Sunday, September 14, 2008

Katy Didn't

Katy didn't move from this spot all day. By evening I began to wonder if she'd ever move again . . . . . . but after sunset, Katy awakened from her slumber. Slowly she mosied along, finally joining the all-night party in the treetops with others of her ilk. They croaked their chorus until just before dawn, as they've done every night, all night, all summer.

I liked Katy better when she was sleeping.

As much as I love night sounds, I could do without the croaking of the katydids who moved into the neighborhood only in the last couple of years.

Do you have katydids in your trees? Do you love or hate the racket sound they make at night?


  1. the trip i just took had katy dids.
    since i am not used to them they were novel. but they came flying in my daughter's hair and she was terrified. so i would have to say no to liking them. the noise they made blended in with all the other noises to me.

  2. When they all chime in can be deafening...especially for us, being surrounded by woods.

  3. I enjoy the sounds of a summer night in the south! Katy sings right along with the frogs, crickets and other fun night time chirpers...

    I personally find this sound soothing as I have heard it since a child...

  4. I've opened up the windows to the cooler breezes and all the night creatures are making a big racket! I forgot how noisy they are! Last night I slept with ear plugs in they were so loud. I did enjoy the video. This is the coolest blogger feature going! Gail

  5. Hi Marmee, I think they're cool looking. They're a pretty green, pretty large for a bug, and are kind of translucent. You can see that they're related to grasshoppers. I just don't like the racket they make. And I don't think I'd be thrilled about one flying into my hair either!

    Hi Kim, they can be pretty deafening even here in the 'burbs sometimes!

    Hi Skeeter, I don't mind any of the other critters, but ole Katy's racket is just a bit much for my ears.

    I can understand how you'd enjoy hearing them if you've had them around since childhood. They're still new to me.

    Hi Gail, sometimes they're so loud they keep me awake at night. I hadn't thought of earplugs - that's not a bad idea!

    I do like the video download feature - I should use it more often!

  6. Their sounds are like music to me. We have woods behind us and there is quite a summer chorus especially when you add in the frogs. I think the vibrating crescendos of the cicadas take the prize for volume.

  7. I love the loud racket of crickets and katydids (and in the spring, American toads) as I drift off to sleep. It's loud but enough "white noise" that I can fall asleep easily. But I'm one of those head-hits-the-pillow-zonk type sleepers!
    ~ MOnica


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