Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter Reflections

recent foggy evening in the backyard

The garden is sleeping and frankly, the plants overwintering in the basement have been largely neglected except for occasional watering.

Posting has been sporadic at best as I've turned my attention to a long list of projects I hope to accomplish indoors over the winter. Lots has been done, and even more remains on the list. I'm not stressing about it - whatever gets done gets crossed off, whatever doesn't will stay on the list. There's nothing critical. Every door and molding that gets painted and every closet that gets organized brings satisfaction.

A couple of tired-looking but favorite old chairs got freshened up with a coat of paint. An empty bedroom got a thorough cleaning and a bit of a facelift with some new bedding. Cobwebs have been vacuumed, cabinets got new knobs, a few switch plate covers were changed. In short, I've been nesting, and enjoying every minute of it. The gift of time in the winter is a major perk of my recent career change.

It's been an adjustment getting used to having the winter off. Last winter I was anxious for spring. This winter I'm treasuring each moment. Spring will be welcomed but not rushed. I can get used to this. I love being at home. I love being 'domestic.'

The Lawn Man took time off in December and we had lots of wonderful, memorable quiet times spent together at home in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle. It's a special time of year for us, since our first date was only six years ago on December 30th, the night before our second date on New Year's Eve. Both those evenings are among the most memorable and cherished of my life.

Life has been peaceful lately, and the pace much slower these non-gardening months - more time for reading, reflecting, indoor projects, and quiet times with loved ones. The holidays are over, the decorations are all put away. The warmth of the memories from this holiday season remain as we welcome the new year and settle into winter.

To all you wonderful readers and fellow garden bloggers, I hope your holidays were merry and your new year is blessed with peace and contentment.


  1. Hi Linda, oh we have missed you. But it sounds like your life is wonderful and you are truly enjoying the quietness of winter. Your nesting makes me feel that need too, but it is true that the blogging takes up the time that might be spent doing more productive things. I do look forward to meeting you in Chicago, btw!


  2. Aw, thank you Frances! I've missed y'all too.

    Life's been good and I'm truly enjoying nesting this winter. So far it's been a good winter for staying indoors around here.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Fling too! It'll be May before we know it.

  3. I've wondered where you have been, Linda! So glad to know you have been taking some time for yourself. Summer used to be my time for projects around the house, since that was the only extended time off I had. Now winter seems like the best choice since I'd rather be gardening when it's warm. I like your attitude about "if it doesn't get done, it just stays on the list." Enjoy your time off!

  4. Glad you're having a great winter. My hubbie took some time off before the holidays set in and it was much appreciated.
    Happy holidays to you and yours.

  5. Hi Linda and thank you for a wonderful post it is so nice to here from you.
    I'm nesting too and loving it but I do long for the winter to end and the spring to come. I want the strong spring sun to warm me up.

    LOLove Tyra

  6. Hi Rose! Ah, one of the perks of teaching - summers off! And now, retirement. . . even better!

    Hi Victoria, the gift of time sure is welcome during the holiday season! Glad you and your husband got to enjoy some extra time together during the holidays.

    Thank you Tyra! Winter is a good time for nesting. It's really unusual for me to enjoy winter. I've never liked it - in fact hate isn't too strong a word when it comes to how I've felt about it. This year I've felt completely different, although I don't think I'll ever embrace the cold. I'll always look forward to spring.

  7. Linda, I truly empathsize! I am not so sure I want to go back to work after having retired 5 years ago. But sometimes I think yes, then when I wake up I say how much I love my life that I can stay at home and be domestic-to a certain extent. Usually I am knee deep in the garden somewhere. Your picture sure shows the fog! Very thick. You enjoy your time off and relax, it is allowed!

  8. Linda .. it is wonderful to be quiet and cozy isn't it ? .. I have more projects to get done inside the house as well before I let loose in the garden (I don't want to feel guilt pangs over things I should have gotten done .. but I know I'll have a few anyways ! LOL) ..
    Canadians are natural born nesters girl .. lad to have more join the club !! : )

  9. Happy New Year! It sounds like you're getting a lot done. (I wish I was.) I have to finish packing away the Christmas stuff before I start concentrating on projects.
    That fog was so funky, but I think we're back to snow for a while now.

  10. Sounds like bliss!

  11. Love your fog photo (funny, I'm about to post mine). I'm with you, Linda, and though I miss my garden, I enjoy this time of year with many indoor projects and winter fun outdoors. Wishing you a blessed New Year ... enjoy nesting :)

  12. Linda,

    I have missed you! Your month off sounds perfect...there is nothing like clearing out the real cobwebs to clear out the metaphorical ones, too. I might have to give it a try.

    Spring will be here before we know it...time passes quicker then we think. Wasn't it just last year;)

    ...your fog was very thick! Nice photo. Welcome back!


  13. I hear you Tina! I'm so looking forward to retirement! It's great that you love your life.

    Oh, don't worry - I'm finding time to relax. I've even gotten in a nap (or three. . . or more,) in the last few weeks.

    It truly is Joy! No guilt here over what doesn't get done. The necessary stuff gets done, everything else is gravy. If something doesn't get done this winter, there's always next winter!

    Thank you MMD! I'm not sure which I enjoy more - getting the house decorated for Christmas, or putting it all away! I packed up Christmas on January 2nd. I usually put it all away pretty fast.

    Yep, back to snow. I was just out snowblowing the driveway and sidewalks. It's cold and windy out there!

    Hi Barbara, yep, bliss is a good description!

    Thank you Joey! That fog was so pretty! The light was really cool, made it all look kind of inky.

    Aw, thanks Gail! I've missed you guys too! It's nice to have time for clearing the cobwebs. Once the weather gets nice, the cobwebs will have to keep, cuz I'll be outside! In the meantime though, I'm determined to actually ENJOY winter for a change.

    Visibility is about as good this evening as it was on that foggy evening, except this time is blowing snow. brrrr!

  14. I haven't been around visiting as much either these days. Isn't it nice to get so much accomplished? I have much more to get done before the winter is over too. All of this sickness going on around here has been draining to say the least. I sure hope we get a bunch done this weekend. Have a wonderful, productive time this winter. I do hope you can stop by a few times at least though. I sure hope I can make it to Chicago.

  15. Hi Linda, Glad you're getting things done; but there's no need to rush, as you've discovered. Frankly, I'm always relieved when someone else posts as infrequently as I do! :)

  16. Hi Cinj, sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging!

    I hope everyone's feeling better! Hope you're able to get caught up, but don't forget some time for relaxing too.

    I'll definitely be checking in with everyone, even if not quite as often while I'm being industrious around the house.

    I sure hope you can make it to the Fling. I'd love to meet you!

    Hi Monica, nope, no rushing. I'm too much of a perfectionist to rush. I'm enjoying the results of my labors.

    Nice to know my sporadic posting makes you feel better! ;)

  17. How nice it sounds to have time to rebuild the nest in winter, Linda! It will be great to have accomplished those clean and repainted rooms before the garden lures you out in spring.

    I love the misty blue photo of your foggy evening.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  18. Happy Belated Holidays! And I love that foggy picture, how cool!

  19. Hi Annie, I'm loving it! Once spring gets here, the house will be back to benign neglect - I'll be outside!

    That fog was so pretty. I didn't photoshop that photo - it really did look that blue out there!

    Hi Rosemarie, thank you! I hope your holidays were wonderful.

    I'm glad I didn't have to drive in it. It was really pretty - and very thick.


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