Thursday, June 26, 2008

Will You Be My Friend?

I heard some rustling in the mulch a few days ago. When I checked it out, here's what I found - this little toad visiting my drugstore turtles.

It looks like the turtles are checking him out, deciding amongst themselves whether or not to befriend him.

Toads can eat 50-100 slugs and other pests a night. I was happy to see him out there again early this morning.

I hope he's hungry, and I wouldn't mind if he brought a couple of friends over for dinner.


  1. What a great picture! Too funny! While I was watering plants the other night, a movement startled me and made me jump. I looked down and realized it was a toad in my hostas. I immediately apologized to him and told him he was quite welcome there. He was very plump; maybe that's why I haven't seen any slugs yet:)

  2. Aww, this make me smile. It looks like one turtle is whispering to the other, discussing Mr. Toad. Great shots!

  3. That is cute(-: I love frogs. I have several big toads in my yard and I am hoping they are eating as fast as they can. We have a lot of snails here too besides bugs. Frogs also eat mice. Snakes eat frogs though)-:

  4. Great friends in the garden those toads!
    We have many toads and frogs in our gardens and yard.
    I have lots of frog and toad items around to welcome them...

  5. Funny picture, Garden Linda!

    A few toads have hopped out while I was watering and I was glad to see them - last year's rain brought slugs and snails, but we're hot and dry this year - wonder what they find to eat?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. I love toads in a garden... Your turtles are cutie pies and Mr Toad is a curious fellow, he surely is wondering why they are ignoring him!


  7. One of those "he's so ugly he's cute!" I love toads and wish I'd see some around the pond. Can't imagine where they're hiding!

  8. Rose, I'm glad you have a resident toad too. I hope there's more than one. This morning's sightings were in a couple places in the garden, then later I saw him hopping along the sidewalk, and towards the coolest, wettest spot on the patio - still wet from yesterday's rain, in a corner where the house never sees sun, underneath our smoker, which has a cover that goes down to ground, is behind the grill, and hasn't come out yet this year. He has cool, he has wet, and he has shelter. I wonder if that's where he's hanging out when he's not eating slugs.

    Nancy, I couldn't believe I had my camera (for a change,) and that I thought to use it! I've missed so many good shots of the wildlife in our backyard because the camera was inside. I'm glad it made you smile. Isn't that little toad adorable?

    Thanks Cindee! I hope there are several here now too. DH hadn't seen them here for years, and I saw the first one last year. He lived in front by the hose faucet behind a large yew. I'm glad they're back! So far I haven't seen any snakes around here. The mulch in the garden probably discourages them somewhat - it's pine nuggets and it's big and rough and jagged.

    Skeeter, you're lucky to have so many! I've accumulated a few frog items in the past year. . . maybe that explains their presence!

    Annie, I'm glad you find them in your place too. I'm glad they found enough to eat last year and returned this year. I think frogs and toads in the garden are signs of a healthy garden and environmentally-sound gardening methods.

    Gail, Aren't they cute? I've never put much in the way of ornaments in my gardens, but lately I've been having a bit of fun adding some little things.

    Brenda, I know! I was looking at his camouflage colors very closely, and it's funny how something so ugly can be so cute, and how something so ugly can be so beautiful. His colors and how they're put together are really beautiful. He's like a little work of art.

    I hope your toads let you get a glimpse of them.

  9. Linda: Your toad is a good thing. All the friends appear to be trying to figure out which one is going to make the next move. It is the season for toads making in the leaves rustle as they move around. I've seen an abundance of baby toads around here too. Hope they are all eating at the rate you noted...
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

  10. Meems, I think we have toads again thanks to the demise of our neighbor's willow tree and a now-permanent wet area where they can lay their eggs. It's been wet there for the last two years as the willow declined, and we've had toads for the last two years.

    I'm glad you have toads in your garden. And I hope they really do eat that much too!

  11. Hi Linda, I have been playing catch up and absolutely loved your story about your childhood name of garden girl. Kids can be the cruelest of creatures at times. But now it is a moniker to make you proud, if we only knew then what we know now! Your little visitor is the cutest thing ever, and making friends with your turtles is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this one, love it.

  12. Love the top photo of the fake turtles & real toad. I almost stepped on my resident toad when I was dumping mulch into a smaller container to take into the garden. The toad was living in some shredded leaves I was going to put out as mulch too. I left the leaf pile there as a home for Mr. Toad. Have you seen any tiny toads? They are so cute.

  13. Hello Linda, I've missed dropping by to see you, shame on me! Great photography! I love toads and they are so awesome to have in your garden, they don't seem to thrive very well in mine for some reason. Perhaps I'll do some research to see what makes a good toad home :). Great to visit again Linda :).

  14. Frogs are so cute! I do a frog&toad survey every year, but it's at night and by sound, not sight. The things are just so sweet!
    ~ Monica

  15. Thanks Frances, I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

    I see the toad almost every morning now. He's a little cutie, and I do hope he's chowing down on the slugs!

    MMD, he seems to be a curious little toad, stops often right in front of something in the garden, and just sits there and stares at it.

    I did figure out that he's living under the smoker. I peeked under there and he seems to be hanging out there in the cool dampness. Condensation forms under there pretty regularly since it's a cool spot and it's not far from the dryer vent. It's a good hiding spot for him.

    Kathi, thanks for visiting. I think this little toad likes his cool, damp, dark spot under the smoker.

    Monica, they are sweet. This little guy is shy and gentle, but not too scared of me. Hopefully the slugs don't think he's sweet though. When it comes to slugs, I hope he's ruthless!

  16. Rose, it is great that you were there at just that time to take this cute pic! Yes, toads are our friends. I always get startled when I hear their rustling in leaves or the garden because I think they are a snake, which I really don't like. I'm always relieved it's a toad!

  17. Oh I typed Rose when I should have typed Garden Girl-sorry!

  18. Sherri, I wouldn't mind if it was a snake - there are no poisonous ones around here, and I'm not scared of non-poisonous snakes.

    Yesterday the little toad had made himself a bed in one of my pots. I was watering, and he jumped out. I'm not scared of him, but I have to admit he did startle me!

    No problem about the name thing. . I've done that myself accidentally.

  19. I just love toads, always have. SInce I was a little boy they seemed so cool.

  20. Love your toad. We have a couple of frogs in our pond. We thought their job was to eat insects but it seems they believe it to be eating poor birds!

  21. Tyler, I feel the same way about them. I've always been fascinated by them. When I was a kid my siblings and I used to 'borrow' a mason jar from our mom every now and then, take it to the creek, and scoop up some creek water. There were always tadpoles in the water. We'd watch them grow into frogs for a while, then take them back to the creek and let them go. It was very educational and exciting.

    Kim and Victoria, Oh no! (Those must be some pretty big frogs, or some very small birds!)


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