Friday, March 13, 2009

More From Chicago Flower & Garden Show

I'd planned to go back to the garden show Wednesday, but the Lawn Man was sick and we ended up at d0c-in-the-box instead - good thing since antibiotics were in order. I'm on my way back to the show this morning. Come along with me. . . it's only a train ride and and short cab trip away.

Ah, here we are! That didn't take long. Come, there's something I want to show you - this viburnum x juddii. It's a hybrid with a heavenly scent.

Please, come closer so you can experience its sweet fragrance.

Oh look, this rose sculpture is where I ran into one of my Master Gardener classmates with her guide dog and friend on Saturday. She's an inspiration to our class, volunteering her time on gardening projects for blind and visually-impaired people. This thornless sculpture is just one of many tactile experiences at the show. Aren't the roses fragrant? And here's another topiary from the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences display. It was designed and constructed by the students, and made from materials recycled from previous projects. When it's dismantled everything will be reused or recycled. The mission of this unique public magnet school on the city's south side is being a college preparatory high school that provides opportunities for diverse students from across the city to study agriculture with the goal of developing marketable skills as well as college level competencies. It's a very cool school!

I wonder if they use this tractor on their 72-acre farm.

Isn't this pretty? Purple heucheras might be nice here too. Maybe I'll add some yellow-green heucheras and hardy ferns to the english ivy sprawling into our side yard from next door. The heuchera looks like a villosa. . . wish we could find a label somewhere! Let me know if you spot one.

This Cedrus Atlantica 'glauca pendula,' or Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar isn't hardy here in zone 5, but it might be happy in your garden if you're in zone 6-9.

I enjoyed this sculpture of liatris, agapanthus, and bamboo. Isn't it cool?

Oh look, I remember this gigantic bouquet!

Before we go, let's take one last look at that flowerpot Yorkie. I'm not very crafty but he looks like something even I could make. I think he and George would get along just fine.

I'm glad you came along to check out the garden show. I hope you enjoyed your visit. This was my first year attending the show, but definitely not the last. Maybe you can get away again next year for a stroll through Navy Pier and a peek at the show with me.

Time to catch the train back home where we're still waiting patiently for spring.


  1. Hi, Linda. I am trying to finish up my post on our visit to the Garden Show and thought I'd better check to make sure I didn't duplicate any of your photos--not to worry, there was so much to see! Several of the things you've shown here I missed, esp. that Yorkie; I should have looked a little closer!

    I remember seeing that viburnum and the magnificent smell--I thought it was a lilac at first. Wouldn't it be wonderful near a front walk?

    Hope Hubby is feeling better and that you have a chance to get back to the show a second time. I know I would go again if I lived closer:)

  2. What fun! I like that Juddii viburnum. It is reputed to grow well in the shade. Might have to find some since it smells so good.

  3. Ooh, I feel so in-the-know now, especially since I have been to Navy Pier. Twice! Ah, the viburnum smells so sweet. It's one of my favorite shrubs. I do love the flower sculpture--my head tells me it's such an unnatural form it shouldn't appeal to me, but, in fact, it does!! Also love the topiary lamb and the red tractor! Thanks for taking me! :)

  4. Linda, It looks like a wonderful show~~It's been fun to get different perspectives...and see what catches everyone's eye. I have two fragrant viburnums and totally recommend them for a garden...the fragrance drifts on the breeze. Hope Lawn Man is feeling better. gail

  5. I love the bamboo sculpture. That is something different. And the big bouquet is lovely and colorful. I wish we have more flower expo here in Malaysia.

  6. What a great way to get ideas for your own garden Linda. I love that Viburnum, the flowers were very eyecatching. Thanks for taking us along on the visit. :)

  7. Thanks for the great tour, Linda. You really have me itching for spring!

  8. When will they invent scratch 'n' sniff computer monitors?
    So we used to be neighbors? Small world. Looking forward to this new bloggin, gardening world with all of you.

  9. Nice pics. Our Boise show will be later this month, I'll try to post some pics.

  10. LMAO. You went again? I'm thinking of going again on the last day and hanging around the dumpsters of Navy Pier seeing what plants they throw away ;0)

  11. I wish I could have gone back, but one trip is all the time I could afford. I will remember that Viburnum for a long time. I kept wandering past it to get a whiff.
    I think the Heucheras were 'Pistache.'

  12. I enjoyed the tour! I like the "flower bed".

  13. Hi,
    I had one of those viburnums next to the front door.I would look out the window to see people's reactions as they came up the front walk. Everyone wondered what smelled so good.I used to go the garden show every year.

  14. Hi Rose, so glad you and Beckie got to see the show! I enjoyed your post. It's fun to see all the different perspectives, and you did a great job showing shots not seen on other blogs.

    I did make it back today, attended a seminar on native trees and shrubs, spent more time in the vendor area, and took a closer look at some of the stuff I walked by the first time. I examined that Yorkie (or is it a lhasa apso - that's what someone said today when I was turning it over to see how it was made.) Either way, I was smitten and I think I'll try to make one.

    Today I really noticed the scent of the hyacinths - glad you got some shots of those - they permeated the atmosphere at the show even more than I remember on Saturday.

    Thankfully the Lawn Man is on the mend and will have the weekend to rest up before returning to work on Monday. I know he's sick when he stays home from work!

    Hi Tina, that viburnum had the most delicious fragrance! I'm very tempted, especially since it does well without much sun. I'm doing things a bit backwards here - planted a lot of perennials, not many shrubs. Last year and again this spring I'm focusing on adding more shrubs.

    Hi Monica, I think I have to get that viburnum. Its fragrance is still in my nose!

    I know what you mean about the flower 'sculpture.' There was something about it I found very appealing.

    I'm so glad you got to come along with me to Navy Pier!

  15. Hi Gail, it was a wonderful experience. I probably wouldn't have gone if not for blogging - chalk up one more point for blogging.

    I've found myself wondering why I never went before. It was so easy to get there.

    Being my first time, I saw it with new eyes. It's been interesting for me seeing how I experienced it compared with how veterans and other first-timers did.

    Thanks for the thumbs-up on the viburnums. I believe I must have one. . . and the dog. . . and that yellow-green heuchera.

    Hi Blossom, glad you liked them. The bamboo and blooms isn't something I would have thought I'd like. . . until I saw it. There was something about it that really stuck with me. It was very memorable.

    Hi Racquel, thanks for coming along! Glad to see you got home safely! Yep. . . must have the viburnum. And let's not even talk about the ideas from the native trees and shrubs seminar I got today. I'm delighted several recommended shrubs were things I'd already ordered!

    I got lots of good ideas there, from the display gardens and from the seminars. I will definitely go back in the future.

    You're not kidding Joey! Me too. Last week it was mild here, and I was poking around finding new growth all over the place. I can hardly wait. Lot's to do before it really hits here!

    Thanks for visiting the show with me! It was so nice having you!

  16. Hi Debbie, I think it'll happen soon! Smellovision would be great on garden and food blogs.

    Welcome to blogging, neighbor. I'm still practically right down the street. How fun to have another garden blogger living so close!

    Looking forward to seeing you around, and to seeing your garden this spring.

    I hope you're think about coming to the Spring Fling - the more the merrier!

    Thanks Kim and Victoria! Glad you enjoyed the show. I'll be looking forward to seeing the Boise show. I've been enjoying seeing garden shows from around the country - how they're different and how they're alike. It's fun.

    Hey MBT, yup, I went back today. Glad I did too. It was so nice not having our presentation hanging over my head. I had a nice long chat with Bill Aldrich, went to a seminar, smelled the hyacinths, went through the whole vendor area this time, and enjoyed it a second time.

  17. Hi Barbara, I'm so glad I got to go back - couldn't have done it in a few weeks.

    I had to go sniff that viburnum again today. You should have seen the rose sculpture - I should have taken a picture. The roses and the foliage were all wilted and it looked very, very sad.

    Thanks for the tip on the heucheras! You saved me from googling them. That's exactly what they looked like. Guess I'll have to get some!

    Hi Catherine, I liked the flower bed too. I liked that whole vignet. At first it seemed contrived, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. There was a nice sentiment behind it too. And I fell in love with the flowerpot and string dog.

    Hi Balisha, I would really like to have that viburnum. I'm sure I can find it online, if not around here. I'll be looking for it, that's for sure. That, and that heuchera. And supplies for the dog.

    I can see why you'd go back every year. I wonder why I never went before.

  18. I love the flower "bed" in the last photo, Linda! I would have loved to have gone back to the Philly show...there's always next year! Hope your guy is feeling better :)

  19. I love gardening shows. And home tours of gardens. Get a lot of ideas from these local places!

  20. Our Canada Blooms is this week and I can hardly wait. Isn't it just fabulous walking around with all the green colours, the flower scents, and folks who are just happy to be with flowers. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  21. Hi Lynn, I liked the flower bed too - I liked that whole display. It was that little dog that really got to me!

    I enjoyed your photos from the Philly show. It's fun to see the shows around the country!

    He's much better, thank you! The antibiotics are doing the trick.

    Hi Brenda, I'm finding that too. I'll be visiting more gardens and shows in the future. I really enjoy it.

    Hi Barbara, enjoy the show! I hope you'll be posting some pictures of your visit.

    Visiting a garden show is a great tonic this time of year.

  22. My mom went and didn't take any photos (?!)so I'm happy to get all and any photos of the show. I also like the yellow heucheras with the ivy and ferns. I have one of them in my yard and I think it's villosa (lemon lime) and it stands out in the yard, I love it.

  23. Hi Rosemarie, glad you're enjoying everyone's photos! I rarely used to bring my camera with me except for vacations and family events until I started blogging!

    I have lime rickey and key lime pie - I like them both alot, but I really like the size and texture of the villosas too. Maybe I'll look for both pistache and lemon lime! So many of them are so similar it's hard to tell the difference.

  24. I have enjoyed your view of the show. I like seeing bouquets that aren't your usual fair. They give me inspiration for my work.

  25. Hi Lisa, glad you enjoyed the show! I know what you mean - I found lots of ideas and inspiration there.


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