Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You Grandma, Grandpa, and Mom

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa, for this beautiful birthday gift. Thank you for letting me be your little princess. It's humbling knowing the tragedies and challenges both of you and our family faced, that my coming into this world brought you such joy and hopefulness.

Thank you for loving each other so much, and for sharing your love with me. Thank you for the blessings you bestowed upon me. I've done my best to live up to your hopes and dreams for me. I will always love and remember you both.

Thank you for blessing me with the best Mom any child could ever ask for.

Thank you Mom, for giving me Life. Thank you for your love, acceptance, and support, and for all you've done for me throughout my life. And thank you for saving this beautiful letter for me. It will always be one of my most treasured possessions. I love you.


  1. What wonderful Grandparents.

    And the word 'Earth' rings throughout - which seems appropriate for a future gardener.

    Happy Birthday, Linda.

    Lucy and Esther)

  2. Happy birthday! You are so lucky to have family that expresses love!!!

  3. P.S. I love that your middle name is Lee! ;-)

  4. What a wonderful birthday gift--this is something to treasure forever. Hope you have a wonderful day, Linda!

  5. Have a wonderful birthday, Linda. Now that I have my own little princess I can really relate to the boundless love your grandparents felt for you.

  6. What a sweet thing to have now to look back on Princess Linda Lee. Thank you for holding court today and allowing us into your Kingdom.

  7. Happy Birthday Linda!Thif gift is precious.

  8. Happy Birthday, I am a little "verklempt" after reading that sweet letter. Ahhh. Very touching.

  9. Dear Linda,

    Happy Birthday. I know that I speak for all of those still present, and for those who have passed on, when I say that our families are blessed for your presence in our midst.

    May the flowers and fruits of the earth grow exhuberantly wherever you plant them.


  10. How wonderful Linda and happy birthday. You are one lucky girl.


  11. Lucy/Esther, they truly were. I was blessed to have them. Grandpa was a writer, artist, and horticulturalist, and I'm not at all surprised by his frequent Earth references. Thank you!

    Thank you Monica! I feel very fortunate for that. As a child I always felt loved, and still do. I haven't always 'loved' my middle name, but for some reason when my great-niece was given the same middle name, I decided I actually do like it.

    I'm so grateful Mom kept that letter Rose. She held onto it for many years, until she knew I'd take care of it. Thank you!

    Thank you Carolyn! I know exactly what you mean about the love of grandparents for their grandchildren. I am so excited I'll soon get to experience it with a second grandchild. We adore our little guy, and grandchild # will be our little princess!

    LOL - It sure is Debbie! Every little girl should get to feel like a princess sometimes! Your comment made me remember that old TV show 'Queen for a Day,' and got me wondering what it would be like if they decided to resurrect it on TV today.

    Thank you Tatyana. It truly is one of the most precious keepsakes I have.

    I know what you mean Rosey. . . I still get a little verklempt when I read that beautiful letter.

    Aw, thank you Mom! I'm blessed beyond measure by the love in our family. The world would be a much different place if more children grew up feeling as loved and wanted as I have. I love you.

    Thank you Tyra! I feel very lucky to have such a loving family.

  12. Such a beautiful letter from wonderful family members! Thanks for sharing it with us, and have a very happy birthday!

  13. Linda, What a wonderful filled with their love and happiness for having you in their lives. I am honored that you would share all this goodness and love with us! Happy Birthday to you! gail

  14. Linda,

    Thanks for sharing something so beautiful and personal.

    I'm really blown away by this letter that I don't really know what else to say other than; I can see why you are such a nice person.

    Your family has a lot to be proud of. Hope you had a Happy Birthday.

  15. Thank you Rose! It was a very happy birthday.

    Gail, the older I get the more wonderful I think the letter is. Grandma and Grandpa were such loving, special people in my life. I have so many happy memories of them.

    MBT, it was my pleasure. I don't usually get so personal here, and am not exactly sure why I decided to share that.

    My grandparents been on my mind a lot recently. I just wanted to honor them, and followed my heart.

    Thanks so much for your kind words - means a lot to me!

  16. What beautiful sentiments from your grandparents, Linda and happy birthday! Having met you in person, we can vouch that everything they wrote is true. I have letters from my family members, long since deceased that I cannot reread, and may never be able to, but they are precious pieces of paper. Your letter is a treasure. :-)

  17. What a sweet letter and how wonderful that you can still go back and read it. Happy Birthday!

  18. Linda, treasures in words...sooo meaningful and lasting.
    You had a wonderful Birthday I trust! Tell us...any goodies for the garden? Enjoy your week :)

  19. Grandpa had a way with words Frances. I always admired how beautifully he expressed his feelings. Thanks so much for those kind words.

    There is something so special about family letters. We enjoy having them. It's through them we've come to know our loved ones even better, and have even come to know some of those who departed before we were born. Last time I visited Mom, we spent time going through family letters, photos, newspaper clippings, and documents. It was truly a joy for us communing with loved ones through those records they saved for us.

    Catherine, words can't adequately express how grateful I am to have it. Thank you!

    So true Lynn. This letter is a treasure.

    My birthday was was wonderful. There was joy in the heartfelt and loving words that were shared, and there were garden goodies too.

    The generous and thoughtful Lawn Man gave me beautiful garden gifts, and chocolate - it's sort of garden-related right - chocolate comes from plants!

  20. Hello girl,
    A loving grandparent wrote that touching letter...How lucky they were to have you and you them. Happy Birthday...a little late.
    Balisha ((HUGS))

  21. Hey there Balisha, amen to that!

    Thank you for the birthday wish!

  22. Hello Linda, belated birthday wishes from me! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful letter from your loving grandparents. To have so much love in their hearts and to express it so beautifully...A treasure, really!

  23. *sniff* Thank YOU for sharing this beautiful and personal letter with us. How wonderful to have a glimpse into those feelings of love that you experienced as a child and continue to experience in your life as an adult.

    You are still gracing the world with your beautiful spirit.


  24. Thank you Kanak! It was a wonderful to have grandparents who were so sentimental and expressed heartfelt feelings so readily. And it's still a treasure to be able to look back and this, and other letters from them I've saved. My loving grandparents are still with me, sharing undying love with our family through through their legacy of letters.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it Kylee. Our family is so blessed with the love we share, preserved in generations of saved letters we are blessed to still have.

    Thank you for those kind words!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday. That was one of the most beautiful, heartfelt gifts I have ever encountered. What a treasure - thank you for sharing it princess.

  26. Thank you Carrie!

    Grandma and Grandpa didn't have have much in a material sense, but they were rich in the love that lives on in our family long after their passing.

  27. I recently became a grandmother for the first time. This post is especially dear.

  28. Congratulations Donna! I'm so happy for you. There's nothing like being a grandma! So glad you enjoyed the post.

    I'll be a grandma for the second time early next year. Having one grandchild with another on the way makes this letter even more precious to me now than it was when I was younger.


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