the south 'burbs, we slept through it.

The latest round of snow here started late Monday, and continued through last night. This shot's a bit blurry, but it gives some perspective to the depth of the snow. George's legs are about 12.5 inches long. In unprotected areas of the back yard, he's up to his belly in snow.

The garden receives shelter from the house, trees, and and an arborvitae hedge - here the snow is 11-12 inches deep. George rarely ventures into the garden. He's forgiven since it's kind of hard to tell where the garden is! Yesterday it took some searching to find the walk leading to the front door so I could plow it.

As much snow as we've received so far during this latest storm, it pales in comparison to the east coast's snowfall totals. Be careful plowing and shoveling everyone, and safe travels. As for me, I feel fortunate being able to stay close to home, and am grateful for our big honkin' snow blower.


  1. All that shaking woke me up this morning. One of our local newsmen was talking about how upset his dog was just before the quake. I didn't notice my cats being upset. Was your dog restless?

  2. I'm not surprised you felt it Marnie, being much closer than we are. We slept through it, although Debbie, a blogger who lives in a suburb next to us (,)
    was awakened by the noise and the shaking.

    I'm not sure if George was disturbed by it - if so he didn't wake us, and was sound asleep when I got up. I woke with a headache at 4:15, but don't think it was related to the quake.

  3. I was surprised to hear of your earthquake on this morning's news. I didn't realize Chicago was on a fault line, but Oklahoma is, and a lot of people don't know that either. Maybe we're on the same one? Who knows. Stay warm. Spring will be here someday.~~Dee

  4. We slept through it, too, and I was so disappointed! I tried to get pics of the greyhound in the snow but she was having none of it, hunting out the places where the snow was thinnest to do her business and get back in the house ASAP. I took a video of the beagle wading through the snow, though; she seemed totally unfazed.

  5. Hey Garden Girl, I felt this one too - western suburbs. I thought my dog had jumped up on the bed. I sat up looked around and went back to sleep!

  6. I was surprised too Dee, especially since we slept through it. We had another earthquake south of here in the wee hours a couple of years ago - other people in our area heard and felt it, and we slept through that one too.

    The New Madrid fault line, and the Wabash Valley fault line run through Illinois. This morning I was researching IL fault lines - I think it's the New Madrid line that's in OK too. There are other fault lines in Illinois as well, and that may the case in OK too. (yep - a quick google search shows more than one in OK - another one is called The Meers Fault.)

    Diane, I'm not sure if I'm glad or disappointed I missed it - a little of each I suppose.

    George LOVES snow - he's 9 years old, but snow brings out his inner puppy! He loves to run around in, and eat snow.

    Hey Gatsby, thanks for visiting! Sleeping through tremors as we seem to do, makes me wonder whether we might sleep right through 'the big one!'

  7. I just read about that quake on Marnie's blog earlier. Scary stuff, even to sleep through.
    Your recent comment is spot on. I must send you an email with some thoughts that probably don't bear repeating in the blogosphere.

  8. I slept through it too! A few of my friends were woken up by it, but not me. I'm a little disappointed, and kind of worried about what else I could sleep through!

  9. Hi Jodi, when I was a kid I thought of earthquakes only in California, and had no idea until the last few years that we could experience them here in Illinois.

    I'd be happy to discuss that with you further via email!

    Rose, I know what you mean - this is the second time sleeping through an earthquake, and that's a little scary.

  10. We slept through it too. I sort of wish I'd been awake, so I could get the "feel" of it.
    Balisha :)

  11. Earthquakes in Tenessee? wow you just never know. Your dog sure looks like he's having fun!

  12. Linda, I remember a quake in St Louis two years ago in April...It shook the hotel room and woke me up. Strange and so unexpected. gail

  13. Anonymous11:13 PM

    I slept through this one. Although, I was awake and felt the one we had a couple of years ago and that freaked the me out.

  14. Me too Balisha!

    Teresa, isn't it amazing how far away the effects of even a relatively mild earthquake can be felt!

    Oh yeah, George LOVES snow!

    Gail, I wonder how many people who experience an earthquake realize what it is at the time it's happening.

    MBT, did you know it was an earthquake at the time? Seems like a lot of people say they didn't know what it was until after hearing about it on the news.

  15. A beautiful blanket of white and George probably knows his boundaries, he is just taking advantage of being able to go into the No No spots today. hee hee. I am surprised the Earthquake did not clear all the trees of snow. Stay Warm…

  16. Love the action shot of George. We didn't get as much snow, but about 8 inches, which is the first real snowfall we've had this season, and that makes me happy. I love snow. We had an earthquake back in the mid 1980s when I was in a college class. At the time, I thought someone was kicking the back of my chair... no one would have guessed it was an earthquake because they never happen here... and even though it was ridiculously mild, it freaked us out when we worked out what it was, simply because it's so unheard of here.

  17. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Snow and earthquakes, it seems impossible that they could go together, or is that just an American point of view since most earthquakes seem to be in warmer climes here. When we lived in southern CA for three years, we had several, some big ones. I had nightmares about them and was so glad to move where there weren't any, TN! We returned to CA for a vacation in 1994 and they had one of the largest quakes in modern times while we were there! We had to change our plans of driving down the coast from San Francisco to LA because the interstate was broken. I shudder to think of earthquakes with those tall buildings in Chicago. What is going on, weather and nature are showing us who is boss, I guess. I admire a big honkin' snow blower too. :-)

  18. I know everyone out "east" is tired of all their snow......just wish we could have a bit of it....

  19. Glad you are fine and slept throught the quake, Linda. All that snow must be tiresome... but it sure is pretty and George probably enjoys romping through it. Looks like your fencing comes in even handier with so many inches of snow trying to bury your witchhazel.
    Stay safe and YAY for big honkin' snow blowers.

  20. Hi Skeeter, George gets a little carried away with himself when there's snow!

    Nothing here, not even the snow, seemed to be disturbed by the quake.

    Monica, he's been beyond excited with the snow.

    I keep thinking of words like 'shocked,' 'rattled,' 'shaken up,' etc in imagining how it must have felt realizing you'd just experienced an earthquake. ;)

    Frances, it does seem bizarre!

    I can sure understand being happy about moving away from such an active quake zone!

    That big honkin' snow blower is one of the best investments we've made!

    Victoria, we'd gladly share some of our snow if we could!

    Meems, I used to hate winter, but not having to go out in it most of the time, it's not so bad these days. I'm still looking forward to spring though!

    I think the witch hazel can handle the snow, but I'd rather it didn't get buried, as I'm watching for those buds to open!

    This is one of those winters I can't imagine not having that snow blower - sure does come in handy, and makes quick work of moving a foot of snow.

  21. I first read about the quake on Marnie's blog--then I heard it on the news. Glad to know there was no serious damage. We had one here almost two years ago, and I slept through it, too:)

    George looks like he enjoys the snow as much as Sophie does. There's certainly enough for a playground! Like you, I can't imagine, though, what it must be like out East. Our 4-6" have caused enough problems, including my getting stuck in the driveway yesterday:)

  22. When spring arrives, we will all look back at this winter in awe, Linda! Thankfully, we have been luckier than many since ours has been fairly mild. Happy Valentine's Day <3

  23. Wow! I heard about this on the news. I am just happy that people were safe.


  24. Linda, if your are like me, you are tired of this winter and the snow and cold. Glad the earthquake didn't cause any damage or even wake you.

    Are you going to the flower show? Rose and I are sooo looking forward to it.

  25. Hi Rose, I remember that quake - it was felt and heard in our area, and we slept through that one too.

    I'm sure Sophie and George would get along well - I think they're kindred spirits!

    My middle daughter in DC has been contending with a lot of snow in a city that's not used to dealing with it. I think I prefer Chicago winters to all that!

    A lot of stuff here this week was cancelled due to the weather, and the Lawn Man was home this week. We were pretty fortunate not having to go out in it.

    It has been quite an eventful winter around the country Joey! Here, (except for the quake,) it seems like a good, old-fashioned Chicago winter like I remember from childhood, with snow pretty much all winter long (so far . . . )

    Happy Valentines Day to you!

    Me too Rosey. No damage and especially no injuries - that was very good news.

    Beckie, I used hate to winter. I'm not minding it so much these days. I'm looking forward to spring, but time goes by so quickly as it is, I'm not in a rush.

    I do plan to go to the flower show - all that color and green is such a treat after a long winter! As of now I plan to be there mid-week. There are so many good talks - I need to check the schedule and see if I can fit in more days. It would be fun to meet up with you and Rose if we end up there on the same day(s).

  26. Linda girl ! You made me laugh so much this morning about the "big HONKIN snow-blower" hahaha .. we too have that love affair here.
    BUT .. by some very strange turn of events we escaped all of those storms .. you had an earth quake on top of it all ? My goodness girl !! Things are adventerous there ?
    Happy Valentine's Day .. I am just now getting round to other blogs .. catching up is hard but I'm having a few good laughs and lots of smiles.
    Thanks girl !

  27. Glad I was able to give you a laugh Joy!

    Yes, things are very adventurous here! The icing on the cake - this morning I got a phone call from my oldest - first thing she said was 8 lbs. 6 oz. It took me a minute to get over my surprise - our new granddaughter was born this morning! Mamma and baby are happy and healthy, and we're thrilled. Looking forward to seeing them later today!

    Happy Valentines Day to you too!


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