Saturday, September 6, 2008

Poor Me

I'm spending my weekend here.Don't you feel sorry for me?


  1. What nice fall color!

  2. Wish I were there too!

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    You poor thing! lol What a beautiful landscape.

  4. Enjoy your weekend!! Wish I was there!

  5. Boo hoo! Let me check my pockets for a tissue. LOL. Have fun.

  6. Wow! I wish I could see some fall color splashed on the landscape like that around here! I sure miss the "real" colors of the fall season.

  7. New England?!?!?!? Wherever it is ... it's beautiful.
    Linda - I nominated you for a blog award - I hope you don't mind! I just find you very deserving of it. It's on my blog ....

  8. Poor you, indeed:) Judging by the beautiful fall colors, you must be north of here. Wherever you are, enjoy yourself!

  9. Hi Linda, I just found your blog from NDgardengirl. I don't know where you spent your weekend at but that is a gorgeous place! I love fall and am so ready for it. Wish I had gotten to spend my weekend there.

  10. OH for sure! I feel so badly for you. I hope you took along some pain killers to dull the hardships of your situation. That is a really pretty place. Looks less humid and hot than here. I'm away from home too. I'm at the beach. Toughing it of course too!

  11. ABSOLUTELY....not! It's a beautiful view and as you can read, we all wish we could be with you;-)


  12. Is all your crying what washed the green out of the leaves?! Where are you, by the way? (Or is that information top secret?) You know we are now all awaiting a trip report when you return!!
    ~ Monica

  13. Where is it that you found such beautiful rolling hills and such great autumn color already? UP of Michigan? New England? Canada?

  14. Hang tough!!...enjoy your looks so relaxing there!

  15. It's so beautiful and it looks soothingly cool. Are leaves changing already, Linda? Isn't it awfully early even for northern areas?

    Have a wonderful time!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  16. Hi Tina! This shot was taken last fall. When I was there this weekend, the leaves were just starting to turn a little.

    Hi Skeeter! It was a nice to get away.

    Hi PGL, Isn't it gorgeous there!

    Ewa, thanks for your sympathy!

    Thanks Sherri, it's a beautiful place to visit.

    Hi Cinj, I was up in your state! I had a great time. So pretty up there!

    Hi Brenda! I can imagine how much you'd miss this kind of beautiful! I love fall. . . just not what comes after it.

    Hi Beth! I was in Wisconsin. It will still be a few weeks before the fall colors are at their peak as they are in this shot from last year.

    Thanks for the award! I haven't visited yet to check it out. I'll be catching up in the next few days as time allows.

    Hi Rose! You guessed right - one state north! It will still be a bit before it's this colorful. It's gorgeous now too though.

    I might visit again later this fall - the only time of year I haven't been there. The photo is courtesy of my mom and her husband, taken last fall.

    Hey Susie, Thanks for visiting! I love fall. It is bittersweet for me, especially this year after such a gorgeous summer.

    Hi Anna! Somehow I managed to tough it out!

    Poor you spending some time at the beach. I'm glad you're managing to tough it out too!

    We love beach vacations.

    Hi Gail! I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind forty or fifty garden bloggers getting together at their house! They've got lots of room at their place.

    Hey Monica! Yep, I'm sure it was the tears that did it! I feel real sorry for myself! I do hope to get back there in a few weeks so I can see colors like this first-hand, since it's still mostly green there now. I spent the weekend in Wisconsin visiting my mom and her husband.

    Hey MMD! I did this post just before leaving, so I used a photo from the archives. This area of Wisconsin is surrounded by an ancient mountain range. It's so beautiful there. My parents live on top of a mountain, and have several different kinds of terrain on their property.

    Hey Kim! Thanks for the encouragement. I somehow managed to survive! ;~)

    It's a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing place to spend a weekend.

    Hi Annie! The weather there was absolutely perfect. The rain held off till it was time to go home Monday morning. It was perfect timing, since I helped my mom move some plants in one of her perennial borders on Sunday.


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