Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Bloom Day

There's not much blooming around here this bloom day. Even the plants overwintering indoors are sulking and tired of winter.

Jasminum sambac 'Maid of Orleans' has been either in bud or bloom in the basement all winter - this bloom day, just buds. The first two years I had this plant it stayed very compact. Over the winter it's gone nuts, sprawling all over everything. A bamboo tee pee solved the problem. for now anyway.

I still might try some cuttings from this dragonwing (or do you call them angelwing) begonia. Two of these bloomed all winter in the living room.

The pelargoniums have been blooming all winter in the basement. They're messy, so I keep removing the budding stems. They respond by sending out more buds.
I took some cuttings from them over the winter. These blooms are from a cutting.
There's lots of new growth in the garden. Since I never seem to get around to planting early-blooming bulbs in the fall, there are no blooms yet. There is a hellebore budding on this frosty March morning.

There are signs of life all over the garden. It won't be long now! Spring is almost here!

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  1. Linda, I just marvel at all your blooms in the basement every time I see them. Mine didn't do so well, probably because I didn't follow through on all your instructions as I should have.

    The frosty hellebore is lovely...yes, spring isn't far away!

  2. Hellebore bud is my favorite! Thanks for sharing all your blooms!

  3. Linda, Aren't you just enthralled with the hellebore! They are troopers and shrug off winter's assault! I predict more of them in gardens after this! Love the hellebore photo and your greenhouse basement is amazing! gail

  4. I'm generally not a big Begonia fan, but I really like your Dragonwing, with its simple flowers. Your Hellebore is nearly in bloom. I hope that means it'll only be another week before mine start blooming.

  5. Well, at least you have something blooming indoors! I can't believe all the buds on the pelargonium! I've seen so many hellebores on blogs, I'm convinced to buy one this spring at a local plant sale... and next March, I'll be ready. I've actually had it on my list forever and am not sure why I didn't get it... Happy bloom day. It's sunny here with a high of 54 predicted and I'm off to visit parks. I got it in my head to visit all of Ann Arbor's 160+ parks this year!!

  6. That geranium is awesome. I like the yellow of it very much!

  7. Good morning Rose, sorry your basement experiment didn't turn out so well. I had casualties over the winter - a fuchsia, a variegated begonia, a datura, Japanese dappled willow cuttings, some of the hydrangea cuttings. . . And we won't talk about the spider mites. Even with all the casualties though, there have been more successes than failures. I think it's the big honkin' light that makes the difference, and leaving it on about 20 hours a day.

    Hi Tatyana, hellebores are quickly becoming favorites of mine too! There will definitely be more of them here this spring.

    Good morning Gail, addicted is more like it! I've always thought they were great plants, had them on 'the list' for years. This one was in bloom when I planted it the first week of April, and the blooms lasted through the end of October. Unprecidented! I predict more of them here too!

    I'm not wild about most begonias either MMD, but I especially like the dragonwings, and some of ones with simple flowers and gorgeous foliage.

    Hopefully our mild temps this week will give our hellebores just the nudge they're waiting for.

    Hi Monica, those pelargoniums are the energizer bunnies of the basement!

    Seems we're all smitten with the hellebores! Now that I've finally gotten one, can't wait to get more.

    Enjoy your spring weather. We're enjoying a mild weekend here too. I'll definitely be getting outside to enjoy it.

    Thanks Tina. The grow light in the basement gives everything a yellow glow that makes for some interesting photos!

  8. Love the hellebore! It must be nice to have such a big group of garden bloggers in your area.

  9. The Hellebore bloom looks great. It's wonderful that you have had Geraniums blooming all winter long. The Jasmine is beautiful ~ glad that you solved its sprawl by a bamboo teepee. I love those ~ and have several in my living room where I over-winter tender plants and vines.

  10. You have a lot blooming indoors. The begonia is very pretty! Your frosty hellebore will be blooming any day now.

  11. Even indoors they grow like that! It's amazing! Pretty blooms and I bet the hellebore will be more stunning when it opens up.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, Linda. Lovely to have you drop by/read your comment. Happy GBBD!

  12. Lovely signs of life all over. I can't help but marvel at people who can keep indoor plants alive. I don't know what my problem is. I can't wait until I'm into that phase of summer up here.

  13. Spring will be there before you know it and you'll have way more than a hellebore outside to show. That hellebore will be great when it opens!

  14. Well I'm glad you have blooms in the basement! The pink ones are gorgeous! You sound like me about planting early spring bulbs- I have only a few crocus, here and there! In the fall, I'm going to get some going in the lawn to join the lonely one I found this week!

  15. For me March always seems like spring until I go out in the garden -- it's still all brown!

  16. Hi Helen, I'm truly smitten by hellebores! Can't wait to add more here!

    It seems like every few weeks lately I find a new garden blog in Illinois. I'm amazed how many there are.

    Thank you Kate! I've been enjoying the geraniums, even if they are messy.

    I'm amazed how much the jasmine grew over the winter. I killed it's sibling last winter, so I would have been happy just to have this one survive! It looks nice on its new trellis, and I'm tempted to bring it upstairs to the living room so I can enjoy its fragrance even more.

    Thank you Catherine, yep, I just checked the hellebore, and it's almost all the way open!

    Thank you Kanak, it won't be long now - I can see the hellebore will be really pretty when it opens the rest of the way.

    Thanks for visiting!

    Cinj, oh, I've killed my share of plants indoors! This winter I lost some of my favorites - a datura, a fuchsia that the hummingbirds loved, a really pretty variegated geranium. . . oh well, win some, loose some!

    Thank goodness Dave! Spring fever is definitely starting to hit! I haven't been in a hurry for spring, but our mild weather has me impatient now.

    Thank you Tessa! Maybe this will be the year for bulbs! I got some nice lilies at the garden show, so that's a good start. If I'm not too burned out in the fall, maybe I'll actually get to the spring-blooming bulbs finally!

    I know what you mean Rosemarie! At least the grass is starting to green up with the mild weather the last couple of days, and there are all kinds of new sprouts in the garden. I'm resisting the temptation to uncover them, as I'm sure we'll be getting chilly again in a few days.

  17. Hi!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.. the garden you admired in the picture there, is my own... at my house
    Its a bit of a mishmash of everything, because I always like to try things out before I plant them in a clients garden...
    Looks like a great day tomorrow!
    I am glueing hundreds of silk flowers, and stickers, and glitter... on my truck today! hee hee, quite the spectacle... will post pics this week Im sure ha...

  18. Hi Vanessa, Wow - Your garden is gorgeous!

    Mine's a bit of a mishmash too - more of a plant collection than a garden!

    Hmmm. . .now you've got me curious! I'll look forward to seeing the spectacle!

  19. I do love a gal who knows the difference between a geranium and a pelargonium. :) Happy Bloom Day, love that purple hellebore!

  20. Thank you Hkki! You've got some nice flower and plant photos on your blog. Thanks for visiting!

    Hi Karen, I love them both - pelargoniums are the classic grandma's front porch flowers, and I love the geraniums in my mostly shady garden, especially Rozanne. Any perennial that blooms from May to frost even in my shady bed is a must-have!

  21. Hang in there. It won't be long now.~~Dee

  22. I love your indoor garden, Linda, but bet you're glad the hellebore is promising you some outdoor garden fun soon. Like a dummy, I left my potted Sambac jasmine outside when we had frosty nights. It survived but has to re-leaf and hopefully bloom again. You were wise and have a thriving plant with flowers!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  23. Hi Dee, we're getting a wonderful taste of spring today - 74 degrees and sunny. I pounded stakes into my new veggie bed to hold a trellis - can't wait to plant some peas!

    Thank you Annie, the hellebore opened! Apparently it likes our weather today as much as I do!

    I hope your jasmine recovers. If I left mine out over the winter here, it would have lost more than leaves! I did get tired of bringing stuff in last fall and left a few things to the weather. I thought about leaving the jasmine since I killed the other one last winter, and thought this one didn't seem very happy here. It surprised me taking off the way it did, and now I'm really glad I brought it in.

  24. I agree with your indoor plants. I am tired of winter. I am ready for spring and all that comes with it. I love dragon wing begonias. They are such good performers in my shady back garden. They just blooom and grow and bloom and grow with not many pests.

  25. Me too Lisa - I've had enough of winter! I'm looking forward to getting the plants and myself back outside!

    Last year was the first time I tried dragonwings. They bloom more than anything else in my shady garden. They never stop! Even the impatiens slow down occasionally, but not those dragonwings. They're so easy too, and unlike most of the container plants I have, they don't mind drying out, in fact they prefer being on the dry side.

  26. Your angelwing begonias bloomed right in your home? I admired them in Gatlinburg this fall, now I'll have to make sure to get myself one and overwinter it too. Those blue herons fly over our neighborhood all the time on the way to the pond, and I never get tired of seeing them.

  27. Hi Robin, the begonias bloomed all winter with a little morning sun from the window. They have bloomed nonstop since I brought them home last spring. They're a little messy when they drop their petals, but otherwise very easy to care for as long as they're not overwatered. I haven't fertilized them or given them any special care at all, and once outside they bloom and thrive in sun or shade.


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